In today’s lecture, we will learn about “Text Length SEO Audit” factor where we check for the length of your sentence or overall post. We will try to cover the following important aspects:

  • What is Text Length SEO Audit
  • Importance of Text Length SEO Audit
  • Advantage of appropriate text length 
  • How to write quality content 

What is Text Length SEO Audit?

Anyone, who visits your website or page, does so in order to gain some value or insight related to a particular topic. You must provide the appropriate amount of text length in order to rank high on search engines. I assume pages having an appropriate text length provides a good amount of content and are of value to the reader. The text length check allows you to know how much text or how many words your web page contains and if that amount of text makes your page worth ranking or not. A page with hardly any words will not be worth ranking on Google.

Why is Text Length SEO Audit important?

Well, for websites, you need not invest time and energy in developing anything that does not help in Search Engine Optimization. If your page lacks substance or content, you will have very few words on the web page. This will reduce your SEO. This means that page lies in the category of thin content.

Thin content pages are pages with an inferior quality of content.

If you have a website with many pages and just replicate the information on all pages, your web pages will fall into this category. Google can understand if you have stuffed your page with keywords to attract people and will rank your page poorly as you will not engage the reader but only take them away from pages which are better than yours. Google wishes to ensure that the content you have put up is useful to people and is not a misnomer in the huge pile of digital content. You must have more than the minimum required words in order to have a good rank on Google.

text length website audit

Advantages of using the long form of content-

  • It is engaging

Google ranks the pages that have a lot of content higher than those that have less. This is because Google understands that people look for engaging content that provides a lot of relevant information. Readers or the audience does not want bits of information but prefer a holistic view of any topic. The long form of content shows the fact that you know enough about the topic you are writing about and it does not limit your view to superficial reading.

  • Better to share-

A long article is more shareable this is because it offers more information to people. This also yields quality back links. That is- more people will refer to it and therefore more users will reach your work.

  • Increases dwell time and CTR-

Long form of content has a higher dwell time.

Dwell Time: Time Spend on the same position in our case it is the web-post. 

This means that people spend more time on longer articles. This is because they take more time to read. The dwell time has a direct impact on the ranking of a page and you must invest in increasing it for your website. Also, if you have provided sufficient information, people will not leave your page to look for better information. This will increase the click-through rate and will show how well you can answer the query of users. 

Improving the text length-

The first point to remember here is that there is no use of adding words to your webpage (if the content is not engaging).  

  • The search engine can easily understand if you have played with keywords to increase the number of words on your page.
  • Second, you need to understand the minimum length of texted expected to exist on your webpage.
  • Lastly, remember that though you may not intend to  -your website may have repetitive content because your website may be created around one particular concept. You must stay away from this duplicity as it offers a lower rank to your web pages. This happens as Google will categorize your content as duplicate content which is ranked low in Google searches.
  • You can use the canonical tag to tackle this kindly of situation 

Pass Text Length SEO Audit Test?

Here is a checklist that you can go through to confirm that your content is of good quality.

  • Readable-

Your content should not have too many inbound and outbound links as their presence may make it difficult for the reader to follow. Use bullets to format your content in a way that it appears easy to read.  Also, you must make sure that your sentences are grammatically correct. One can use several applications to achieve this.

  • Well structured-

The term well structured refers not only to how the content looks but also about how the argument flows. Make sure to have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Adding images and graphics that complement the text at the right location will add on to the ease with which a reader reads your content.

text length website audit

  • Original-

I have already emphasized the importance of writing new content in order to avoid the label of thin content. New content also helps in user engagement as people would like to read your content as it will be novel. This will make then stay longer on your page and refer to it if they are writing or creating content around a similar topic.

  • Researched-

There is nothing more important than actually knowing what you are writing about. Make sure to read about the topic you want to write about from credible resources and design your content around it. You may also refer to them in your content as this will increase the authenticity of your post.

  • Honest-

Remember that every user that comes to your website is giving you his or her valuable time. Make sure to not to waste it by providing a clumsy and superficial article.

In conclusion, it may be appropriate to change the phrase quality matters more than quantity into quality and appropriate quantity are the parameters to judge any piece of content over the internet. This implies that your content must extend over the minimum required length and be of the best quality to create an impact.

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