What are outbound links?

Outbound links are links that connect the reader or user to other web pages. Basically, they are links to other websites/online content. If another website mentions your link in their page, your website is the outbound link here.

Importance Outbound Link Strategy?

  • Prove that you are authentic-

Google assumes that if other websites are putting up your link on their pages, you might have authentic or useful information.

  • Helps you reach out to more people

If someone is browsing the content of another website which has mentioned your website on it, he/she may be drawn to your page and this will help you reach out to more people.

Outbound link strategy
  • You can cover up for things your website does not have-

You may use outbound links on your website to tell people about content on other websites. For example- you might have written about one particular topic but can provide links to some features they indirectly relate to your topic. This will help the reader get a holistic view on the topic at hand.

  • Acts as a way of citing your resources-

A website or article which mentions all its sources is authentic. People know how you got your information and therefore may rely more on you.

Types of outbound links-

Do-follow links– This is the type that all your links will fall into by default. Do-follow links refer to links that can show a validation from your side. This means that the search engine may rank the outbound websites higher as you have mentioned them on your site considering your website has good PA and DA score. 

No-follow links– These are links you do not intend to advertise or praise. When you add a link to your page, they (search engine) perceive it you endorse the content. By categorizing them as a no follow link you show that your mention of the link should not influence their rank. You can make any link nofollow link by writing rel=“nofollow” in your code.

The above-explained Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks are the technical explanation. Grab the easier explanation here.

Best Strategy to get outbound links:

Write appropriate content

If your content is appropriate, other websites would want to quote you. Therefore, putting up good material can help you be mentioned as an outbound link on the websites.


Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. You can link other websites and expect them to do the same in return.

Outbound Link Strategy

Encourage links-

If you are a blogger and have provided relevant links on your page. Then, people following your page may also learn to provide outbound links. It is likely that people will reach your website while they are looking for content and may site your page itself.

How to frame an outbound link strategy:

As is with any aspect on the internet, you must know how to use outbound links to your advantage. Outbound links can boost your SEO but can also lead to penalties imposed by Google if you are not careful of the content you host. Here are some facts you must remember while designing your outbound link strategy.

Link to relevant content-

It may worry you that the outbound links you mention on your website can divert the user to their page. Well, this may be a wrong assumption. If you have provided authentic links on your page and have used the links to enhance the content, readers or users would love to come back to your page as you provide information and resources for people to read.

Don’t over link

Adding too many outbound links can degrade your SEO ranking.  Too many links alter the readability of your posts and also makes it difficult for people to browse across your website. Make sure you add only useful links.

External Link Strategy

Link to other pages and ask for links-

You may link to other websites in your niche and expect the ones you are linking to respond in a similar manner. 

Whom should you link to?

You must link to following types of websites

  • Websites that post content that is relevant and adds value to what you have put up.
  • Authentic websites.
  • Websites that are followed by many people on social media.
  • Link to websites that have higher domain authority. This way you will link to websites that rank higher on search engines.

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