Today, we will learn the following important aspect related to Keyphrase Density Check:

  • Getting Familiar with Focus Keyphrase
  • What is Keyphrase Density
  • Importance of Keyphrase Density
  • What does it do
  • How to improve Keyphrase Density
  • Concluding Remarks

Keyphrase Vs Keywords

Let’s quickly get familiar with this term, Keyphrase which means a group of keywords or multiple keywords used in the form of a phrase.

For example: Let’s say I have an article talking about Classified Ads, here the keyword is Classified Ads and possible keyphrase could be What is Classified AdsHow to Post Classified Ads etc.

What is Focus Keyphrase?

When we try to promote an article, analyzing the article is the first aim of promotion. After reviewing the article we extract the focus keyphrase out from the article.

keyphrase density check

Focus keyphrase stands for a group of keywords. For example, I want to write something on Forum Posting, where my prime focus is Best Forum Posting Websites. Now here Forum Posting is our keyword and Best Forum Posting Websites is our Keyphrase also known as Longtail keyphrase/keyword.

Best Length for Focus Keyphrase:

The optimal length for your long tail keyphrase could be around 4 words with a function word support and 6 words without function word support.


1. SEO Training in India (where “in” is the function word)

Function words are the words that establish a grammatical relationship between the words. We can take examples like “in”, “at”, “for”, “have” etc.

Reference Link:

Why Length of keyphrase important:

Let’s take an example here to understand the importance of optimizing the length of your focus keyphrase.

keyphrase density seo

I have this website Onlineseoblog where I provide free training in SEO and Content Management. Also, in the market, there are some companies which provide paid services for Search Engine Optimization and content writing.

Let’s say I tried to optimize my website for the keyword SEO, here I am sure that the competition which I will get from other would be high and hence what I will do to reduce the competition I will switch to long tail keyphrase.

Now, my preferred keyphrase (not keyword) would be Free SEO Training Online, hence making it less competitive and more focused towards what we provide.

Hence this is the power of the length of focus keyphrase which should neither too short like “SEO” nor too long like “Free SEO Training and Content Management Online Course” which is fairly difficult to rank.

What is Keyphrase Density Check:

In today’s era of SEO, we are majorly focusing on long tail keywords rather than the only keyword. This is where keyphrase comes into play, means a long tail form of your keyword.

Basically, keyphrase density checks how many times you have repeated your long tail keywords as compared with the total number of words in your article.

As earlier quoted, let’s say you wrote an article on Social Bookmarking and given it a focus keyphrase as Bookmarking links on Social Platforms. So, this is your focus keyphrase around which your article will focus on and key phrase density check will check and confirm that whether you used your keyphrase in the appropriate amount or not.

Important of Keyphrase Density Check:

This is something very interesting, knowing the importance of keyphrase density which can help search engines like Google in ranking your post.

yoast keyphrase check

Let’s understand how this works. Focus keyphrase is something around which your article should revolve and whenever a user searches for something similar to your focus keyphrase, then several parameters are considered by Google pulling up the relevant result to the user query out of which Focus keyphrase is the one.

Hence, you optimize your content according to your focus keyphrase and remember not to over-optimize by opting for keyword stuffing as this may cause spamming out your website form search engine result page which is too bad in the long run.

Hey Keyphrase Density, what you do?

Now we have a good idea What is keyphrase density, let’s explore what this test exactly do.

Here is what this test does:

  1. Check how many time you have repeated the focus keyphrase
  2. Have you optimized for long focus keyphrase or short keyphrase

Your focus should be to optimize short focus keyphrase as it is easier to rank. Generally, keyphrase density should be between 0.5%–3% as compared with the total number of words.

Trick to fix Keyphrase Density Limit:

Keyphrase density check also knows as long tail keywords limit should not be excessively used in your article otherwise which will lead to keyword stuffing. Here are the important tips and tricks to tackle the same:

  1. Use synonyms of your targeted keywords
  2. Usage should be between.5%–3%
  3. Length should be optimal
  4. We should avoid keyword Stuffing

These are the important tips to tackle long tail keywords limit and how you can use it over 3% without committing keyword stuffing.

Concluding Remarks:

In the end, I would like to quality content always wins the race irrespective of how many keywords you have used. Try to be within limit i.e. 0.5% – 3% don’t go below it and if you cross the upper limit, try to fix the same by using synonyms.

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