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Keyphrase Check Introduction SEO Audit

Keyphrase Check Introduction verifies you have used the keyphrase/keyword in your introductory paragraphs. The advantage of using focus keyphrase in the introduction clear the niche of the article and attract user attention successfully. 

What is Keywords | Keyphrase | Difference?

From simple English, we know that words are single parts of speech which help in the formation of meaningful sentences. However, phrases are a collection of some expressive words.

Through this, we partially form an idea about keywords and key phrases. Talking explicitly, whenever you look up to something on a search engine, you see some suggestions popping out that almost a match to what you were thinking in your mind! If these suggestions are of a single word, we call them keywords. However, these suggestions are key phrases, if they are a collection of several words.

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Nonetheless, the terms “keywords” and “key phrases” have become synonymous in recent times. Key phrases are combinations of keywords. So, more the number of keywords in a keyphrase, the more likely and rapidly you are to get what you have been looking for!

Example of Keywords | Keyphrase:

Keyword: Hair Wax

Keyphrase: Hair Wax for men | Hair Wax for men in India

keyphrase check introduction

Hence keyphrase is the long tail form of keywords.

What does the keyphrase check introduction do?

Do you ever read an article or passage, if it has no headline or the actual content does not start within the first or second paragraph? 90% of the time you just skip it. Why? Because you are unsure what the article relates to.

We should always include relevant keywords or key phrases in the introduction paragraph. This ensures that the article remains to the point. This aids in attracting more readers!

This is what we do in a website SEO audit to check whether you have your target keyword in the first paragraph or not.

Why is having your keyphrase in the introduction important for SEO?

According to psychology, a person has only six seconds to form a first impression. As the adage goes “The first impression is the last impression”, you now realize the key role of keyphrase in your introduction! Even Google and other popular search engines rank your site based on the content of your first paragraph.

The first passage may start with a small anecdote or saying to fascinate the readers. But, at the same time, make sure it focuses the keyphrase, possibly in the first line itself! It gives the readers a clear view and helps the people to understand whether they should read it further.

In fact, the first paragraph without the relevant keyphrase is like a ship without a rudder. It forms a good impression on the readers. Also, the relevance and popularity of site escalate quickly.

Passing the keyphrase check introduction test:

The introduction paragraph plays a vital role in keeping the readers engaged.  It usually starts with a core sentence containing the keyphrase. The article then can be built, automatically. Mostly, people do not add a keyphrase at the start of their article. This can be mainly because of our efforts of giving it a face-lift. Nevertheless, always ensure to pass the focus keyword in the introductory paragraph which makes it easier for the readers to comprehend what the article deals with.   

keyphrase check introduction

How do you write a good introduction?

The introduction has always played a crucial role in an article to attract attention. It must stand out of the crowd so that readers do not skip the page and jump to other articles!

It must be clear and to the point to have a strong and positive impact on readers. Always try to introduce the topic. Make the sentences short and simple for readers to digest easily.

Something unusual and unfamiliar always has the potential to attract readers. When people read something they already know or have expected beforehand, they lose interest and quickly move to other articles! You can keep the readers engaged by giving them hints about what the article may speak ahead. Also, avoid writing the topic in the introduction, as people usually know it.

Also, you must have seen that an article becomes boring if we continue seeing a long article with the same handwriting style and no images. According to reports, 60% of people prefer reading articles with images. So, we can make the articles presentable by the use of various fonts and pictures.

In fact, you can write a few lines about why the article is vital for the readers. You can explain how the article can help them solve their issues.

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Concluding Remarks keyphrase check introduction :

Many people have a hard time writing a brief, accurate and presentable introduction. Do not worry! You can write the entire article and then it will become easy to decide how to write an introduction. Its main advantage is that each paragraph becomes relatable to each other. Also, try to draw conclusions at the end to keep the readers occupied till last.

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