Focus Keyphrase SEO Audit check verifies the proper usage of long tail keywords within your article. In today’s lecture we will cover:

  1. What is Focus Keyphrase
  2. Is Focus Keyphrase SEO Audit check useful? 
  3. Digging out best keyphrase 

What is Focus keyphrase:

The word keyphrase or long tail keyword refers to the phrase- that is the group of words that customers or readers use to find your page. The key phrase check helps you find if you have used a particular keyword before. If understood well, they can be utilized to improve the rank of your page and can also lead to higher conversion rates. They are called “tail keyword” because segments of the phrase may lose value over time and be rendered less useful. In order to use key phrases effectively, you will have to put in the efforts to find suitable key phrases, reject the less useful ones, design content around them and avoid reusing them across pages of the same website.

Here is an example of a keyword and keyphrase:

focus keyphrase seo audit

In this, the “smartphone” is our keyword and “smartphone under 15000” and other is our key phrases. 

Why is Focus Keyphrases SEO Audit useful?

Knowing that you have used a key phrase on one page of your website allows you to avoid using it on other pages. This is important as Google will classify two pages with the same focus keyphrase as pages with duplicate content and this will lower the rank of both the web pages as the search engine will not be able to decide which one to rank higher.

  • Help you know the audience

If we get into the details, focus keyphrases are useful as they help you understand the audience better and it is easier to get a higher ranking for them. This is because key phrases are different for different websites or web pages and there is less competition when it comes to ranking them. Keyphrases are difficult to find using Google analytics therefore, people have to develop their own key phrase strategy and execute them.

focus keyphrase seo audit

  • Have a lower search volume-

They also have a lower search volume, this means that fewer people look for them. This further implies that the people who are looking for these key phrases are more sure of what they want and will utilize your page if they find it. This is the feature that leads to a higher conversion rate as well (because people type inaccurate features when they know what they are looking for and tend to use the website effectively on getting a good search result).

  • Understanding the intent-

Many people use voice search and therefore look for longer phrases while searching. This is exactly where you can utilize long tail keywords (people tend to use longer phrases while speaking versus when they have to type them). So if you are able to understand the key phrases that people will be using, you will be able to utilize the lesson to engage with people and get more views/ clicks.

How to find the best focus keyphrase?

In order to find the best key phrase, you need to understand your audience; the trick is to know what people look for. You may have got great content but the wrong key phrase won’t help you engage the audience. You need to know the exact words that people type into the browser so that you can design your keyword strategy around them. Firstly you can use the search analytics of your website to know the focus keyphrases that you rank for and develop a strategy around them. Then, you can follow the following steps in order to make the best strategy.

  • Get clarity-

You need to understand what your own website is about and list down all possible key phrases you can use across different web pages. This will help you identify what kind of content is available on your website and how much variety your website offers. This will benefit you a great deal as it will help you get clarity about your mission and also jot down the different content you can develop for different web pages.

  • Look at the keyword strategy of other websites

Learning from the experiences of other websites can help you enhance your keyword strategy. You can have a look at how other websites similar to yours or those who have a similar mission design their keyword strategy and modify it as per use. For things, you will have to thoroughly go through the content that they have put up and try to get into the minds of those who visit the website.

  • Google it-

The autocomplete suggestions of Google can also help you a great deal in order to understand the long tail keywords that you can develop. These suggestions are a key indicator of what people are looking for.

focus keyphrase seo audit

  • Have a look at the related searches-

The Google’s related searches can also be used in order to lengthen the keywords you use. They indicate the phrases people use similar to yours in order to land to pages that have content which is useful for them.

Design content around long-tailed keywords or focus keyphrases-

You will surely have to put in a lot of efforts in order to find the most suitable key phrases. What’s more, is that you will also have to invest in selecting the best key phrases and rejecting the ones which are less useful. You must remember to use different key phrases on different pages of your website (this should be easy if you have spent some time in finding the right key phrases). Using different key phrases on different pages will help you avoid the possibility of portraying duplicate content. This will also help you utilize the easy ranking associated with keywords to the most.

Always check for repeats

It is a great idea to use different plugins in order to check if you have used a key phrase in previous pages of your website.  After identifying repetitive key phrase you can modify them and alter them in order to make new key phrases which may be related to the previous one but at the same time will offer some new information. This will help you avoid duplicate content and will also let all your pages be ranked separately by Google.

This all about Focus Keyphrase SEO Audit stay tuned for more articles! 

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