We do SEO of our website to get quality traffic to our website which will ultimately help us in increasing leads which will generate revenue. In today’s article we will learn “SEO Basics” and following important sub-headings:

  1.  SEO Basics
  2. A glimpse of SEO Guidelines and Techniques 
  3. Introduction to PPC

SEO Basics:

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. As we read through its full form, we get to know that it is a technique used to optimize search engines as per our own requirement. The main purpose of this technique is to bring our website on the first rank of Google search results by optimizing the search engine through various On-Page and Off-Page techniques discussed in later sections.

SEO Basics

Methods: SEO Basics

SEO is a technique to bring your website at the higher ranking of search engine result page organically. White Hat SEO techniques like Keyword Research, Quality Backlinks, etc., should be followed while optimizing your website which works under Google standards. Black Hat SEO techniques such as Cloaking, Keyword Stuffing, etc. gives you results in a short time, but its existence on the search ranking is also for short time. It may cause website spamming or blacklisting if detected by Google because it does not follow Google standards while optimizing the website. 

Various SEO Techniques:

On-Page SEO: In these techniques, we majorly work on On-Page factors of our website like Title optimization, ALT Text implication.

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Off-Page SEO: This is more of a promotional approach and backlink generating technique. We mostly post Ads, advertise ourselves on Social Media Platforms, Banner posting, and other important techniques are included in Off-Page SEO

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Types of Search Results: SEO Basics

Generally in Google searches the results are categorized as the organic search result and paid results.

Organic Search Results:

SEO techniques give you high ranking in organic search results. See the image below to get better understanding. 

Paid Results (PPC):

PPC (Pay Per Click) works by providing high ranking via Paid medium i.e. Google Adwords.
Google Ads (Earlier Google Adwordsis a platform which enables you to pay a specific amount for keywords at which you want a high ranking in Google search results.

SEO Basics
Figure Showing Search results both Organically and Paid

Don’t have enough time, wants to promote your website in quicker turnaround time switch to PPC

PPC: PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a service launched by Google named as Google AdWords (now Google Ads) with the initial release date October 23rd, 2000. It is now updated as Google Ads since July 24th, 2018.

The concept behind introducing Google Ads is simple to earn money by bringing your website on the first page of Google search result in very quick time. The mechanism of Google Ads is straightforward.

You visit Google Ads, bid for the respective keywords based on your service and pay its amount. 

Now, based on the bid you pick, the quality of the content of your website and the number of competitors already present for that specific keyword, they will list your Ad at the top of Google search result. Sometime it may happen that they list your Ad on 2nd or 3rd page of the search result. It all depends on the amount of money you will pay and the quality of content you are providing to the user.

Concluding SEO Basics:

There is a lot more information which you need to explore under SEO and PPC to get familiar with their concepts.

Under SEO we have various techniques we need to know of like On-Page and Off-Page which is the backbone of website promotion and structuring. 

If done properly, these techniques can give you results in a few months. The main benefit that SEO gives over PPC is that it is less costly and once your website appears in top Google Search results, it remains there for a long period and even permanently if we keep on doing website optimization under the guidelines of SEO. 

In conclusion, PPC is not a cup of cake. There is so much to explore and so much to learn. We have different AdWords campaigns like Display Advertising, Text Advertising and others which need to be understood before moving forward.

I will upload PPC related tutorials soon after completion of SEO tutorials. 

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