SEO Career Choice is the trending question nowadays over the various search engine. The reason behind the same is the emergence of digitization and high usage of internet users. 

Introduction SEO Career Choice:

“Business” is a concept that has been prevailing in the society since time immemorial. Some are large scale, while the others are small scale. However, with passaging time, as science and technology are making quantum leaps, the concept of business has also revolutionized and has made a huge sea change.

Age of the Internet:

Almost everything in today’s era is done with the aid of the internet. It has practically taken over our lives. Shopping, transaction, banking, money transfer, loans, you name anything, nowadays everything is online. With the growing trend of using mobiles, laptops, and internet for day-to-day activities, you realize that digitalization has affected our life immensely.

In such conditions, most entrepreneurs are now compelled to prefer digital mode for marketing. This introduced a new concept in society called “digital marketing”.

Career Doubt: Digital Marketing or Computer Science?

Mostly, people confuse while choosing a career between digital marketing and computer science. One must realize that marketing is a field of management whereas computer is a technical field. So, if you have a sound knowledge about the management or possess good communication and management skills, you can always pursue your career in the field of digital marketing.    

What is SEO?

In simple terms, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Now, if we go into the details of the full form, we realize that it comprises two words, “search engine” and “optimization”. Well, the term “search engine” is quite familiar to you. It is the place which helps you to browse through the internet. Some popular search engines include Google, Mozilla Firefox, etc. Optimization refers to maximum, profitable use of a resource. Moreover, it also increases the visibility rate of your website amidst the users.

SEO Career Option

Whenever you make a new website, the search engines rank your website. It is quite essential, especially for new websites to have a good ranking. This will help you show your websites on the top of every related search. In turn, this aids in providing an edge over your competitors.

SEO Career Choice:

Now, you might think SEO as a career option has emerged recently. But, search engines have been prevailing since we were introduced to internet. Then, what compelled entrepreneurs to look for SEO specialists?

In the past decades, web developers were the ones who used to control the SEO things. But, with changes and increasing complexities in the algorithms of various search engines, these developers could no longer keep track of it. This called for a need to hire SEO specialists.

Current times demand SEO specialists and analysts in every business, let it be a small scale or large scale. Thus, SEO career choice is in great demand! And with each year passing, it will grow more because of the excessive competition existing! In fact, according to reports, businessmen have accepted that they are ready to invest a part of their budget to recruit SEO professionals. However, one must keep in mind that this is a field where people need to be updated with every new technologies and algorithm introduced in the market.

Who can Learn SEO | SEO Career Choice?

Are you interested in knowing every minute details of a computer? Do skills like coding, marketing, algorithms, new technologies, etc. make you curious? Does the world of lucrative jobs with handsome packages attract your attention? Then, it is already time for you to think about SEO as your career choice!

Requirements to be an SEO Professional:

When you want to pick SEO Career Choice, you look upon the requirements for becoming an SEO professional.

  • Basic Knowledge of Computers:

Well, the first and foremost thing is to have a sound knowledge about the basic applications of the computer. This calls for a need to know about creating new files and folders, renaming them, seeing the properties of required files, uninstalling applications, etc. These are some elementary concepts of the computer which every individual, who wants to see themselves as an SEO professional, should know.

  • Basics about the Internet:

Also, there is an absolute necessity to learn about web browsers and their applications. This involves knowing the differences between different browsers like Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, and Safari, etc. One should also have a basic idea about the incognito mode, add-ons, and extensions.

  • Mobile Friendly:

You know, how mobiles have taken over our lives. We do almost anything and everything on mobiles. One must make sure that a website should be mobile friendly too! With growing web traffic day by day, know the basics of android phones. Features like different resolutions, various mobile apps, and browsers. You should also know the diverse ways of sharing photos, videos and other documents on multifarious social platforms.

SEO Career Choice

  • Coding Section:

However, these are some basic tools and many of you might already know almost all of these. Let us now discuss the vital and difficult parts of learning SEO. Yes, you guess right! We are talking about the coding part. Some of us might get petrified on hearing the word “coding”, especially if you know nothing about it. Relax! You need not learn every programming language. In fact, you need not be a master of a language. You only need to know the things which will help you become an SEO professional!

  • Basics about HTML, CSS and JavaScript:

Hence, you ought to have a general familiarity with languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  HTML has thousands of tags and attributes, after all, it is a mark-up language. But, you only need to know how to create web pages through HTML and how to change those web pages to attract users! CSS and Javascript are the languages that beautify the HTML. Just the basic syntaxes of these languages will suffice! You can easily learn them online through some popular websites like Coursera, Udemy, W3schools etc. The best part is that you can learn them for free!

  • Knowledge about Operating System:

You might know that popular search engines widely use Linux servers. This demands you to have a basic idea about Linux which includes reading server logs, viewing and editing files in Linux, transferring files, etc. We can search for this online to have in-depth knowledge.

  • Software’s like Photoshop:

In fact, it would make sense if you also gain some insight into Photoshop. It is an application that helps in editing images. This will help in editing logos for companies, editing images for blogs and websites, etc. the greatest advantage of learning Photoshop is that you need not call a graphic designer for every small task! This, in turn, helps you complete your work, well before the deadline.

  • Domain & Hosting Knowledge:

It would really be beneficial if you have good knowledge about DNS (Domain Name System) and CPanel. Popular hosting interfaces like CPanel help in accomplishing tasks like making new emails for the company, varying DNS zones, adding backups and sub-domains and many other things. In fact, DNS helps in registering a domain name, changing the name servers, etc. One can easily learn more about the functioning of DNS by registering a new domain in popular websites like GoDaddy and Namecheap.

  • Good Communication Skills:

However, while learning and gaining experience of these high-level things, people often forget to know the very basic things. So, you must keep in mind that a company can straight away reject you if you do not perform well in such elementary, school level things! These include being familiar with the language English, especially its grammar. Also, good knowledge about mathematics, especially till high school is highly recommended. Since SEO is basically a marketing field; we expect you to have decent communication skills since you need to keep contacts with lots of people. Also, you are expected to write a lot. This requires you to have a good command over Word, Excel, typing speed and other basic applications.

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