In the last lecture, we learned about SEO Career Choice and in this lecture, we will understand 8 Reasons learn SEO | Why learn SEO. There are so many reasons to learn and Implement SEO, here we have picked:

Top 8 reasons Why Learn SEO:

  • Job Role:

SEO is a thing which has gained popularity in recent years. Working as an SEO professional can have varying positions to serve in a company like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media marketing, SEO Analyst, etc. SEO is a subject whose demand can never go down in the market. It will remain still and may even rise higher. So, investing in learning SEO will never be a loss.

Why learn SEO still have doubts, we have 7 more points:

  • Continuous Learning:

SEO has no age bar. Anyone can learn it at any age. Thus, you can continuously grow your skill while you gain experience. This helps in gaining the edge over your competitors!

8 reason learn seo

  • Dynamic Environment:

In fact, SEO is a long-term investment. SEO professionals usually need to constantly update themselves with new technologies and algorithms. So, you need to be quite patient while dealing with them. You can start your own blogs which will help you earn a lot as days pass by. In fact, you can either work in a company or have your own business. If you want to earn more bugs in less time, you can even go and work in foreign!

  • Build your own business:

Being familiar with SEO makes you an active participant in the field of digital marketing as they are pretty closely related. Also, you can manage your own website. So, if you want to run a successful business at low investment, you must have an idea about SEO. This reduces the involvement of other people like graphic designers, programmers, etc. to a large extent. Moreover, it helps in attracting new readers because of less trafficking!    

  • No high-edge qualification required:

You just need to have the basic academic qualification to get started. You can take up some online courses for free, if you want! Free courses are always available from educational portals like Coursera, Udemy, Onlineseoblog, etc. In fact, you will also get certificates on completion of the courses! Probably, it is the only field where you can earn maximum with a minimum investment.

  • Brand Awareness and Promotion:

SEO helps in improving the rank of your website. With the growing usage of search engines and web pages for every trivial work, you realize the importance of having a higher rank from the popular search engines! This is a huge opportunity to expand your business and make it profitable and commercial. According to reports, more users prefer to gain knowledge from the top websites shown in their search results. So, this will help you stay far ahead in the competition.

  • Tracking and Management:

We all know that running an independent business requires a lot of paperwork and documentation. You constantly need to measure the profits and losses physically. This takes a lot of effort. The dangerous thing is that we might do some calculation mistakes. But, when you turn your business online, almost 90% of these are solved! Because these results can be measured virtually through SEO! Thus, your work reduces by half and that too accurately.

  • Website Creator:

You must have noticed that the presentation of a website plays an important role to determine whether a user will stay there. We know SEO to improve mobile friendliness, easy usability, easy downloadable images, good content and many other features that can compel the users to stay on their website!

Still confused?? Why learn SEO we got 6 more reasons for the same. 

Pros of being an SEO Professional | Why learn SEO:

  • Demand means Opportunity:

SEO is a profession whose demand has increased in recent times. Yet, with the growing use of internet worldwide, one can rest assure that the thirst of SEO in companies will not reduce! In fact, it may rise higher! As long as people continue using web browsers, this profession will survive. This gives you a sense of job security.

  • Learning never stops:

If you have a hunger for learning new things, SEO is probably the right choice for you. This is because it is one such field where you can never say you know everything. As the algorithms develop and become more complex, you need to learn new things to adapt to the changes!

  • Are you a traveler?

If traveling various countries is one of your dreams, you might as well consider upon SEO as your career. This profession allows individuals to travel across the globe a lot.

8 reason learn seo

  • Income:

SEO professionals are highly paid, even when they have no or a few years of experience. In fact, if you have your own blogs, you can earn huge wealth from there too within a few years!

  • Marketing Background?

If you have a background of marketing or advertising, SEO as a career is a good and logical profession. In fact, marketing or advertising online also requires some knowledge of SEO to be successful!

  • Continuous Interaction:

This profession allows you to interact with lots of new people. This, in turn, develops your communication skills and helps you make lots of new contacts!

Cons of being an SEO Profesional-

  • Dependency:

This profession solely depends on search engines. SEO will flourish as long as search engines continue to be popular. With the advancement in technologies, if something else replaces search engines, we will doom this career!

  • Hard Work and Competition:

Being an SEO professional requires lots of patience and hard work. You might not even get success soon! But, with confidence and patience, everything will be smooth. After all, life is not a bed of roses!

  • No Fix Time for Work

Reports often say that SEO professionals have a pretty hard time maintaining and balancing personal and professional life simultaneously. You might not be able to give enough time to your family and friends. In fact, you may develop health problems by sitting in front of computers for long!

Why to learn SEO

  • Expectations are high

It is hard to keep your good image in front of your bosses for long. They mostly have unrealistic expectations difficult to meet within the deadlines.

Reading the article, you must have decided by now whether you want to have SEO as your profession or not. Well, if you want handsome packages with popularity and recognition, you must shoot a thought to this occupation!    

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