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Consider this important factor while starting your website online. We know, the domain name of our website is its identity just like our name. It not only gives a unique network address to our website but is the label by which users can find your website on the internet.

At present, the registered domain name has crossed 350 million marks. This means new users have to think of new and unique names for their websites. You need to register your domain name first by using the services of a web hosting company. A right domain name helps you in securing high search engine rankings and at the same time, increases your visibility to your target audience. Let us see how the choice of a domain name affects SEO.

Types of SEO Friendly domain name

Domain names can be of 2 types, mainly:

  • Branding domain names

These domain names should correlate with the brand name. We often use them when:

A. The product brand established

B. It is unique and known to the audience.

Example: Apple Inclusive

SEO Friendly Domain name

  • Keyword domain names- The base of a domain name is the keyword that defines your product or service. Ex. from the name we can understand it is an online blog for SEO. 

How Domain Names affect SEO?

  • It helps in branding i.e. creating a target audience that visits, reads, shares and then revisits your product.
  • It builds up the visibility of your brand among millions of online products available.
  • A domain name that is SEO-optimized can immediately let the target user know what your website is all about and what are the products or services that it offers.
  • Good branding leads to higher site visits which increase search engine rankings.
  • Domain names not only affect branding but also impact keyword searches and increased click rates.

How to choose an SEO Friendly domain name?

With so much at stake, we can realize the importance of a good domain name. Making the right choice will have far-reaching effects on your business online. Let us have a look at the various factors to keep in mind while choosing an appropriate domain name for your brand.

Tips for choosing SEO Friendly domain name

  • Branding:

It is always a good idea to use your brand name as your domain name. This will make your brand recognizable online and popular as well. Suppose your name is Anu and you deal with selling art pieces, you can always choose a domain name like or The name should be such that it should instantly identify with your brand when the user clicks on it.

Simply choosing here will be too generic and ambiguous and the users cannot identify with your product unless you are an already well-established and reputed brand. You can either use new words or use domain name generators for choosing the name.

  • Say No to EMDs or Exact Match Domains-

An EMD or an Exact Match Domain is a string of keywords that match a search query. Such a domain name, if taken, boosts up search results only by name and not always by service. For example, if you choose a domain name RentalCarService, it will show up in all major searches like Rental car service, rental car, car service. However, in real life, the top SEO rankings get taken by shady websites that use fake marketing to drive traffic to their websites

Most of the EMDs get associated with deceptive domains and so your domain name may lose its trust and credibility on the network. Also, with new SEO norms in practice, domains with EMDs may get a push down in the list of search engine results.

  • No, Hyphenate Keywords-

This practice is on the same lines as of EMDs. Generally, hyphenate keywords are used by deceptive domain names whose main target is to secure high SEO rankings rather than concentrate on rendering useful services.

It is always better not to use many hyphenate keywords as part of your domain name. Keep your domain name simple and concise and free from hyphens and numbers that make it look spam.

Domain Name SEO

  • Use Simple Keywords and TLDs-

A good idea for choosing an appropriate domain name is using simple keywords that describe your brand or service. The name should be short, simple and catchy so it is easier for users to pronounce and remember it.

Also, a suitable choice of Top-Level Domain (TLD) is necessary. It refers to the extension that follows your domain name, like .com, .edu, .org, etc. Try to use TLD or Top-Level Domains which are more trustworthy. 43% of domain names use the .com extension. If you are not able to get the required .com, go for the next popular .org, .net, .edu, etc.

  • Avoid Numbers in Domain Names–

We should avoid number (numeric digits) in our website domain name to make it SEO friendly. Make sure not to include numbers along with the selected name. This may confuse the user whether to spell the number or write it as a numeral. For example, if we choose a domain name as, it may also be typed as which may lead to a different search result.

Some scam websites also use numbers in front of their domain names for easy results and quick searches.

  • Choose Compact Names–

The domain name that you choose should be clear, concise and compact. It should avoid ambiguity and similarity to other domain names to prevent confusion and misguidance to users. Also, it should be easy to pronounce and remember and have a fluency factor.

  • Suitable Length-

In the case of Domain names, the smaller the name, the better. Try to keep the name between 12 and 15 characters in length. If you cannot find a shorter domain name, at least try to keep it brandable. Lengthy names lead to ambiguity and lack the fluency factor. The end-users will not easily recognize these lengthy names which will impact your search engine rankings badly.

  • Check Social Media Availability-

Whatever domain name you select, make sure to check its availability on social media i.e. it is not being used by other sites or users. Some domain names already have trademarks registered against their names. Be careful not to use such names or their similar ones to avoid getting into legal issues with the company.

  • Use Self-Explanatory Domain Names-

The domain name that you are choosing should be self-explanatory i.e. it should portray what your brand is all about and what you intend to do with it. You should not use misleading or unclear names that confuse. For example, a domain name for renting a car would better be rather than which leaves the user to their imagination about the type of service offered. A self-explanatory domain name does not keep the user wondering as to what the domain is all about and builds trust.

  • Modify Domain Names wherever required-

Sometimes, even after trying all the above tips, like keeping the domain name small and catchy, choosing the right keywords to make your brand visible and avoiding keyword stuffing, you are not able to get the desired domain name available. In such situations, you can try modifying your desired domain name by adding or removing a keyword but staying within the acceptable limit of names.

For example, if you had earlier chosen as your domain name for, say, an online tutorial site, and it is already registered, you can try selecting or Again, remember not to add numbers or hyphens as discussed above.


All these tips and suggestions shared above for SEO Friendly domain name will surely help you decide on a suitable domain name for your business or brand. As discussed above, a good domain name will not only increase your search engine rankings but also provide brand visibility.

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