In this article, we will understand “Steps to Create a website” and will set up a free website using the WordPress platform.

“Everyone has a myth that by using platforms like WordPress, WIX, etc. one can create his website for free, but the same is not true,”.

Read this article to know more about how we can Create a WordPress Website!

Let’s first read the Steps to Create a website with no coding background:

1. Buying a domain

2. Buying a web hosting platform

3. Installing WordPress over the Hosting Platform

Now let’s get deeper into each step to get a better understanding of how to Steps to Create a website, pricing involved and figure out the best websites from where you can buy a domain and get a web hosting.

1. Buying Domain Name: Steps to Create a website

A. What is a Domain?

Domain name is the name of your website. For e.g. where is the domain name with extension .com

B. Why should I have a domain name?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to promote your product online then you must have a website with your product name as your domain such that people can I have trust when they see your existence over the internet.

C. Factors that I should consider while buying a domain name?

Your domain name must be unique and should not be a copy of a famous domain with a different extension. For e.g. if it is not yet purchased. This will increase your bounce rate when people see this is a fake version of Facebook and search engine may spam you out from their search results.

D. How to buy a Domain name?

There are various websites which provide a domain name for your business like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc but I will recommend going with Namecheap. As it provides a domain name with an affordable price, 24*7 support and also great renewed cost with discounts. 

Steps to buying a Domain Name:

  • Visit any website like Namecheap, Godaddy, etc. and search for your domain

domain name

  • The result will show your searched domain with different extensions like .com, .net, etc.
  • Pick any extension generally “.com” is more SEO friendly
  • In the next step choose the package of your interest along with subscription years
  • Sign up at the website, registering at their website is mandatory
  • Uncheck any additional feature if the website might be providing, it will cost you more money
  • Pay the fees via Credit Card, PayPal or any other payment medium

Check out their latest pricing: Link to Namecheap

Now you have a Name for your website, let’s move ahead and buy a Hosting place to host it over the internet.

2. Getting a Web Hosting:

A. What is Web Hosting?

Once you have your domain name then you need a place where you can launch that domain in order to become live on the internet. Web hosting is the term used to launch that domain over the internet.

B. Best website for Web Hosting?

There are various websites like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bigrock, Bluehost etc. that provides web hosting services. My suggestion is to compare their prices over various packages and purchase the one which is offering more services at low prices.

My Personal Preference is Hostinger

Why I recommend hostinger as Hosting Provider:

Hostinger provides economical services with best support and guarantees 99% Uptime of your website. Not only this, they will provide you SSL certificate to enable HTTPS protection of your website.

cheap web hosting

Salient Features of Hostinger:

  1. 99% Uptime
  2. SSL Certificate
  3. WordPress Support
  4. Free C-Panel
  5. Unlimited Email Accounts
  6. Economical

Also, what happens in the start we used to show some eagerness to invest but in the long run, it becomes hard for us to invest healthy money. Hence, Hostinger economical pricing will help you be in the market for a long run with best in class services.

Go ahead and check out their pricing here: Affordable Hosting Plans

Steps to Purchase Hosting:

After comparing their pricing and services option let’s take an example of how you can buy web hosting:

  1. Open Hostinger website (You can pick any of your choices)
  2. Choose the package of your interest
  3. Enter the domain name purchase earlier (always purchase the domain name from another website)
  4. Enter Account details, fill the information correctly and carefully
  5. Uncheck any additional offers or services, otherwise, the total price will increase
  6. Pay the amount required
  7. Create a password or generate a complex password
  8. You will receive login information in your email
  9. Open Bluehost website and enter your login credentials
  10. You are in the dashboard of your Bluehost account, proceed with the WordPress installation

Read this article before installing WordPress: How to connect domain name and web hosting using the name server

3. Installing WordPress over Hosting Platform

A. What is WordPress?

The definition for WordPress: Technically WordPress is a content management tool that gives you easy access to manage your website by just drag-and-drop technique.

WordPress is an online platform that helps you to create your own website for free in two ways:

  1. Paid
  2. Free

In the free version, your website URL will be your brand name (if available) (E.g. means WordPress will advertise itself with your domain making it Non-SEO friendly.  To get your own brand name as the domain, you have to switch to the paid version.

In the paid version you will have your website as your own brand as your domain and for the same, you must buy your own Domain Name from the website like GoDaddy, Hostgator, etc. and get Web Hosting from websites like GoDaddy, Hostinger, etc.) as discussed earlier.

B. Steps to Create a website with no coding?

WordPress as defined earlier is a content management tool that gives you an easy access to manage your website by just drag and drop technique. There are various paid and free themes available in the WordPress along with plugins that will make your life easier how to manage your content on WordPress.

C. Steps to edit your WordPress website content:

  1. Once you have your domain name and web hosting install the WordPress from the hosting website.
  2. Enter all the required information and set an Admin Username and Password
  3. Now open
  4. Fill the login credentials generated earlier and click Sign In.
  5. You are on the dashboard of your WordPress website. It provides you with various options of creating a page, posting a post, installing plugins and other various option to play and build a beautiful website.

Let’s summarize the article with the help of an image:

Steps to Create a website
Summarizing the article about creating a WordPress Website

Now, you have your Website with your own Domain name and Hosting Platform take the most use of it and explore all the features provided by WordPress to make a beautiful SEO and User-friendly website.

SEO and Content Writing: Steps to Create a website

Now you have your website, let’s understand the other important steps that you must undertake after website creation.

  1. Content Management
  2. SEO 
  • Content Management: Learn how to write quality content which is both SEO friendly and user-friendly. 

Link: Learn how to write SEO friendly content

  • SEO: Once we have the quality content published over our platforms now is the time to strengthen our website power using On-Page SEO and advertise it using Off-Page SEO

Link: How to do website optimization 

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