Now, as we have our Domain and Hosting provider let’s explore how to Connect Domain name with Web Hosting using NameServer. 

Connect Domain Name with Web Hosting using NameServer

Let’s take an example here: We have purchased a domain from GoDaddy and Web Hosting from BigRock and now in this article, we will link our domain with the hosting website.

Step by Step Explanation:

  • Login to your Domain authority (Godaddy as an example) website
  • Click on Manage Domain–click on use my domain
  • Skip the advertisement by GoDaddy for now
Learn how to connect domain with hosting
Skip this step if you have buy Hosting from some other website and want to make your website on WordPress

Hit back and click on your domain

  • Scroll down and click on Manage DNS (DNS stands for Domain Name Server that manages, maintain and process various internet domains)

(Transfer Domain option helps you to transfer your domain name to some other website like from GoDaddy to Hostgator or any other website, skip it for now)

  • Under Manage DNS scroll down to Name Server

Note: Till now your website will not be working as have not yet connected it to WordPress which enable you to upload content on your website and manage it.

  • This is an important step If you have bought the hosting from GoDaddy then there will be no need of this step but as you have the hosting from BigRock you have to specify the NameServer details of BigRock here
  • Scroll down under Manage DNS change Name Server to Custom (Initially Default)

Now to get the required information open your Web Hosting account on Big Rock

  • Open your Web Hosting account – Manage Order
  • Click on your website link – Scroll Down – Name Server Details
  • Copy the Name Server Details of Web Hosting and Paste under the custom option of Domain Page
  • The update process will take around 24 – 48 hours to be completed

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Connect Domain with Hosting using Nameserver
Connect Domain with Hosting using Nameserver

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