"Rock Grow For Businesses"

Generating leads for Corporate Clients

It’s 2021 and still following the 1990’s cold outreach methods then you will never grow. LinkedIn astonishing stats 80% B2B buyers use LinkedIn for lead generation, 40 Million users have Decision making authority, LinkedIn generates 3X better conversion.

LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop

LinkedIn has 3 Million+ C-Level Executives, 41 Million+ Decision Makers. Let's mix Consultative Sales Principle with LinkedIn Advance Automation to outreach 100s of Prospects automatically.

We will decode my 4 years+ experience in executing 27+ Qualified demos with C-Level Executive and generating $50,000+ Annual revenue.

"Let's Build The Career Together"

A Beginners Guide To LinkedIn

LinkedIn sits at the throne made of networking and career. With over 690 million users & 30 million companies, the question is how I make a Professional LinkedIn Profile to leverage its power to get my dream Job & Career Guidance from experts.

Employee Referrals

A recent survey of Glassdoor & Naukri says 45% of candidates get hired via Employee Referral. Post building the powerful LinkedIn profile let’s learn how to build relevant networks to earn employee referrals for Jobs & Internships.

Mock HR Interview Round

Practice makes the men perfect. Having said that, Rock Grow assist Freshers/Experienced Professional in conducting mock interviews to build confidence in cracking HR Interview round.

Video Resources For Learning Online

Rock Grow YouTube channel provides video resources for Job Seekers & Students. We cover video lectures around the company's business model, new jobs, and a load more

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 1

With 250+ candidates applying for a single vacancy we promise your interview call by teaching how to use the knowledge of —  companies’ business model, and the job responsibilities for the post that you are applying for.

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 2

Multiple ways of applying for jobs often leave everyone perplexed. In this section let’s explore the modes to apply for a job then let’s book a webinar to discuss the best mode to get a 100% HR interview call.

Ultimate Interview Guide- Part 3

An application is the first impression that you make on a recruiter. Building the same is easy once you understand the technicalities that go into making an application that recruiters cannot refuse. Let’s book a webinar to learn how to build an impressive Cover Letter | ATS resume & Formal Email.

8 Days Workshop

Unemployment rate in India rose from 7.2% to 23.5%, out of 1000 of job applicants only 2% candidates receive interview call, emerging graduates lacks employability skills. If you find yourself brooding over similar problems then you should sign-up for Off-Campus LinkedIn 7 Days Workshop.

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