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To all our clients, our heartfelt thanks for taking out your valuable time from your busy schedule, to have a detailed look over the content at our website, Onlineseoblog.

I have been receiving so many emails we cannot understand how to best navigate through your website to get most out of it. Hence I have prepared this article to help you understand how you can get most out of this platform. 

Now, let us initiate with a brief about ourselves:

Onlineseoblog is a free E-Learning Platform, providing training in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Writing. Our vision is to build a platform where you can access all the courses revolving around SEO, Adwords, Social Media Optimization, and Content Writing, and provide you a one-stop solution to all your need regarding Digital Marketing.

Topics covered till date:

  1. Creating A Website 
  2. Basics about Internet
  3. SEO: On-Page & Off-Page
  4. SEO related Technical Terms
  5. Technical SEO
  6. Website SEO Audit
  7. Content Writing and Management

How to Use this website?

Till now, we have around 90+ Posts revolving around SEO, Content Writing, and Blogging. As time progresses, more sections will keep on adding making the structure of the website much more advanced. Hence, for beginner level aspirants navigating through the website and picking the right spot may become difficult.

To avoid such circumstances, we will guide you through every section of this website for easy navigation:

Step1: Creating Your Website

Whatever you learn, implementing the same is a must. Otherwise, you may not recall the basics. Rather, it might cause brainwash over the longer run.

Guiding you through the right path is our duty, hence before start learning build up a website or blog where you can implement the knowledge.

How to Build A Website: Create a Responsive Website using WordPress

How to Create A Blog: Guide to build your first blog

Why implement knowledge practically?

Let us take a sneak-peak at a simple example:

Earlier, Indian Cricket Batsman were weak against the short balls which opponents often used as a wicket-taking delivery. Hence, the Batting coach analyzed this condition and worked on this soft spot of our players.

He guided the players how they can tackle these deliveries and convert into the scoring options. Thus they understood the discussed strategy and implement it practically to face the shorter length deliveries more effectively.

Now, if you might have analyzed the shots of modern-day players like Virat and Rohit, they used to pull the short delivery effectively, thus converting them into boundaries.

Why some players still struggle with short balls?

Not everyone implements this learning seriously. Hence, the one which only learns (rather, crammed the technique) without practical knowledge, get failed during the long run.

What’s the lesson from the discussed story?

The one who implements his learning practically and works on its strategy achieve success.

The same way whatever you learn here, you must implement it practically to get a good hold of knowledge.  

Now, create your website after reviewing our website content and set up your mind to learn!

How to Build A Website: Create a Responsive Website using WordPress

How to Create A Blog: Guide to build your first blog

End result: Implement the knowledge practically to achieve Success!

Next Step: Building a website is just a small and easy step. Now, we need to work hard on the website, by creating quality content and doing proper optimization via SEO.

2nd Step: Content Writing

Everyone can write engaging and comprehensive content. All you require is to understand the rules. Various tools can work to improve the grammatical errors in your article/content. Some tools include:

  1. Grammarly: To fix the grammar and spelling mistakes
  2. Smallseotools: Check the plagiarism percentage
  3. Hemingway App: Ease your writing style
  4. Freepik and Pixabay: Add relevant images to your article

Hence, these are some top-rated tool which can provide the finishing touch to your article. All you require is to remember the rules and prepare comprehensive content.

How to write Impressive Content: Rule Book to write SEO Friendly Content

You have the website and strong content, the next step includes:

  1. Optimizing and Promoting the site and its content
  2. Auditing the Website

3rd Step: Basics of SEO:

Talking about the next session, it is where you will learn about Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique through which we build a secure website via various On-Page and Off-Page methods.

Purpose: Now, you have your website, but, without optimization, all the content will go in vain. Optimization in terms of Content and Website is a must, which can be achieved via SEO.

Remember, we have two types of SEO Techniques:

  1. On-Page SEO: Optimizing the website structure and content
  2. Off-Page SEO: Creating Awareness and Generating Revenue

SEO Training Course: Lecture Set for On-Page & Off-Page SEO

Result: After following these three steps, you have:

  1. Optimized the Website
  2. Created Quality Content
  3. Search Engine Optimization is ongoing progress where optimization and promotion run parallel

4th Step: Website SEO Audit

Website Audit: Audit means inspecting the website by considering “X” number of factors in terms of:

  1. Meta Tags
  2. Alt Tags
  3. Website Speed
  4. Keyword Volume
  5. W3C Validation, etc.

The audit report will give you the white spaces where you should invest your time and work on it.

Website SEO Audit: Review our Unique Audit List

Add-On: Learning Should Never Stop

Well, we believe learning should never stop hence we have special topics related to Technical SEO to make you a versatile SEO expert. 

Grab it now: Technical SEO Tips

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Remaining Targets/Milestones:

We are still way behind from our actual target, which is to provide you a one-stop solution to all your SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Management needs.

We are working hard to bring the topics online and will soon cover all the remaining topics. The outcome of which will make this platform Internet’s first resource which will include all your needs concerning the aforesaid topics.

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