Today, we will learn about an important On-Page SEO Optimization technique called Image Optimization. It is important to realize that On-Page SEO is the pillar of your website, therefore, it must be done effectively to get quick results.

Digital Marketing seldom is a vast field that comprises many marketing approaches such as Paid Marketing, Social Media Strategy, and Affiliate Marketing to increase your website’s reach. SEO too is a part of digital marketing, which is today’s article.

What is meant by Image Optimization?

Image Optimization, to put it bluntly, means optimizing your image and making it SEO friendly. Now the question arises how? Well, we are here to answer that.

The image has the following important components:

File Name: The name of the file which describes the image

Caption: Anybody of text that will explain or further the meaning of the image.

Alt Text: Keywords good for SEO which also explains what the image is about while also increasing the search engine rankings of that particular image.

Description: As the name suggests, a short description where you should use a long tail keyword for SEO purpose

If you become a master of filling in the above important information efficiently, then your image will become perfectly fit for rankings in Google Images search result.

Important things to remember:

  • Search engines aren’t human. This means you need to be descriptive while uploading images
  • We enable them to see images by naming them correctly.
  • Although Alt text is very important for SEO, we have a 125 character limit for Alt text. Therefore, choose your words carefully
  • Last, never do over optimization
Image Optimization, Alt Tag Optimization
Different Image Optimization Examples

4 Best Tips For Image Optimization:

  • Images should be perfectly matched with the content of Page:

We use the image in an article to catch the attention of users towards the article. Hence, the image used should have humor, it must appeal and relevance to the subject.

  • Use Good Quality Images:

Here, the high file size isn’t the quality which is being talked about. We are talking about the quality of the images which you will upload.

The users dislike low-quality images which they find unable to view and, they also dislike high-quality images which take a lot of time to load. Hence, we should use a good quality image with low size and with proper optimization.

We prefer JPEG images as they deliver superior quality while being a small size too.

Image Alt Tag Optimization
Optimize Images
  • Include a Catchy Caption in your images:

The caption is what a user can see below the image and it should describe the image effectively. A catchy caption created using a good sense of humor will attract the user’s attention.

  • Use Focus Keyphrase in Alt Text:

Work started should be finished properly, therefore proper use of Alt text is mandatory.

Alt text must contain your important keywords within a limit of 125 characters.


A little hard work while optimizing the image will do the trick of ranking your website within the top search results. Therefore, keep the above points handy while making your post images SEO friendly.

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