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Mobile Speed Optimization or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

As science and technology are making quantum leaps, our life has transformed significantly from using PCs to laptops. And then suddenly, an invention changed the way we used to perceive life! High speed internet, movies, web series, social media, high storage, etc. everything came under a single roof and that roof is “mobile”!

However, we all must have noticed that the structure of every web page is different in different devices. You must have wondered how a large web page with different contents can fit in such a small screen like mobile! Well, let’s see how that happens.

What is Mobile Speed Optimization?

Whenever we make a new website, we usually make it user-friendly to a single device. However, the contents must be adjusted properly so it can be viewed easily from any device. This becomes a challenging task, especially in mobiles, where you have to adjust within a small screen.

Modifying and adapting, specifically for mobiles, comes under mobile optimization.

Mobile Speed Optimization

Why Mobile Speed Optimization Important

In recent times, the use of mobile has grown tremendously as it is handy. People prefer to explore more on mobiles than desktops and laptops. However, the frustrations and complaints of users elevate when the websites do not load properly or they take lots to time to download.

Thus, the more a website takes time to load, the less will people use it. In such circumstances, it becomes essential for the creators to make it user-friendly to heighten the profit margins. Even, if the loading speed delays by a second, the sales can drop to around five percentages, thinking about the global competition.

How Mobile Optimization impacts conversion

The growing trends of using mobiles for every small and big job have made it vital for the businessmen to adapt their websites to mobile optimization. Provided such conditions, it becomes essential to enhance mobile conversion rates. Mobile optimization is the best way to bring better impacts on conversions to increase sales.

Top 9 Mobile Optimization Tips

  • Optimize Your Mobile Website And Its Speed

Slow loading pages can lead to frustration from any user. Mobile sites that load in less than 1.5 seconds find better revenue than mobile sites that take a longer time to load. Hence work on the loading speed of your website.

  • Use of Digital Wallets

By using digital wallets for payment on your website, you can give the consumers an advantage in saving their payment details online which is a secure way. Mobile wallets have multiple layers of encryption integrated in making the consumers’ payments safe and convenient.

  • Adopt a Responsive Design

The look of your website can affect the minds of your potential customers and help give you credit if it looks attractive. If your mobile site is badly designed and looks too clustered, it comes across as amateurish.

  • Improve Navigation

It is terrible for your marketing if your customers cannot work their way through your website. This can negatively affect your conversion rates. It might also encourage them to give and leave your website.

Mobile Speed Optimization
  • Remove Autoplay Videos and Pop-ups

There is definitely nothing as annoying as ads and videos that interrupt website viewing. They are intrusive, and they prevent users from having an interruption-free viewing of the site and find what they want from it.

  • Give Customers a Seamless and Easy Checkout

A huge reason customers refuse to continue with their online shopping is due to inconvenience during check out processes.

  1. Keep the mobile check out page short and simple

  2. Don’t clutter the page with too many fields. It will lead to confusion.

  3. Don’t insist on your customers making an unnecessary account to enable checkout.

  • Think “Multi-Device”

There are a lot of customers who browse things on their mobile but feel more comfortable making the final decisions on the comfort of their PCs. It is important to keep in mind that too many differences in the different devices shouldn’t confuse them. Keep the two pages as similar as possible.

mobile optimization tips
  • Forget “above the fold”

There are many screen sizes and resolutions for a variety of mobile devices. The average “fold”, that is the lower sides of the visible area of a screen they can scroll, is impossible to define in the mobile semantics.

  • Use circumstances & corresponding expectations

Using mobile phones is still comparatively new to a lot of users belonging to the older generations. For many people, it might feel awkward and complicated. For them, make the directions as simple as possible and use their inexperience to improve your website to gain yourself more conversion points.

How to optimize your site for mobile?

  • Home in on Your Audience

To launch any website, the first step is for the business owners to figure out how their website looks to their customers and how they would use it. According to that, they can develop a good strategy.

  • Ask For Customer Feedback

Always ask your customers if they are finding the website to be user-friendly or not. If not, ask them in what way they would like it to be changed.

  • Think Small

Keep your mobile sites as minimalistic while keeping it attractive. Less is more. Since mobiles are not as powerful as computers, clustered sites would load more slowly and will cause web traffic. Taking away all cluttered excesses will go a long way to a perfectly optimized mobile website.

Optimize Website
  • Create a Consistent User Experience

Many devices have distinctly different overall features. If you visit the website from your desktop, the layout might be very different compared to mobile. A simple design would keep the jarring differences at bay, ensuring a positive experience for the customers.

  • Think Social

Social media has taken over the world. They share a vast majority of websites on social media and blogs on all kinds of topics. Here, you’d want to have a design that attracts instant attention of customers. Your business should have a successful social media presence across such platforms so you could reach a maximum amount of people.

Benefits of Mobile Optimized Website

  • Improved User Experience

Mobile optimized we find websites to improve user experience significantly and satisfies a majority of customers. It makes a positive impression on the business causing a rise in conversion points.

  • Faster Download Speed

We conduct mobile optimization keeping in mind one thing, to make the speed of loading faster for better surfing of the websites and to give an overall excellent experience for the customers. Optimal download speed means less waiting and easier browsing.

  • Engagement and Context

Mobile optimization of the website allows all kinds of user-friendly features like a click to call, mapping functions, saving passwords, etc.

Benefits Mobile Speed Optimization
  • Improved Search/SEO performance

A mobile website gives many improved rankings on mobile-friendly search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and also allows placing your ads in a growing number of mobile and local directories.

  • Brand Identity

Having a website that is mobile friendly immediately places you in advantage and makes you stand out from your competitors who only rely on their offline businesses. It presents a positive brand identity among customers and makes a positive statement to the masses without you having to actively say something.

  • Portability and Connectivity

A good website should have a feature that allows users to access it anywhere and wherever there is a good connection. This level of constant connectivity gives an amazing opportunity to connect with a larger target audience in different and innovative ways wherever they may be.

  • Competitive Advantage

Having a perfectly optimized mobile website gets you one step ahead of your competitors. It allows you to stand out among your competitors. In business, if your website doesn’t look good, users will move on to a different site that looks good. A mobile website ensures that users pay attention to your company and not your competitor’s.

  • Integration with Offline Media

We use mobile devices to bridge the gap between online and offline media through the use of QR Codes. We display QR codes in print and then scanned with a smartphone with a QR Scanner, translated into electronic messaging such as a website URL, an email address or SMS message.

  • Inevitability

It is up to the owner of the website to take full advantage of the unique opportunities that the mobile offers for connecting with the growing number of visitors who will have inevitable access to their website on their mobile devices.

Advantages of Mobile Optimization

  1. In this age of digitalization, all the people are using smartphones so mobile optimization provides the perfect opportunity to advertise your company.
  1. Not all people have access to computers or laptops.
  1. Smartphones can be carried everywhere which makes browsing easier to do anywhere and anytime providing more audience to a wider target of users.
  1. Mobile optimized websites show the exact size of the websites in the smartphones that are easily viewed by a mobile phone user for maximum comfort and ease.
  1. This way, we can say that it will remain responsive.

Now, you know the ways to keep your business high above the clouds!

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