50 Best Networking Methods

Earlier Link Farms and Directory submission was the trending techniques for link building, but now the scenario is different. People want to create brand awareness, hence go over various link building methods. Hence, we have compiled this Top 50 Link Building Techniques to manufacture quality backlinks. 

Progress in Link Budling Mechanism 

Back in the days, link building started with link exchanges where websites would add a link of each other’s sites and call it link building. It later evolved to manual directories where we fill our website link to earn a backlink. Later with blog comments and article submission, the process became more effective in terms of content quality. But, when link building evolved people started making money from networking hence ‘pay for links’ came into the picture which helped in getting returns through the process of link sharing. Presently, link networking and guest blogging is the most popular, effective and credible mode exist in the market which requires strategic networking.

Although, ‘Natural’ link building with the help of good content quality and value information can beat no other method of attracting. Anyway, to enable just network building, the following are the various mechanisms to build links that would help in enabling a better awareness among the users.

50 Link Building Methods

50 Must Follow Link Building Techniques:

  • EDU links

Websites with extension ‘.EDU’ is more effective than .EDU links; but with the help of reaching students, allowing them to post even as a guest and sharing it amongst their friends/professors/institutions etc., the links would be benefitted in gaining a better market hold and ranking.

  • .GOV Links

These types of links are not easier to earn. Initiating programs which benefit the government or armed forces you can request them to link your service over their website and hence earn a backlink.

  • .ORG Links

Earning .ORG Links are easier to get by sponsoring a charity program or offering a product /service on the pro bono basis, or even through volunteering.

  • Editorially Given Links

One of the best and most effective technique is editorially-given links where you publish highly qualified and valuable content.

  • Links from traditional Media or Press

Getting brand awareness by using resources like newspapers, TV, radio, magazines, etc., would help too. Websites like HARO, help people with information and knowledge give their feedback to reporters and gain public outreach.

  • Internal Links

Internal linking of your website content surely boost your website performance. 

Best 50 Link Building Techniques

  • Links from Complementary Businesses Within Your Niche/Industry

Products that are not an alternative to each other, but acts as a complement to one another have a similar market audience. One can comment, link, post or share their complementary sites to gain a backlink. Also, a co-marketing campaign can benefit both the parties.

  • Links from Competitors In Your Industry

If competitors are linking you, this implies that the networking strategy opted by the company is going in the right direction; as it is, even compelling its competitors to build a link with the same.

  • Niche Forum Profile Links

Getting backlink from your own niche forums is easy, but generating value out of it is difficult. Hence focus on quality content whenever you take part over those platforms. 

  • Social Media Profile Links

Maintain a presence on social networking sites, because they help in establishing site image amongst the peers of that industry; only if your social connect is strong. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, Goodreads, etc., are a few majorly recognized ones.

  • Social Media Post Links

Maintaining user traffic is very important for these sites. One must ensure a content availability and posting new content regularly; as an utmost priority to maintain brand awareness.

  • Links From Reddit

Reddit differs from other social networking sites as it is very much reluctant towards being sold to other links. But one can establish a place amongst the same by publishing high-quality content on their sites.

  • Links from LinkedIn Company Directory

It is again one of the most ignored sites which can help build connections and links with the help of posting valuable insights on various aspects regarding one’s understanding, experience and research.

  • (Relevant/Non-Spammy) Industry Directories

Quite an old tactic which lost its value because of the ineffectiveness of the valuable content available on the sites. But today, if mentioned in a few of the topmost directories of that industry, they hold an important value too.

  • Links From Local Directories

Currently, due to the spammy nature of these directories, they do not hold great importance, but they are quite valuable for conventional businesses, unlike the online ones.

  • Links From Template Directories

Creating a WordPress Theme would be useful for other sites in the same industry to establish a link building with the website.

  • Links From EBooks

Hire an editor who would help you link your posts with the ebook. Create an online book for users and provide a link for the same to enable more brand awareness.

  • Links From Local News Sites

It is like reaching out to social linking but is more focused on the local area by publishing the same on local news and articles.

  • Guest-Blogging Links

An ever-lasting way where you can create a well-written post on other’s site. Just make sure that the content is well written and neatly formed.

  • Manual Outreach Links

This method helps to reach out to webmasters and providing them with resources to manage the broken links on sites. This will help create a manual link in between the two sites that might, perhaps, benefit each other.

  • Google My Business Link

Ensure adding website link and claiming the listing on the site, because sometimes it attracts user more than what the site does by itself.

  • Links With Brand Name Anchor Tags

Whenever you get the chance to get a link from a website set your anchor text as your brand name, hence earn quality back link with brand awareness. 

  • Links with Key Term Anchor tags

Focus not only setting anchor tag as a brand name promotes other keywords as well by setting them as anchor text. 

  • How-to Guide Links

How-to Guide comes into play when you did comprehensive research to solve a problem, then list down your experience such that others can learn from it and you get ranked easily.  

  • Resource Guide

Make a list of resources that would guide a user with a particular aspect he/she is searching for and link those resources with their links to create a valuable link amongst the others.

  • Infographic Links

You can create your own infographics or outsource the same, based on the research done regarding other websites and statistics.

  • Infographic Citation Links

Performing your own unique research and publishing the same is one of the best methods in link building, in association with the infographic links and statistics, which makes the content unique, attractive and valuable for the readers.

  • Links from Q&A sites

Answering common questions and queries on Quora or other social networking sites makes it a viable option in creating links and enhancing networking, by giving insights based on experience and learning.

  • Links Form Emails

Linking with the help of the newsletter list also sometimes catches the eyes of the readers. Today’s working-class lives on Emails and using the same as a tool for link building can also lead to brand awareness and customer attraction.

  • Graphics Links

Creating hyperlinks on the logo can also help redirect users to the main website. This may annoy for a few users but if designed smartly, can even attract users to explore the site.

  • Links from Videos

Options like uploading videos on YouTube or going live on Instagram or Facebook, attaching the site’s link to it, can act as an effective way of delivering your message properly.

  • Links From SlideShare

Uploading slides or presentations on websites like SlideShare may help users access the content which ultimately helps to raise the users’ likeliness of preference comparatively.

  • Links From Reviews

Bloggers and socially active entities can be asked to review the product which would influence many followers to check out the website’s products/services; which may lead to the generation of potential clients/customers.

  • Links From Wiki Sites

Wiki sites give you the liberty to edit content by adding insights in your industry or on any aspect, that you may know or have researched about. Hence, Wiki sites can be beneficial in contributing to the research and making the content more effective and informative.

  • Do-follow links

These links give link juice, which in-turn boost Domain and Page Authority. 

  • No-follow Links

Google can penalize ill-placed links, but No-follow links do no harm. Better to tell the search engines to ignore that link because they anyway don’t impact the search engine rankings.

  • Ask People You Know

Connect with people or establish links with people you know, but make sure it complements the industry you are in because gaining & deriving benefit may be hard to get.

  • Conduct an Interview

try to Interview the influencers of your field and send them some question set. Once you have their response share it over various platforms and earn backlinks.

  • Give an Interview

Keep a check on social media, and answer or give valuable feedbacks on sites when asked for, which would establish a sense of reliability and value to the feedback and the individual.

  • Links from Podcasts

Creating your own podcast or appearing on different podcasts to give your opinion and outlook on various topics may generate a market base, trustworthiness among viewers and enhanced networking.

  • Contribute to a Crowdsourced or Quote Post

Contributing by mentioning your valuable thoughts on different quotes instead of just adding links may also be a helpful option.

  • Write a Crowdsourced or Quote Post

Flip the side and write your own Quote Post attaching your link to it may help in a better way, compared to the above option.

  • Links to News

Give feedback on the current trends and news about your particular industry. This would enable an active presence on social media and helps to attract more link building.

  • Create a Tool

Create tools for users to enhance their work, which would help them continue using your site for their own betterment. A major example is CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

  • Create a Template

Creating tools can be a difficult option to pursue. One may opt for creating templates which is feasible for the users and the providers, and share emails to access the same.

  • Links From Webinars

Sponsor or host various webinars that may induce more and more potential users into the population. Also, don’t forget to upload the presentation on SlideShare.

  • Links to Original Research

Original Research may be time-consuming but yields the best outcome. 

  • Links to Glossaries

Creation of a glossary of important and related terms on the site regarding the industry may attract more users and readers into exploring the site and its contents.

  • Links to Your Case Studies

For linking to Case studies, one needs to create one. Taking up cases and doing research and detailed study of them, with or with no help, can lead to more credibility and reliability.

  • Links Your Competitors Have

Research your competitors’ links and try to capture the same through interviews, social media, manual networking, guest blogging, etc.

  • Concluding 50 Link Building Techniques:

Using risky and abrupt practices hindered the quality of link building in the old times, but because of the effective introduction of various parameters and controls, the process of link building has become complicated but controlled.

If one opts for a smart and calculated strategy, then the site can easily enhance their SEO-value.

At last, I would like to conclude this article by stating link building is difficult but effective. 

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