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Is Search Engine Submission Successful

What is Search Engine Submission?

Search engine submission was an effective tool used for web promotion. It involved the submission of your website link to various search engines directly for fast crawling and indexing. The following were the benefits:

  • Increased traffic to your website.
  • Boost visibility of the website.
  • Spread brand awareness.
  • Focused promotion on the web.
  • Increase in website ranking.
Search Engine Submission

The benefit of Search Engine Submission in SEO?

Google SES and BING SES was a crucial tool for website promotion they mainly used which to increase the ranking of a website on the search engine result page. 

How to Perform Submission:

First, submitting one web page at a time using popular web tools like Google Webmaster central, BING Webmaster, etc. This method is still alive and you can take advantage of it by visiting your website webmaster account. 

Learn how to set up webmaster account: Create Webmaster Account

Search engines have now called the submission of the Home Page link on major search engines like Google, Bing, etc off i.e. disable.

Advantage of Search Engine Submission: 

  • Increased Traffic

Search Engine Submission earlier uses to generate a good number of visitors to the website along with exposure.

  • Better ROI

Search Engine submission was an excellent way to generate web traffic which would ultimately increase sales and profit. They used it to increase the exposure of the site in the market and establish a vigorous online presence.

Search Engine Submission
  • Cost-effectiveness:

There was no need of paying to list your website into major search engines.

  • Increased site usability:

Services like website crawling and indexing were facile since Search Engines would create these databases by performing time to time crawl of the internet. Search engines used to rank sites based on its value of words and page. Therefore, Search Engine Submission was an efficient way to increase the usability of the site as it increased the visibility of good sites to the public on search engine results.

  • Brand Recognition:

SES helped in generating brand awareness by placing the website on top in search results so that people visit it more frequently.

  • Increase in Business:

The key reason people used SES was to enhance brand visibility on search engines. Search Engine Submission used to encourage crawling of the site through Google to boost the traffic. 

Link Submission Banned, Why?

At present, we can’t perform search engine submission on highly rated search engines like Google and Bing.

Review the below-provided image where Google and Bing have stopped their website link submission service and have suggested to go with the webmaster tool for website link submission.

Banned Search Engine Submission

Nowadays, we use unlawful ways to improve our website ranking in search engine results; we have increased usage of fake keywords and poor quality backlinks. Search engines like Google and Bing stopped taking search engine submissions because the submitted URL used to be of inferior quality and usually held poor content. The sole way to submit your website to these sites is via sitemap optimization or manually URL inspection.

Stopped Search Engine Submission

You can still go with other off-page seo techniques to spread brand awareness and increase sales.

Here is the list: Best 14 Off-Page SEO Technique

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