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Reputation management the word speaks for itself. Reputation is a belief that a person or individual inherits certain characteristics. It is an opinion that we have about something or someone. Reputation management is a process to manage the opinions in a positive way for the benefit of an individual or an organization.

If you are the owner of any business, you need to make a positive reputation to get going in the competitive market. Reputation is of equal importance for an organization as its capital. Reputation management plays a crucial role in the benefit of an organization. It is a process of influencing the public about a specific brand product or an organization. SEO contributes a very important part of building a positive reputation. When people search for an Organisation, a product or a brand all the information displayed on the search engine result pages (SERPs) is SEO driven. If the SEO displays all the positive results then it will help you in your business growth but if the SEO results show negative results, it could harm your business and sales.

By negative I mean, poor reviews, rating, services, etc. As you also know negativity spread quickly as compare with positivity. So basically a reputation management SEO helps you to manage your online reputation for the betterment of your business.

What Reputation Management SEO does?

Reputation management reflects the characteristics of any website, product or organization. It can help new customers and users to find the best source out of the internet. Reputation management helps you to improve customer perception about your brand or organization thus increases the conversion rate of your business.

Is Reputation Management and SEO the same?

Reputation management manages the online image/reputation of your organization, product or brand which means it manages the content on different web pages that are not being controlled by you. It manages the content of your brand, product or organization whereas SEO plays an important role in driving traffic to your website and displaying your webpage in the top search results of a search engine.

For example: An XYZ IT consulting company spend thousands to bring their website at the top search result for IT and other related terms. 

On the other side, one of their employee put a bad review of the company on a famous website like Glassdoor. 

Here is the twist SEO can only bring your website on top but it can’t push another website down but reputation management can push those negative review displaying website out of the search engine result page. 

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Top 9 techniques for Reputation Management SEO: 

In this article, we will discuss the top techniques which help you in getting a positive reputation for your organization.

  • Social profile management

It is 2019 and most of the people are using Instagram or Facebook. Some people even follow their favorite brands at any of the social media platforms. You need to create a social profile for your brand or organization to socialize with your customers. Social media profile plays a very important role in influencing a positive image to a customer about your brand or organization. Make sure you include all your business details and information in your social profile and you must keep the username SEO friendly is a name so we can easily find it during the search.

  • Providing a unique and quality content

Users always enjoy the high-quality content which plays a crucial role in reputation management.  Always use brand-related keywords in a structured manner because it makes a good impression on the users and the Search Engines.

  • Share your experiences and opinions

Contribute to various sites or platforms where you can share your opinions answer questions related to a specific niche. The more you get published on various sites and interactive platforms the more popular your bio gets. Earn a good reputation by spreading our Bio over different platforms over the internet further link them to your website or social media profiles.

  • Be interactive with your customers

Before purchasing a product or a service online, most people read reviews. Good reviews can affect the ranking of your website positively whereas bad reviews could negatively harm your reputation and website. You should make sure that all the reviews contribute to your reputation and SEO ranking effectively.

You should always appreciate the good reviews given by customers which will encourage them to post more reviews.

Take negative reviews as learning and instantly provide a solution to your customer. 

If you apologize for the bad reviews, it shows your humbleness and commitments towards your business

  • Keep your customers satisfied

The more satisfied your customers are the more positive impact it will have on your reputation and ranking. Google figures out user satisfaction by analyzing the time a customer spends on your website and its contents. Customer satisfaction leads to a higher rank over search engine result page. It means you should give more value to your audience on every page of the website. We should plan the content according to the customer’s needs.

  • Focus on online public relations

Pitching stories and Press releases about your brand can help you build an effective reputation. This technique could earn you some link bags which in result will improve your ranking.

  • Take care of copyright issues

Search engines do not appreciate piracy. Search Engines automatically remove pirated content if its copyright owner files a complaint with DMCA claiming that their content is unlawfully used by another website. 

  • Monitor activities of your brand

Once you are all done and running into the business, you might get a mention on various websites some of those mentions will be positive and other might be negative. Positive mentions play a crucial role in the development of new relations and advertisement of your brand whereas negative mentions could harm your brand. 

  • Tackle the SEO attacking

Sometimes the competitor tries to drop your rankings by intentionally Pointing low-quality links to your website to get your brand penalized by the search engines. You may receive a manual penalty notice if you have been under a negative SEO attack. 

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