“Press Release” is vital to update customers about the latest update within your organization. In today’s article we will cover: 

  1. What is it
  2. Checklist before publishing news
  3. Press Release Websites
  4. How it works
  5. Benefits

What is Press Release?

It is a newsworthy piece of information designed to educate your niche audience. We can cover any updates in our organization by using news release because it reaches the audience swiftly compared to other submissions.

I can also define it as an Off-Page SEO technique used to generate Inbound traffic on our website. It is done by generating quality backlinks on high Domain Authority and Page Authority websites. 

Besides earning backlinks, we also spread brand awareness when people read about our website from such renowned websites. 

The information shared could be an image, video, article, etc. 

This includes the latest events in your organization or could be an upcoming offer you are giving and you would like to have people’s attention for the same.  

Note: The character limit for a news release is between 200 – 250

Ready to Publish Press Release: Hold On, Read this

Kindly review the below points before publishing:

  • Is this something that is very important and can be considered something that is adding value to your organization? 
  • Is News Release the perfect medium to share that specific piece of information 
  • We should do proper Keyword research before posting the article
  • Do not add multiple links to your release, it will make it spam

News Release Websites:

Generally, we have Paid and Free press release websites. Some of them are listed below: 

  1. www.prnewswire.com
  2. onlineprnews.com  (Paid)
  3. free-press-release.com
  4. www.prlog.org
News Publishing

Steps to Publish News Release:

Here we have taken an example website: free-press-release.com to show step by step how to Publish it: 

  1. Register on their website
  2. Fill required info
  3. Verify Email
  4. Submit: only text-based releases are free on this website
  5. Fill the required info
  6. tags = keywords

Note: Now this will go for approval. Post-approval it will get published

Tip: Go for websites in google news suggestion box in chrome to check for various news publishing websites 

Benefits of Press Release in SEO:

Brand Awareness:

When people read about your website from trusted sources, then it will certainly create brand awareness among others and will help you in earning quality traffic

Press Release Submission SEO
Benefits of Publishing News

Quality Backlinks:

We all know, Off-Page SEO is done to earn backlinks, and this is the best trustworthy source to earn quality backlinks in no time. The process is simple and fast as compared to other promotional techniques. 

Referral Traffic:

Generally, people share published news on their network and hence it will certainly increase referral traffic to your website which certainly adds revenue and increases ROI (Return on Investment). 

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