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Link Building Holistic SEO Approach

Let’s learn how Holistic SEO Approach can be very fruitful for Link Building.

We all have done link building via various Off-Page SEO techniques like Classified Ads, Forum Posting, Social Bookmarking, etc.

The approach we undertake in all these techniques were similar i.e. write content and paste your link and hence earn a backlink.

So, this is a simple approach of earning a backlink but in this topic, we will learn about Holistic approach i.e. much more effective and improved way of Link Building.

Importance of link Building Holistic SEO:

Before jumping into the topic and explore Holistic Link building approach, let’s try to understand the importance of building quality links:

  • Helps in increasing visibility of our website
  • Getting backlink from high domain authority website helps in earning link juice and hence increasing the authority of our domain
  • Help in Earning quality traffic, known as Direct Traffic

Receiving a backlink from an entirely off-topic website is of little or no value (more of a spam link) than earning a backlink from a competitor website.

From here let’s read more about Spam Links.

Spam Links: Deserve penalty from Google

There is a race among various competitors to boost their website ranking.

They adapt illegal methods to achieve it and hence contribute to spam.

Earlier what usually happens, SEO consultancy companies to impress their clients bought backlinks from the website or engaged in link exchange agreements with other websites irrelevant to the subject.

To counter this Google comes up with Penguin the algorithm and penalized these companies and out-rank them from their search results.

Link Building Holistic SEO
Strong Links Needs Some Efforts to Build

Link Building Holistic SEO Way:

The best strategy to build quality backlinks for your website is “Outreaching” i.e. you should outreach the people who might require some articles on which your website is based and contact them via phone calls, Emails or meet them personally and showcase how you can add to their existing business growth and in return ask them to give you a backlink.

Remember the outreaching activity must be done by keeping in mind that the other website must apply to your website. For example, my website is based on providing free SEO learning to young SEO talent so my approach would be to outreach to SEO consultancy companies and ask them if they might require my help in writing an article for them and in return if they could give me a backlink.

Best Link Building Strategy
Build Effective Links

Best way to Outreach peoples:

  1. Visit the website of relevant peoples and find if they might have any broken link. Write an email to them and show how you can help them in fixing the broken link by providing them comprehensive material for the same
  2. Find out the relevant persons who might be interested in giving you a backlink and start an email outreach program. Once you have their contact, details pitch your plan to all of them and get quality backlinks

More here: Neil Patel Views

Concluding Link Building Holistic SEO:

We can say that link building via a holistic approach is a way to do it in a more effective manner.

Pick of the points from the above articles:

  •  Never do rigorous link building as it would cause spam links and may affect your website badly.
  • Email outreach program could be a great initiative to earn quality do follow backlink
  • Finding the broken link of other relevant website and pitching them an idea fix it up with the help of your article could be a chance to earn a backlink

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