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Link Building Approach Off-Page SEO

In this article, we explore various Link Building Approach.  Besides this we will explain:

  1. Types of links
  2. Importance of link building
  3. How to earn quality Do-Follow Backlinks 

Link Building Approach SEO

As we all know Off-Page SEO is all about Link Building, where we focus to build quality backlinks from other relevant websites having high domain and page authority.

We will explore various types of links that are associated with Off-Page SEO and will try to understand the impact of link building program over our website.

Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO

These terms may seem confusing at first, but let me give you some insights on this. “On-Page SEO” means all the search engine optimization techniques you can perform on your own website. Some On-Page Optimization techniques include:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Meta Tags Optimization
  3. URL Optimization, etc.

 “Off-Page SEO” means all the techniques you can use on other people’s sites, to improve rankings of your site. Some important Off-Page SEO Techniques include:

  1. Sharing your content on social media
  2. Posting on blogs
  3. Forum Discussions, etc.

On-Page SEO focus on structuring your website and Off-Page SEO contributes to its advertisement via link building.

Various types of Links

Now that you know what Off-Page SEO is, let’s learn about various types of links:

  • Backlink: As the term suggests, a backlink is a link that links back to your site. In general terms, all the links in other pages, that point to a webpage are backlinks. There are mainly two types of Backlinks i.e. No-Follow and Do-Follow
  • No-Follow Links: This is the type of backlink which does not give link juice to the website where it is pointing
  •  Do-Follow Links: This backlink offers link juice to the pointing website 
  • Link Juice: Whenever a website points to your website with a Do-Follow Backlink then in-return you get link juice which contributes to your Page Authority and Domain Authority. The amount of link juice depends on the PA and DA score of the source website 
  • Inbound link: The links in other people’s websites that point to your own website is an inbound link.
  • Outbound link: It’s the opposite of inbound link, outbound links are those link present in your website that point to the websites of others.
Link Building Approach Off-Page SEO
Link Building Structure
  • Spam link: A spam link refers to a link is out of context, irrelevant and posted again and again.
  • Internal link: Internal links are links in your websites that point to other content on the same website
  • External link: External link is like the inbound link, it refers to all the links that point to your website from an external source.

Why Link Building is important?

Off-Page, SEO is very important for increasing your website’s ranking. Let me tell you, how it works. Search engines rank your website based on both On page SEO and Off page SEO. The more quality links that point to your site, the better the site seems to be ranked on search engines. This doesn’t mean that you should post your link everywhere you find, doing so will make your website seem spammy and your rankings will go downhill. Therefore, instead of quantity, focus on quality, i.e. share your website’s link, but on well-visited sites having high Domain and Page Authority. It’s not important how many links point to your site, but what’s important is from which website these links come from.

Top 4 benefit of link building:

  • Visitor Count:

The more your presence is over the internet, the greater will be the visitor count on your website

  • Domain & Page Authority:

If you focus building your website links on high DA and PA website, then you get link juice from them which will contribute to your website DA & PA score

  • References always work:

No doubt, reference always works in the day to day life and the same is true over the internet where referral traffic contributes to the majority of traffic.

  • Brand Authority and Promotion:

If you take part in guest posting over bigger platforms like Shoutmeloud, seo-hacker than this will contribute to upgrading your brand value.

Importance of Link Building
Top 4 Benefit of Link Building

How to generate more backlinks?

As mentioned above, backlinks are links that point back to your own website. But the question arises how can we generate more backlinks? The most natural way of thinking is to place your link everywhere you can, but this will do more harm than good, as it counts as spam and will rank your site low. Therefore, to avoid classifying your website as spam, you can share your link on other sites, if your content is relevant and if it adds more to the information being shared. You can also post in social networking sites and share with your followers, but avoid posting the same stuff again and again as it will reduce your popularity among your followers.

The other thing is to write good quality articles. If your articles are good, chances are people will gladly share your article among their peers. Which will help boost your rankings and build a good reputation of your site.

Here is the list of some Off-Page SEO activities that will contribute to your success. Make sure you are focusing toward building Do Follow Backlink rather than No Follow.

Top 5 Link Building Approach to SEO

  1. Blog Commenting
  2. Guest Posting
  3. Social Media Promotion
  4. Forum Posting
  5. Email Outreach 
  6. Video Promotion, etc.

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