In today’s article, we will learn about a new term “Holistic SEO” much more advanced and updated technique towards structuring a strong website. 

Holistic SEO: What is It?

The SEO ‘techniques’ have changed through the years, with changes in the designs and programming of the search engine crawlers. What remains to be true is that websites exist for users to be visited and seen.

Crawlers in the starting of the 2000s looked only for major things like keywords, links, etc. But now they analyze over 20 distinct aspects of the websites.

This increasing complexity and ever-changing rules of the search engines beg the question, are the techniques of SEO useful? The answer is that they are only as good as your website. 

What is the meaning of Holistic Approach?

Let’s understand the English meaning of holistic. It means “entire”, “all” meaning when we are analyzing something it must be considered as a whole rather than in parts. 

We could take an example from the health industry i.e. while examining Human Body we must consider it as a whole rather than focusing on parts for a better health checkup. 

This approach differentiates it from the Partial Approach where we focus only on certain parts rather than the whole. 

We can co-relate it with the SEO world by reviewing this simple example. In traditional SEO approach, we focus more on keywords (parts of the article) but in Holistic SEO approach, we cover long tail keywords i.e. semantic approach towards link building. 

Holistic SEO

What to do? Holistic SEO!

Something that will always remain true is that a good building can be only built on a good foundation, and that is what holistic SEO means.

Holistic SEO says that the basis of SEO that will make or break your website at the end is the basis of the creation of web pages. It means that it should satisfy you with your web pages in a manner you think the user should felt satisfied in.

So the idea is catering to the user’s needs, to make sure they are interested in the website

Why Holistic SEO Needed?

If you perform various SEO techniques, while not making a website worthy at the time for users to visit:

  • People will leave the website as soon as they get there, increasing the bounce rate.
  • They will not be visiting again.
  • They will not talk about your website.
  • Your traffic will gradually decrease as people show disinterest.
  • Changes in search engine patterns will affect your website ranking.

Besides normal SEO benefits, Performing Holistic SEO makes sure that:

  • People engage with your site more, which will show up in higher time-on-page metrics.
  • Users will be less likely to leave your site right after they arrive, lowering bounce rates.
  • They will return to your site to gain more information or to buy more products, resulting in higher returning visit metrics.
  • Your website visitors will be more inclined to positively talk about your site and to share your information across social media. This will increase the website’s social exposure.
  • After this, there will be no threat of losing website ranking just because of some changes in search engine patterns.

Hence a Holistic Approach means:

  • You are providing your user with rich technical SEO experience
  • Improving user experience by proving them responsive websites with good page speed, comprehensive content, etc.
  • Providing them a secure environment to browse i.e. having a HTTPS website

So, how to perform Holistic SEO?

As stated above, holistic SEO is all about user satisfaction, and they can only satisfy the users if the content is comprehensive. So, you need to make sure, it does not compromise quality, and it satisfies you in terms of content.

Performing Holistic SEO
How to Perform Holistic SEO

Ensuring the following things will help you ascertain holistic SEO:

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO
  3. Technical SEO
  4. A great user experience (UX)
  5. Writing quality content
  6. Keeping your site secure(Good code)
  7. Site speed (Good hosting)
  8. Mobile friendliness
  9. Site architecture

Keeping the above points in check will lead to a more Holistic SEO and result in respect’s longevity that your website receives.

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Holistic SEO talks about how websites are in the end, for users and user relevancy is what matters the most. It indicates that a website that users will enjoy is the cornerstone for it to become high ranking. So going back to basics and remembering the essentials will keep your website fool-proof, howsoever external changes may occur.

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