Ting Tong, Email arrived! Well, should I read it or delete it? What would have you done if it’s a sales email… :)? Let’s learn about Email Outreach Campaign which enables us to reach thousands of targeted traffic if strategize properly. 

Email Outreach Campaign to earn backlinks

Email outreach program may be the best way to reach out to people who can add a link to your page on their website. Linking refers to having the URL of your website or page on other pages so that people viewing those pages land on your work if needed. Designing an outreach program will allow you to reach out to people you can collaborate with but will also require you to put in a lot of time into finding sites that can help you in reaching out to more people. It is a time-consuming process and involves careful listing and understanding. It is also a very efficient way of increasing the SEO ranking of a page as the connections made are organic and authentic as it connects you to pages that have similar content as yours.

Email Outreach

Basic rules to any email outreach campaign-

  • Write good stuff-

The best way to get backlinks is by providing good content. This will cater respect to your content and people will mention the link of your website or page as it will apply to their work. If your page is well researched, many people will refer to your page as they will use it to write their own article. Despite this, because of the huge volume of web pages on every topic, people may find it difficult to reach your page. This is where email outreach can help you find people, especially if you have just started posting content.

  • Look for like-minded people-

After deciding that you need to invest in creating backlinks, you must look for content generators which have content similar to that of yours. There is no point of trying to contact pages that write about different topics if it does not complement your content.

Email Outreach link building

  • Give a personal touch-

The most important rule you must keep in mind while sending emails we must personalize them. You might receive hundred promotional emails a week but might be more likely to open emails that have your name in them or that serve you a specific purpose. Therefore, always write a personal email to anyone you want to collaborate with and understand what you can offer to them.


1. Broken Link Building Outreach-

For these emails, you visit the website of a suitable collaborator and check all the links on their page, then if you come across a broken link you can either pitch in content that can compensate for the “not found error” or create one accordingly.

  • A suggested template –

“Dear , [Person/ Position holder]!

I came across your website related to [mention broad topic] on the browser[____] and enjoyed reading it. While going through the carefully put up content, I came across a broken link [mention link].

Grab some content related to this topic; This will be an add-on to your page.

The resource on this topic might interest your readers if they’re looking for further information on this topic.

Would you like to see it?

[Sign off].

2) Link Round-Up Outreach

We can use this outreach to create a presence on the website that already posts multiple links on their websites. We call these roundup posts. You can easily find them by mention the word round up as you type the title of your specific niche.  These websites are generally one with a high ranking and have a huge user base. You should write to the editor of the website/page.

  • A suggested template –

“Dear , [Person/ Position holder]!

I came across your website related to [mention broad topic] on the browser[____] and enjoyed it. I have regularly designing content around the same topic and wanted to request to make me a part of any round-up post that you create in the future.

Would you like to see it?

[Sign off].

3) Guest Posting

This method may not be the best way to generate backlinks but you may want to consider it nevertheless. This is difficult to work out as you will have to create more content for the website you are requesting a backlink to. Guest posting helps you create relations which can be of immense utility.

  • Email Template:

“Dear , [Person/ Position holder]!

I came across your website related to [mention broad topic] on the browser[____] and enjoyed it. My expertise falls under designing content around the same topic.

I came across the specific topic [mention title] and thought of asking you to have a look at my article on [article 1, article 2, article 3..]

Moreover, this will act as an add-on to your content. Please let me know if you would like to have a look at them.

Looking forward to a positive collaboration.

[Sign off].

4). Influencer backlinks

These help you add huge value to your page. Offer a product or service in exchange for the backlinks you expect.

  • Email Template:

“Dear, [Person/ Position holder]!

I just reviewed your website related to [mention broad topic] on the browser[____] and enjoyed it. I have regularly designing content around the same topic.

My [firm/company/production] offers

pertaining to your niche and I am looking for an opportunity to collaborate with you. I can offer for this collaboration and would like to know your thoughts on this.

Looking forward to a positive collaboration.

[Sign off].

Email campaign sample

5) Brand Mention

This may be the best strategy for you if you can find people quoting your work on their website. This method works as people may already want to mention your link as finding it relevant.

  • A suggest pitch for you-

“Dear, [Person/ Position holder]!

I came across your website and noticed that you have mentioned my work on your page [URL]. Thanks for including my work on your page.

Further, I request you to please add a link of my landing page on your website [URL]. This will help people find me and will also complement your page.

Thanks again for including my brand!

[Sign off]“

Case Study on Email Outreach Campaign-

We looked into the strategy that the site  “mangools” used in order to have a successful outreach campaign. Have a look at it and learn as much as possible.

  • The pre emailing phase- LEARN:

The brand invested in learning; they researched on relevant topics, learned and read about SEO. They created their own templates. This helped them reach out to and appear fresh to a wide range of audience.  The first outreach activity of the website in which they used the preexisting common templates did not turn out to be productive. The website built an effective backlink profile before sending out emails to people. This made them more authentic and worthy of mention and use.

They first created a list of all website and put them in different lists. This helped the blogger understand the audience and also how the outreach campaign has to be designed in order to reach out to as many people as possible. The blogger also divided the websites as per their popularity in order to determine which ones to target. Notice that all this effort went into designing even before the actual outreach marketing started. 


The next step was to find the email addresses for which the blogger used  Hunter and Anymail Finder (free tools). They expanded to use other mail searches after using these two as well. In order to check the validity of the address, you can paste the email address on the Gmail ‘To’ bar and see if Google validates the address.

After this, you need to understand the email that needs to be sent. You need to create personalized emails for each person you contact. Also, the blogger recommends asking three basic questions before sending out emails.

Would I open this email?

Should I read it?

Would I do what they want me to do?


The website asked 81 websites for backlinking. It received 10 backlinks.

Conclusion Email Outreach Campaign-

The main takeaways from understanding the email outreach campaign of the website are-

You need to invest a lot in learning. Without it, you cannot reach out to people and understand the different websites that exist.

Using tools– The blogger used a variety of tools in order to find the most suitable people to contact.

Personalize– The fact that the blogger sent personalized emails to everyone, indicates that a lot of time was given to understanding. This creates trust and makes you sound authentic.

Content is the king irrespective of how efficient the marketing strategy of the website was, one cannot deny the importance of building a good profile with good content. This made people reply to the blogger.

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