What is Document Sharing SEO?

Document sharing is an off-Page SEO technique used by websites to generate traffic or backlinks on site. It involves submitting a document to another website that accepts document submission to make it public. The documents are usually in the form of ‘pdf’, ‘doc’, etc. 

Document-sharing websites are a good source for traffic and they help you get a good rank in search engine results of popular search engines.

Document Sharing

Benefits of Document Sharing SEO:

  • Your content gets indexed in Google quickly
  • Add images and flashy formatting to your articles, this can boost click-through rates
  • Create your document and upload to multiple document sharing sites for more traffic and views
  • Easily add affiliate links into your article
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Top 6 Website for Document Sharing SEO:

Document sharing is one of the important techniques for building tier-1 backlinks for your site.

In the recent past, many bloggers have even repackaged blogs to documents and have submitted to popular sites to gain backlinks and enhance their website ranking.

Reputed Document Sharing Sites:-

1. SlideShare: You can submit slides, pdf and other types of documents in this site. Engendering an impressive profile and achieving great visibility may help you attain more traffic to your site.

2. Scribd: It is a famous digital document library, you can also upload audiobooks here. Moreover, it is an impeccable place to publish your original contents and if your content is catchy enough, you will surely drive traffic to your site.

3. Issuu: It is a good website for publishing contents, documents, etc to gain exposure to your brand.

4. Author stream: It is a great platform to create and publish slides and original writings.

5. PdfSR: This platform allows you to upload documents and writings especially in PDF format.

6.Wattpad: A great site to publish short stories and to connect with talented writers from all over the world. So it will surely bring immense traffic to your site.

These sites allow you to create a profile and connect with other people. Altogether, they help in building worldwide relations and provides great exposure to your brand.

Since these sites have no rules and no minimum word count, you can post anything from a 1500 words article to a 2000 words document but it must be of good quality. If your content is of good quality, thousands of users of those sites will surely read it.

This will help you in creating brand awareness and earning a quality do-follow backlink. 

Word Doc Sharing SEO

6 Secrets to Create Effective Documents

Document-sharing website is a good backlink source which may help you in getting better ranking and traffic. 

Following are some tips which may help you in creating effective documents:

  • Make it look simple

You require not to inscribe a very long document for submitting it to Docstoc. You can even write a simple 400 words article and submit it. But with documents, the word count is more so write at-least 1000 word article and submit it to Document-sharing websites. Always remember to keep your document simple.

  • Give it a simple and attractive cover image

 Although you’re writing a simple document, your document must be appealing and forcing the user to spend time on your document. Moreover, it is important to give a simple yet captivating cover to your document to make it more intriguing to the reader.

  • Brand your article or document

The whole point of submitting a document to a Document-sharing website is to attain a high ranking and drive new visitors to your website. So it is important to brand your article so it will belong to your website. Branding is simple, just put your website’s logo on the cover page and attach the link of your website at the header or footer of the article. Branding adds a professional look to your document.

  • Give Proper content

The main purpose is to attract new readers and drive them to your website. It is important to provide full information in a document and not merely leave it incomplete. The content must be to the point and contain subsidiary information to satisfy the reader’s curiosity.

  • Make your website attractive

It is important to make your website appealing to attract more people to visit your website. The website should have a professional outlook and high-quality information. The content of your website must have a similar quality like the content in your documents. For instance, if your document is a small a part of your website then your website contains the whole body. It will help in attracting new readers to your website.

Building Blocks Document Sharing

Trick to earn Backlinks

Backlinks play a major role in the ranking of a webpage in the search results of various search engines. Following are some tricks to earn backlinks-

  • Save the document name as your keyword. Ex- “SEO optimization” article can be saved as SEO.doc
  • Try using different file types. Sometimes DOC files rank better than PDFs and vice versa.
  • Try to add different keywords, it may help you enhance your website’s rank.
  • A detailed description of your document, it should be at least 100 to 200 words featuring main keywords and some intriguing information to build the curiosity within the readers. Moreover, Search engines use this information to understand the content of your document.
  • Limit links to your site such that it should not sound spam.

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