In this lecture, we will learn how to update your business contact details over the internet. Directory submission article cover the following important subheadings:

  1. What is Directory Submission
  2. Types of Web Directory
  3. How it works
  4. Practical Example
  5. Business Listing Vs. Directory Submission 

What is Web Directory Submission: Off-Page SEO Technique

This is an Off-Page SEO optimization technique used to generate quality backlinks.

Generating backlinks is not a tough task but generating quality backlinks adds value to your site ranking.

One technique used to generate quality links for your site is Web Directory.

In our mobile devices, we have a Phone Directory where we save the contact details of people.

Similarly, on the internet, we have Web Directories where we submit our website URL along with its title and a short description for promotion.

In the web’s case directories, they have done several categorizations. We need to pick the relevant category before posting our details. 

Note: Always check for respective website Domain Authority, Page Authority and Page rank to get better link juice.

The reason behind checking their DA and PA score is to make sure that the website does not have spam links so you get quality backlinks.

Web Directory Submission in SEO
Web Directory

Types of Web Directory:

  • Paid or Featured listing:

In this type, we get an immediate listing and good backlinks but with some price. These websites demand you to pay them a certain amount to get a backlink from them

  • Regular link with a Reciprocal link:

In these type of directory submissions websites, it takes a fair amount of time (2–3 weeks) to get your website reviewed and being awarded a backlink. If you want link juice from them, they ask you to submit their websites link in your directory (a kind of link exchange or Reciprocal link)

  • Free or Regular linking:

The free directory submission websites enable you to get backlinks by filling their website form and earn link juice. It takes about 4–6 weeks to get their approval on the web directory submission to generate backlinks

Web Directory Submission
Types of Web Directory

How to do Directory Submission for SEO:

Carefully follow the steps listed below to get quality backlinks from such websites:

I. Pre-Submission work:

You need the following important things handy with you before you begin web directory task:

  1. Create a word file and include the following things:
  2. Your blog URL
  3. Your blog’s RSS feed URL

II. Your social media links

  1. Title of your website
  2. Meta description with a different word size i.e. 50, 150, 500, 1000 (different websites have different restriction)
  3. Get a list of directory submission websites and check for following: It should have high DA and PA score and PR of the site should be respectable too

III. Alexa rank

  1. Past performance of website i.e. any Google penalty, check its history using Wayback Machine, etc.
  2. Once the website is selected, pick the category
  3. Dig deeper into a perfect sub-category
  4. Fill the information asked and click submit

Note: Paid web directory sites give you backlink within few days or instantly but free websites take around some weeks to even months to generate the backlinks. 

Practical Example of Directory Submission:

Web Directory Submission SEO
Directory Submission SEO Task

Example website: Site Promotion Directory

  • Move your cursor to Submit–Link (this means we will submit our website link in this directory)
  • We have three options for a directory submission:
  • Featured links(Reviewed in 24-48 Hours): $8.96 – 1 Year
  • Regular links(Reviewed in about 4-6 Months): free
  • Regular links with reciprocal (Reviewed in 2 Weeks): free

Pick an option (we prefer option C) and move ahead with the other details

  • Put the Title of your website
  • Put the URL of your website
  • Description of your site (not the meta description)
  • Meta keywords for which you would like to rank (keywords separated by commas)
  • Meta Description related to the keywords
  • Other important details along with selecting the category relevant to you

Link URL: Avoid this field in case you choose the Regular link option which takes almost 4–6 months to be reviewed (If you wish to go ahead with option C i.e. Regular links with reciprocal then paste the link URL in your directory)

Fill all the information and hit continue. 

The link has been successfully submitted. It will take around 4 to 6 months to get the submission reviewed to earn a backlink. 

Business Listing Vs. Directory Submission

  1. Both are Off-Page SEO techniques that are used to generate backlinks
  2. Listing involves verifying your physical address and other important contact details whereas Directory submission includes none verification of details and is majorly done to increase backlinks
  3. Registering businesses gives a greater boost to your search engine ranking compared to directory submissions
  4. Approval of Free Directory submission websites takes more time as compared to business listings

Next Lecture: Blog Vs. Article Submission 

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