Let’s go online by registering our industry over various platforms like Google maps, yellow pages, etc. Let’s read “Business Listing” to understand how to do it. 

Business Listing: Off-Page SEO technique

Bringing your firm online to increase your presence is known as Business Listing.

Websites ask for NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) to get your listing approved at their website.

This does not depend on whether or not you have an online presence. Offline stores can list themselves over listing websites like Justdial, yellow pages, Google maps, etc. to show the presence.

Need of Business Profile:

As discussed earlier, the business profile is important in providing relevant information about a business online.

Let’s summarize the need here:

  1. Whenever you search for a business E.g. Nearest salon then business listed results comes at the top
  2. Increases your business’ visibility
  3. Helps in getting good leads and hence adds in revenue
  4. Sometimes getting organic results becomes difficult and time-consuming but business profile results take less time in showing their impact
  5. Local listing contributes to higher search results which add in revenue generation.
Business Listing in SEO
Various Queries You Must Answer While Listing Business

Steps to registering over business listing website:

  1. Open a website like yellow pages
  2. Click on get your free listing option
  3. Put your business name and phone number.
  4. Enter your full name and business email (Gmail will also work).
  5. Click claim now
  6. A full form will pop up in the next screen, fill in the required details carefully
  7. Hit continue, you are all set to verify the details entered and your business is listed

Listing Business on Google Maps

As is common knowledge, maximum traffic to our website generally comes from Google searches.

Google My Business helps local users to target traffic within a geographical area as per Google Rank Brain Algorithm.

Let’s see the below results

Listing Business on Google Maps
Business Listing Search Results

Steps to Register over Google Maps

  1. Make Gmail Account
  2. Sign in your account
  3. Visit https://www.google.com/business/
  4. Enter the required details
  5. Google will verify your location by sending a mail / post-card at your given address
  6. After successfully registering your business fill the other required details i.e. working hours, website etc.

Not able to register over Google Maps: Possible Errors

Business Listing Off-Page SEO
Possible Errors Google Business Listing

Case1: Google could not track your location

  1. Make sure you are allowing Google to track your location
  2. Move the red marker on Google maps to your location and click continue to get the post-card for final verification of physical address

Case2: Someone else has verified this listing (But you also have the physical presence at the same place)

  1. Click on request admin rights
  2. The owner of that address will get an email from Google They need to verify your physical presence after which your listing will get approved.

Case3: Unable to find your business name

  1. Register your profile, we discuss steps for the same above with Case 1
  2. Verify your presence via postal-card or landline number verification

Note: Maintain your good reviews and rating to achieve more traffic and increase revenue

How to rank higher in Google Maps:

  1. You should fill complete details in Google Business profile website
  2. Add your business to local business websites as well
  3. Keep all the details like phone number, Name, etc. updated
  4. Embed Google Map in your website
  5. Increase your rating and reviews by quality services

Benefits of Presence over Google Maps

  1. Increase your Global Presence over the internet
  2. Business reputation improvement
  3. Local presence enhancement
  4. Ranking improvement in Google search result
  5. Cost-effective

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