What is Blog commenting? 

We can define blog comments as a relationship between various bloggers, blogs and blog readers. It is the easiest way to make the blog attractive, increase traffic to the website and earn backlinks. Blog comments allow the reader to share their opinion, thoughts or ideas about a particular topic.

Blog commenting is an action taken by the blog readers or visitors either to appreciate the blog post or to ask some question based on the post by making a comment.

Blog Commenting

What is the importance of Blog Commenting? 

It is a renowned fact that “Anything can become a trend when people make talks about it”. Similarly, Blog commenting encourages a conversation which further helps the author in building a relationship with the visitor and to make his/her brand popular. It helps the author to know its reader better so he/she can know what information or topic his/her readers are asking for and make posts accordingly.

Moreover, Blog commenting helps in increasing the popularity of the website, increase traffic and also, you get a lot of backlinks.

What is the need of Blog Commenting?

We do blog commenting technique for various purposes like to create backlinks, increase traffic, increase Alexa rank or for engagement.

But, the main purpose of blog commenting is to gain traffic and create backlinks. Let’s dig deeper about this:

1. Backlink:

One of the major advantages of commenting on other’s post is that you can create a backlink for yourself which will help you gain traffic.

2. Traffic:

Blog Comments helps you to drive traffic to your website. Make sure, to find a website which has a high number of readers and comment in their posts, it may help you attain more traffic. Remember, the comment you are making on other’s post should be relevant and not something out of context.

Blog Comment

Build Relationship:

Commenting allows you to start a conversation with the users who have left a comment in your post. Get noticed by posting comments daily. Through Blog commenting, you may also build a relationship with other bloggers or site administrator, etc.

Brand Recognition:

When you are blogging or commenting, you do that in your niche, it will help you drive traffic from the potential users. The brand will create an impression on the users and if you are a regular blogger, they will notice your brand.

Top Blog commenting tips:

Below are a few tips which will help you in blog commenting:

  • Find a high- quality website for commenting, a website with a high domain authority of at least 60+
  • After listing the top websites, search for an article which is most suitable for your target audience. If you are a travel blogger, look for travel-related posts and comment.
  • Comment simple, short and attractive.

Post Comments SEO

  • Add value to your comment, follow this “sandwich effect” while commenting on an article:

A. Start by acknowledging the author by name and try to add a compliment.

B. Suggest some additional information about the topic which may spruce up the article.

C. While adding a link, make sure it makes sense with the context and it is relevant.

D. Acknowledge the author again by name and add a compliment.

E. Remember, the most important rule of Blog Commenting is “Making your comment valuable to the post and the discussion”. 

A comment must be relevant and must be in tune with the post. If it is something out of the context, then it will do no good to the post. A valuable comment made after a proper analysis of the post or is in response to other’s comment.

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