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Then you’ve landed yourself in the right place. With this LinkedIn Pro sales Workshop, learn everything about LinkedIn Advance Automation to generate unlimited leads for your business (B2B/B2C).

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10-Days Recorded Sessions

Our formula for consultative sales help in getting 80% response rate from the target audience

Set-up your Buyer-Oriented LinkedIn profile

Consultative Sales Complete Course

Product Selling Vs. Consultative Selling

LinkedIn Messages templates with upto 80% response rate

Auto Data Mining/Lead Generation

Steps to automate LinkedIn lead generation process

AI-enabled CRM to manage leads, notes, tasks, emails sequences

Freebies such as sales navigator alternate much more!

Free email & phone number finder tool

Who is this LinkedIn Pro Workshop for?

If you wish to generate unlimted leads for your business, this workshop is for you!


Sales/Business Development


So are you ready to boost your sales by 3X?

Let’s dive deep into the LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop! A 10-day analysis:

sales workshop flow LinkedIn
1000+ LinkedIn Profile Views


As the 1st step, together, we will make sure that you have a buyer-oriented LinkedIn profile before starting with LinkedIn outreach automation.

A buyer-oriented profile highlights the need for your product/service by targeting your audience's needs as that’s how one generates business leads online. Your profile should be a problem solver or advisor, not a Sales/BD. 

Though I am from sales but I have made my profile as Buyer Oriented, connect acceptance ratio: 80% and message reply rate: 75%

LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop
LinkedIn Pro Sales Workshop
Stop spamming your clients with Product Pitches


There are 60M+ senior-level & 40M+ decision-making authorities on LinkedIn. 

You would learn what is consultative selling and why follow it.

We will, then, formulate a consultative sales introduction, after all, consultative sales for B2B business are essential. Here, I will highlight the current sales outreach process that you are using. It would involve pitching our product/services or pricing that yields a poor response rate. 

Consultative Sales two-way discussion


We will cover the ‘Do’s & Don’ts of Social Selling’. 

I will highlight the key differentiating points between Product Selling & Consultative Selling, something that makes or breaks your sales funnel.

Unlimited leads for business
Unlimited leads for business
3X Fast Closure by Hitting Buyer’s Pain Point


We will learn how to approach your target audience to make them realize the need of your product/service instead of simply selling the same; it is more compelling. 

A framework and questionnaire will be provided to you, which would consist of some key questions for the buyer, from your end, to understand the need for your product/service. This would help close the deal faster by 3X.

Make sure you have NDA and payment mode ready! 🔥

I promise up to 75% deal closure rate if you followed the guidelines that I will provide during the video presentation. 

75% Response Rate on Message Outreach


Now, You’d know everything about consultative sales!

Today, I will share with you a few LinkedIn Message outreach templates that you can use in your consultative sales journey. Again these templates will be based on the principle of consultative sales with up to 75% response rate.

It’s basically "how to get free leads for your business!"

sales workshop flow LinkedIn
Sales Workshop on LinkedIN
1000s of Auto-Lead Generation within Minutes


Data Scrapping & Lead Generation takes a lot of time. It involves exploring a customer’s LinkedIn profile, acquiring the necessary details and maintaining an excel. But we work smarter, not harder.

I will be sharing a tool through which you can extract 1000s of LinkedIn profiles with all the necessary data points in minutes.

This will save you hours that otherwise are spent on data mining/lead generation.

Personalized Auto-Connect Messages With upto 80% Acceptance Ratio


Once the data extraction/mining is done, we will be sending an auto-connect request with personalized notes.

By personalisation, I don’t mean just their name on the message. We would automate a request which would be a well-framed, personalized message based on their profile and your main focus for the connection.

We guarantee up to 80% connection accept ratio.

Sales Workshop on LinkedIN
How to generate leads online
Personalized Auto-Message outreach with No Time Spent


By the use of automation tools on the platform, we will be pushing a personalized message to every connection in a sequence until they respond to initiate the process of lead generation.

Store 100s of Warm Leads on AI-enabled CRM


Managing Leads & Email using AI

No need to store the conversational touch points with prospects on Excel or Old Fashioned CRM. I will elaborate on an AI-enabled CRM where you can Create Contacts, Send Personalized Emails, Email Sequences, Marketing Emails, Notes, Call Recordings, Scheduled tasks and much more

How to generate leads online
How to generate leads online
Automate everything on the Internet

DAY 10

We will not stop here! I will share a lot of other automation tools that can help you grow personally for content scheduling on LinkedIn, alternatives to sales navigator, free email & phone number finder tools, and loads more.

Hurry enroll today at INR 2300 otherwise this would charge you INR 4999. 

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Jatin S.

Meet Instructor

Mr Jatin has been a part of the corporate world’s Business Development & Sales sector for over 12 years now which has given him impeccable skills and insight for Business and Sales development and strategization.

I myself have fetched over 27 qualified demos in a month via LinkedIn Consultative Sales with C-Level Executives and have generated around $50,000 revenue in a year via Social Selling over LinkedIn.

Learn my exact strategy of LinkedIn Pro Sales Content

It was a good session, team has already implemented the Auto-Outreach campaign let's see how this went.

Kanika Sharma CEO IT Company

It was really a helpful knowledge sharing session. We all still processing the details you have shared with us.

Manish Kumar BD Manager, KPO Company

We were purely focusing on Calls/Emails for outreach. Now I think LinkedIn could be an X factor for us especially via Automation.

Gurinder Singh Sales Manager


Most frequent questions and answers

Zero, we will discuss some of the safest & freemium tools to automate your LinkedIn lead generation strategy.

Yes, that too with personalized notes and zero spend

Automation means no manual work hence focus on the In-bound warm leads

It depends, for sending 40-50 connect request daily would be fine with LinkedIn basic account but making 70-80 weekly connect request may need sales navigator

A lot, don’t worry it’s just to respond to the tons of sales inquiries. The repetitive task of sending connect request and message templates will be set on automation

Lifetime Access of recorded content

I want maximum sign-ups to build testimonials. Soon it will cost +20%

These are the recorded sessions with lifetime access. 

We have already given the discounted price of INR 999 for the workshop. 

Especial offer for our Initial 100 Sign-ups, get 20% cashback post completing the workshop and providing the video testimonials. 

No, the content is recorded and ready to access once you sign-up. 

Set the agenda and complete the workshop at your own pace. 

Preferable watch maximum 2 videos per day + Practice is the key

Content is recorded and available post sign-up.

You will be spending $0 on Auto-Outreach tools. As I will be sharing exact hacks on how to use them for free.

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