Have you taken a glance at employment-related news recently? If you’re someone who is looking for Job, you should take a quick look on the trending headlines:

LinkedIn Off Campus Jobs 7-Days Workshop

The unemployment rate in India rose from 7.2% to 23.5% in between February 2019 and April 2020—the highest since September 2016, according to a survey conducted by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

LinkedIn Off Campus Jobs 7-Days Workshop

India’s unemployment rate was 24.3% during the last week of May as compared to the preceding week, during which the rate was 24%. The average unemployment rate during the initial eight weeks of the lockdown had been 24.2%. The unemployment rate stood at 8.8% in March.

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Day 1

Career Guidance

Day 2

Job Oriented LinkedIn Profile

Day 3

Connecting with Hiring Managers

Day 4

Social Selling to Win Referrals

Day 5

ATS Resume | Cover Letter | Company Specific PPT: 100% HR Interview Call

Day 6

Thousand of Jobs Online

Day 7

Advance LinkedIn Automation Hacks

Day 8

Cracking HR Interview Round

Do you think the rising unemployment is concerning for you or perhaps, someone you know? Then stay tuned as we have the "Perfect Solution To Tackle Unemployment".

The Unemployment Problem: An Overview

As per our resources, there are over 1000 applicants for a single vacancy at any given organization. The vast gap between the demand and supply makes it difficult to get the HR Interview call to move to the next round of the process. As per the job service provider Workopolis & dps-connect, only 2% of the candidates receive an interview call.

Fewer job openings and the increasing number of applicants are together creating a bottleneck that is causing even PhD candidates to apply for clerical jobs.

If you find yourself brooding over similar problems, you should keep reading to find the best solution in the LinkedIn Off-Campus 8 Days Workshop.

Additionally, a majority of the youth is perplexed about what to do in their future. Take a look at these stats:

80% of Engineers not employable : Aspiring Minds
50,000 engineers & MBA graduates lacks employability skills: Money Control
90% of coders lags logical understanding skills: Statista

If you find yourself brooding over similar problems, you should keep reading to find the best solution in LinkedIn 8 Days Workshop to get Jobs & Generate Leads. 

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Knowledge Isn't Power, Applied Knowledge Is Power!!!

About LinkedIn Workshop to get Jobs & Generate Lead

A Sure-Shot Solution

As per our resources, the most effective method to tackle this issue is LinkedIn as well as the code to cracking off-campus jobs.

Don’t believe me? Let’s review top stats about LinkedIn:

  1. 690M+ professional profiles on LinkedIn
  2. 30M+ companies active on LinkedIn
  3. 90% recruiters prefer hiring via LinkedIn
  4. 3M+ C-level executives on LinkedIn
  5. B2B Sales 80% More Effective

Beat the competition of 690 Million LinkedIn profiles:

  1. LinkedIn Automation Hacks
  2. AI-enabled LinkedIn profile analysis
  3. Get Email ID & Phone Number of recruiters to contact them
  4. Send 100s of messages & connection request automatically
  5. Perform Unlimited searches via Free sales navigator alternate

A Workshop to get Jobs Online & Generate Leads? Register Now

Who is this LinkedIn 8 days Workshop for?

An entrepreneur who wishes to generate leads on LinkedIn.

A job seeker who wishes to get jobs & internships.

A freelancer who wishes to generate leads for your niche.

A student who wishes for some career guidance & internships.

Workshop Overview

We, at Rock Grow, run a workshop called ‘LinkedIn Off-campus 8 Days Workshop’, where we promise to provide a one-stop solution to all your needs, which could be in the form of:

Jobs & Internships

Career Guidance

Social Selling

Especial Offer: Learn & Earn INR 3000

Presenting, The Workshop Presenter

Till date, the workshop presenter, Jatin Srivastava has assisted around 2500+ students/clients across the globe via LinkedIn & Off-campus Job workshops. Armed with skill and determination to help the youth find their passion for life, he has curated this workshop to get jobs online to the best of his practical abilities.

Find the testimonials below which you can connect easily on their LinkedIn profile to authenticate the review & quality of workshops.

Beginners are many, but finishers get acknowledged. So what are you waiting for, let’s become self-reliant in terms of getting Jobs | Internships & Career Guidance from Industry Experts!


Only opt for the course if you are serious about your career and want to surpass unachieved milestones.

See you there at the workshop!

Image 7 Days LinkedIn Workshop

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What They
Say About Us?

Thanks for your valuable time and words for enlightenment of our students for getting the insight into the improving their LinkedIn profile thus enabling them with better employment opportunities.
Dr. Amandeep Singh Marwaha
Associate Director, Central Placement Cell, Panjab University
Session was great. You commenced it really well with all the run-time practical screen sharing. Bang on, thanks will look forward to more sessions.
Dr. Nidhi S
Associate Professor IIEBM
Your suggestions regarding how to generate leads will be useful for our Training and Placement team. Our Training and Placement team will definitely use your techniques to connect with companies.
Abhijeet Shah
Head T&P, RIT
I attended the session it was very well received by the students which is evident from the feedback they have shared with the Academics Department. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the Institute when things resume to normalcy.
Dr. Jai Singh
Trustee & Managing Director at IIEBM
The session will help our students to search for Internships and Jobs.The guidance regarding profile building will help our students to build their strong profiles
Ranjit Patil
Assistant Professor T&P, RIT
Exciting session learnt a lot how to Leverage the power of LinkedIn for building professional online brand of my identity.
Neerav Bhardwaj
Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur
Now I will be able to create LinkedIn profile much like the experts in my field. Thanks Jatin Sir for the interactive session.
Aryan Sharma
Panjab University
I didn't know a lot of things about LinkedIn though using it from a quite long time.. Practical aspect makes it really easy to understand because when speakers just say it we as audience get confuse and its hard to remember every possible steps. Thanks looking forward to more sessions.
Perfectly presented and focused on how to get Jobs & Internships using LinkedIn which is need of the hour. Again thanks for the insightful session.
Bhavya Seth
University of Mumbai
Your sessions are interactive keep doing in future u will be great.
Prasantha Kannan
Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering & Technology (SSCET)
Thank you for the insightful session on LinkedIn. It enhanced our knowledge about LinkedIn.
Jyati Bhalla
Panjab University
I have attended your session on LinkedIn, which was really insightful. Thank you sir for telling us so many things about LinkedIn
Mandvi Danayak
As the internship Coordinator team at NITKKR, we've to reach out to recruiters to visit the campus and the discussed techniques of profile search would definitely help me to expand my reach.
Jitender Gupta
NIT Kurukshetra
It was a great session. Very insightful! Thank you
Aarushi Govil
Sri Venkateswara College, Delhi University
I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have, as the hands on knowledge you've given from your experience is something I have not received even from Coursera courses (University of Georgia) thankfully I had just audited the course and not bought it, because that would be lost money compared to the skills you have provided.
Nihaan Mohammed
Placement Coordinator, SVC

Please Don't Do This

Can I get certificate from LinkedIn 8 Days workshop?

For job seekers/students, we can give you a certificate post completion of the course.

How LinkedIn workshop can help in finding jobs?

LinkedIn workshop is highly dedicated for job seekers where we will be learning:
1. Setting up a Job oriented LinkedIn profile
2. Connection Building
3. Social Selling for employee referrals
4. 100% HR interview call
5. Methods to apply for jobs online

Which LinkedIn workshop is best?

We have basic and pro LinkedIn workshop where
• Basic workshop is dedicated for all including Students, Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers
• Pro workshop is dedicated for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

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