What you will learn:

At the end of the course you will be able to:


✔ Create a Professional LinkedIn profile 

✔ Start receiving recruiters call for jobs/internships 

✔ How to rank LinkedIn Profile on Google & LinkedIn searches

✔ Learn how to build your network quickly and effectively 

✔ Become a Content Ninja to engage with the targeted audience

✔ Find jobs using LinkedIn recommended ways

✔ Earn Employee Referral for jobs

LinkedIn Automation Hacks (Pro)

Tab Generate leads for business

LinkedIn A Beginner’s Guide

Professional tips to build 5-star LinkedIn profile to earn recruiters interest in hiring and getting easy Job referrals. This is a well-rounded workshop on LinkedIn Profile Optimization.


Zeal to learn how to build your career nothing else.


Are you ready for your career journey to take off? Then this workshop on LinkedIn Profile Optimization is definitely for you. This will provide you with useful, practical tips to ensure that you bag those Jobs & Internships you are aiming for.

Our 6 years’ experience of utilizing LinkedIn for Jobs | Internships | Career Guidance will surely help us be a part of your success by organizing knowledge sharing webinar sessions with you/your university.

This course will surely fill the gap in the education sector of providing professional training to students to become self-reliant in terms of finding off-campus jobs & internships.

As a bonus point, we will connect you people with the industry experts of respective profile for career guidance to learn from their mistakes & accomplishments and also assist in How to get a Job On LinkedIn

As a next step let’s book an online/physical webinar for your campus to help students in leveraging the power of LinkedIn. 

Evaluate ROI

LinkedIn has an enormous opportunity for Jobs Seekers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Sales. Have you strategized your LinkedIn Game?

How do I apply for a job through LinkedIn?

Steps to apply for a job:
1. Browse LinkedIn Job Section
2. Find the relevant job
3. Hit Apply via LinkedIn jobs or reach out to an employee of that company for a referral

Is LinkedIn good for finding jobs?

Yes, 30Mn+ companies are live on LinkedIn with 90% of recruiters prefer LinkedIn for hiring.

Is it easy to find a job on LinkedIn?

No, 690Mn+ profiles are active on LinkedIn hence you need to follow a strategic approach to find a job on LinkedIn.

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