LinkedIn Scrapping Elements:


✔ Emails id’s & Phone Number from LinkedIn Profile

✔ Emails from LinkedIn Post Comments  

✔ LinkedIn Contacts with email ids 

✔ LinkedIn search extract both 1st degree & 2nd degree

✔ LinkedIn Alumni Extract

✔ Companies/Pages or Groups Extract

✔ LinkedIn Activity Feed Extract 

Much More

LinkedIn Complete Scrapping

LinkedIn auto-scrapping means extracting information from LinkedIn that usually takes a lot of time when we do it manually. We can extract complete data, you ask for it we will deliver.


The majority of the scrapping does not even require your LinkedIn Profile, hence it is 100% secure. 


Let’s understand the various use cases:

  1. Need email id’s & phone numbers of targeted audience 
  2. LinkedIn post has received over 100 comments with email ids/phone numbers. 
  3. Backing-up LinkedIn contacts with their profile URL’s and email ids
  4. Scrapping 1st degree/2nd degree targeted audience 
  5. Scrapping competitors activity feed data for review and framing strategy 
  6. Scrapping groups members, companies list and a lot more

Return On Investment:

  1. 1000s of data extraction within minutes
  2. Improve productivity hence outcome 

As a next step let’s book an online consultation call to automate data scrapping on LinkedIn

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