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Why I am not getting interview calls from HR?

“We will call you” — The four words that are enough to sink any applicant’s heart. But what is worst then this statement? Not getting a call for an interview at all.

Applying for jobs, one after the other and not receiving a callback for an interview or not getting a call back after an interview that you thought went well can be heartbreaking, especially so if you’ve been at it for too long. It could also be a serious blow on your confidence in yourself and your skills, even more so if you are a fresher.

Top 8 Reasons Why I am not receiving an interview call?

Sometimes not getting a call can be the company’s fault. Sometimes it can also be sheer luck that you are out of, for this to happen to you. However, it mostly is the applicants’ shortcomings that lead to no reply.

  • You hold a boring resume

Corporate companies receive, on average, over 1K applications for a single job vacancy per year. Out of these, only 20 to 30 get selected and are called for an interview and finally, only 1 gets the job. Those odds would not be in your favor if you submit a template CV.

A common CV, no matter how well edited it is, if not customized to suit the job requirements of the vacancy, it wouldn’t be paid much attention to.

  • You missed out a few documents

Often companies require some extra information right at the start. They might as for any identity proof or a link to your e-portfolio. Failure to attach the said documents might lead to automatic disqualification.

  • Incorrect channel for application

Most of the time, companies pay much more attention to a particular channel for applications. Job application portals and job application information blogs, much like our’s will give you an excellent idea about the appropriate channel that could get your resume the most traction.


  • Resume and/or Skill Set do not match the requirement

We know fresh graduates to notoriously apply for any job vacancy they find online as a cry for the desperate need of a job. Although it may be understandable, it isn’t right. An online survey on companies estimated that 43% of the resumes are not in relation to the job opening posted.

You must make sure your resume and skill-set match the requirements of the job, lest it would be unfruitful of a try.

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  • No cover letter

Cover letters and resume are the first impression that you make on the hiring committee. A cover letter which isn’t very strong is still better than not having any at all.

It can be a tricky business for a first-timer, hence this blog helps you along the way.

  • No or less experience mentioned at the start

You can have the best experience when compared to the other applicants but if it falls at the back of the resume, it will be a problem. The experience gained should be at the start of the resume so that the person reading your resume can evaluate you based on your experience.

  • Lost in the sea of applications

It is too hard on companies, since they get hundreds of applications for a single job vacancy, the task of hiring. It may take time for them to reach your resume. Have patience, is the only advice that you can use for this one.

  • You just ran out of luck

Maybe they found their perfect candidate before they could reach you. All you can do then is apply for another job opening and maybe try to send in your application faster this time.

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Top 7 Tricks To Receive Instant HR Interview Call:

Although you can follow all of these suggested rules, there still exists a chance that things don’t work in your favor. That is all right You can use it as a learning curve and get better at your application game until you manage to bag a job.

Here are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting an interview call.

  • Keep learning

A Job Outlook survey conducted showed that 91% of the employers look for work experience in a candidate whereas 65% look for relevant work.

That means, relevant or not, work is going to get you to places. You must keep enhancing your Skillset, every chance you get. Look for internships and keep learning new things.

  • Don’t let your skills rust

What use are those skills you mention in your resume if you do not know how to apply them in real life?

Keep using your skills to make personal projects. I can upload these on various platforms, most popularly on GitHub which can gain even more traction. Companies often view your projects as a guarantee that you are endorsing actual skills that might come in handy for them later with you their employee.

  • Tailor your resume

There is no way a template resume will land you a job. Every company has a different set of requirements for their job vacancies ad it is very important that you edit your resume keeping in mind the company that you are sending it to, before you hit send.

On survey, it was found that companies on average take about 6 seconds to look through an applicant’s resume. That is 6 seconds of a window you get to gain their attention. If they do not see the keywords, skills and experience in those 6 seconds, you might not even have a chance.

  • Know what you are applying for

It is very important to know the company and the job opening that you are sending in your application form. Employers notice every bit of discrepancy in your understanding of the company and the job and the actual requirements.

  • Write better cover letters

It is very much possible for you to learn how to write better. With some practice and online tools’ help, you may learn to write better which would increase your chances.

  • Improve network

It is estimated that 79% of the employers nowadays interact with potential employees on social media, especially on LinkedIn. It is very helpful if you are in the network of the employers; this could provide you with leverage. In addition, social media platforms are a great way to freely speak to the employer, while maintaining a formal tone of conversation.

  • Contact the company

As said, the company receives many applications per job opening. Your resume might be swimming in the vast ocean of resumes. It is best you contact the company and let them know of your application by asking for a status check. Bear in mind, you shouldn’t pester a company as it might cost you your chance at the interview even before they read your resume out of spite.

A casual check via email is the best option.

How to Handle Interview Rejection

In case you receive a rejection for a certain job position, upon review of your application, no matter what you do, it is never for your good to be disrespectful to the employer. This could lead to a bad reputation among the hiring committee. It isn’t their fault that your application got rejected; you must handle it with grace. You may take pointers by the employer on where your resume lacks and can work upon it. It always has a pleasant effect on the employer if you ask for feedback; often your resume might also be reevaluated.

It is important to understand that applications can be mentally draining if you have been at it for too long. It is effective if you work smartly about it and maintain a positive outlook.

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