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Ultimate Interview Guide – Part 2

Multiple ways on How to apply for jobs online often leave everyone perplexed. In this section let’s explore the different methods/techniques to apply jobs online. Then let’s book a webinar to discuss the best mode to get 100% HR interview call. 

Earn Employee Referral for Jobs & Internship

Employee referrals are one of the most successful ways in which your application can be chosen by the company. Employee referrals work as a push to your application as a current employee of the company recommends you for a certain position that you would be fit for. Find out more about employee referrals here.

Companies get hundreds of applications every day for a single vacancy in their company. It is important for your application to not get lost in the sea of applications. Make sure you have a top-notch application and once you are confident about it, send out your applications and be patient when you apply for jobs online.

How to Apply job via LinkedIn jobs

LinkedIn, as we are already aware, is one the leading professional networking platform. It is thriving with a plethora of opportunities and possible networks to tap into. To be able to make the best of LinkedIn for seeking jobs, you must know how to navigate your way to an opportunity and apply.

Easy Apply feature of LinkedIn is an easy-to-use tool that sends your application to the recruiter, while some require you to send in-mails. Constant alerts on LinkedIn related to your job preferences are also pushed in the form of notifications in the app and emails.

It is also a platform full of opportunities to learn how to get employee referral for jobs as well as applying for them via networking.


Naukri is the largest platform giving opportunities to fresher’s. It has an easy setup requirement which includes your basic information and resume. Portfolio, if applicable.

You get a chance to reply to recruiters with an in-mail on the app and the website. It recommends the available opportunities based on your preference and the ones being pushed as vacancies which need urgent fulfilling. Other Naukri portal includes, monster, jobvite, and others.

It is considered to be one of the best method to apply for jobs online due to the easy UI but always try Earn employee referral for jobs & internship while applying for jobs online.

Get Jobs Via Employee Referrals in Amazon, Google, Tesla



Much like any other online application platform, Glassdoor also works between recruiters and applicants. This site gives you an added advantage by providing you with employee and ex-employees’ reviews about the companies. These reviews bring to you a great insight into how the company treats its employees, the kind of work culture they have, or the kind of amenities the employees get.

Much like Glassdoor, it is also considered to be one of the best method to apply for jobs online due to the easy UI.

Website Career Section

Majority of the company websites maintain a ‘career section’ which is similar to an application on LinkedIn Jobs. Career Section is one of the most visited pages on a website; you should definitely keep a look-out for these pages. In bigger organizations, we prefer to submit job applications via employee referral rather than the career section.

These sections or pages are mostly mentioned as “Careers” on websites and are a form that as for your resume and a few questions along with your personal information.

Here is my preferred modes to apply for jobs online:

  1. Get Employee Referral for Jobs, 55% of HR recruiters prefer candidates coming via job referrals.  
  2. Go via LinkedIn Jobs section and drop a message to the recruiter about your candidature 

Let’s strategize on How to apply for jobs online by booking a knowledge sharing webinar, now!

How do I get an employee referral?

Build trust & relationships before outreaching by showing your skills relevant to the job in the form of the content pieces, portfolios, and related things.

Instead of jumping directly into their inbox and asking for a referral for the open positions share a cover letter with them comparing the listed responsibilities with your current skill set.

Are employee referrals effective?

Yes, 55% of recruiters prefer candidates via employee referral to any other mode of application.

What counts as an employee referral?

When you outreach to the employee of the company and they apply for specific job posts on behalf of you.

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