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Ultimate Interview Guide – Part 1

With 250+ candidates applying for a single vacancy we promise your interview call by consulting on how to use the knowledge of —  companies’ business model, and the job responsibilities for the post that you are applying for.

Let’s decode, Why I am not getting an HR interview call?

Why should you know the company in and out?

One of the first questions that an interviewer asks you — an applicant, is “What do you know about this company?”

It is a fundamental question to understand the candidate’s ability to grasp the company’s vision and future goals, after all, he or she will be working towards those goals with them. And that can only happen when they understand what the company stands for. Having a clear understanding of where you want to be working is an agenda one must fulfill even before they appear for an interview. It is one of the most fundamental tricks to get HR interview call.

A company hires people who have individual goals, that is, are driven to learn and achieve their personal goals as well as want the betterment of the company. Stating clearly, what you understand about them would give them the idea if you would be an asset to the company or a liability, which is the underlying reason for asking this question. Make sure you prepare to study the company well.

Knowing the job

This is an understood requirement when you apply for one. Often listed as “tricks to get HR interview call”, however it really is just a personal requirement when you apply. We advise no one to apply for any vacancy in a company without the basic understanding of what the job requires you to do, even if you are desperate for a job, as the times are rolling over. This only wastes your time as well as the resume reviewer’s or interviewers’ time.

You should have a thorough knowledge about the job requirements and apply only if your abilities match it because even if you somehow get the job, coping would be a difficult task and you would lose your credibility as an applicant even for future jobs.

If you know that the job has a certain requirement that you do not hold the ability to do, you must ensure that you work towards building your skills. Informing your interviewer of the steps you are taking already to be a part of their company and be an asset to them would gain you some traction in the selection process.

Let’s get an HR Interview Call

A PowerPoint Presentation:

Never thought PPT can hold such immense power? Well, neither did anyone else. Framing a company-specific presentation to go with your application can help an impressive deal. It can help you present your knowledge about the company in a very presentable format. It increases your chances of getting a call back from the company calling you for an interview.

What must one have in their presentation?

1. Introduction

Introduction about the company should be brief and to the point. You are sending the presentation to the company itself, so they do not need the introduction in detail but to judge if you have understood the basic idea of the company. In addition, you can add some amount of attested statistics about revenue and milestones achieved.

2. Services

A slightly detailed description of their services is a point you must add to your presentation for them to realize you have understood their product or service agenda.

Step By Step Guide Preparing Business PPT For Jobs


3. Business Model

You must have a good understanding of their business model which will surely help in answering company-specific interview questions. Their ideology of expanding their business plays a key role if you get promoted from a candidate to an employee.

4. Revenue Model

Understanding the revenue model also gives you a personal idea of how the company can expand its revenues which can be a vital input from your end, which always be appreciated by the company.

5. Competitive Analysis

This aspect can be something less detailed in your presentation. Understanding the rival companies is a study that one needs to dwell on when they work to generate better results for the company. Also can you in parallel applying to their competitors for salary hike. 

6. References

Lastly, adding references to your presentation isn’t crucial but can show how much you have researched about the company even at the application stage. That can get you some extra attention.

In addition to being a good-impression setter, the presentation helps you in curating a cover letter for your application. That would be covered in the latter part of this guide on “Why I am not getting HR interview call”

So if you’ve been wondering: “How to get HR interview call?” you should venture around on this site or book a webinar!

How long does it take HR to call for interview?

It depends on the number of applications received for Job posts. Generally, you can expect a call within a week’s time.

Is it OK to call HR after an interview?

Yes, this is your fundamental right to follow-up with them via calls, emails, or even WhatsApp if they are not approachable.

What should you not say to HR?

Never brag about yourself and talking something that is not related to the job description.

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