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LinkedIn 5 Day Workshop Review & Download

Vaibhav’s Sisinty’s 5-day LinkedIn Workshop is the absolute best for every beginner, stepping into the field and trying to achieve their goals via this intimidating network which bears many fruits of success. If you wish to dive deep into LinkedIn and know how to make it work for you, then I suggest you definitely take a look at Vaibhav’s content.

However, it’s your best bet to make an informed decision. Take a look at Vaibhav Sisinty LinkedIn 5 day workshop course review and know what you are getting yourself into.

LinkedIn 5 day workshop course review: 

The workshop is paced well with each day focusing on the following topics:

1. Understanding your TG

When you create your LinkedIn profile, you’d have your target audience. It could be for multiple reasons. You might be looking for jobs, in which case, your TG would be the hiring team of your dream company; you might be looking to self-advertise your product or services, in which case your TG might be any company or personnel who falls under the capabilities that your service/product holds; and finally, maybe to expand or work on lead generation, in case you are a content writer in any domain.

Vaibhav Shared the ultimate hack to understand the Target Audience based on 3 key questions.

2. Profile Optimization

Optimization is the word that rings every right bell. Optimizing your profile to suit the requirements of the person you wish to connect with for job prospects/personal branding or lead generation gets you increased chances towards your goal. This not only increases your chances of getting a reply but also makes sure you make a fruitful connection with the person of interest; keeping them engaged is your best bet. That was the content for day-2.

3. Connection Loop

You cannot be up at ungodly hours and reply to people on LinkedIn but letting an opportunity slip right between your fingers isn’t the most ideal scenario. That one lost connection can cost you a possible offer letter, that one late reply can cost you from advancing your product/ service sale. Well-timed connection establishment is better to generate leads as opposed to timings scheduled by your waking hours. Knowing your TG in-and-out is one of the most important aspects of the same. This was covered on day-3.

4. Content Magic

How to make content but moreover, how to make engaging content that gets more views is important. We all know content is king, after all. On day-4, the structure of creating content was shared that Vaibhav himself uses, with which he has reached his defined goals.

5. Outbound Game

LinkedIn is the place of automation. Everything on LinkedIn can be automated which isn’t something many people know. On day-5, automation of requests, replies, and tools was discussed along with Vaibhav’s outbound strategy. Knowing how to engage the connection prospect enough to reply to your message no matter what is a skill you must know when starting out on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn 5 Day Workshop Specifics & Expense:

The course is a 5-day workshop that covers the basics of LinkedIn. It is priced at Rs.499 and requires you to dedicate at least 1 to 2 hours daily, much like a regime. In addition to that, the mastery course by Vaibhav Sisinty is an added investment of Rs. 11000. While it is an informative course, it is quite strict in its structure. Devoting yourself to this course will prove to be fruitful only when you have the time and financial freedom that is required.

Note: You cannot download LinkedIn 5 day workshop course videos directly from their portal. 

T&C Alert: Vaibhav Sisinty Linkedin Course Review

Often overlooked, the terms and conditions are seldom given any time to be read or any focus while applying somewhere. However, the terms and conditions for this course hold quite a few important tidbits of information yet, the t&c conditions aren’t even disclosed before you sign up for the said course, you only are able to view them after you have registered and paid. Worry not, I am here to give you a glimpse of the conditions even before you register because you are ought to know what you register for.

Hence this is the best and honest Vaibhav Sisinty Linkedin Course Review you will find anywhere on the internet. 

1. Follow the sequence

Watch everything chronologically. As and when they are uploaded, you are supposed to watch them in the same order or they would make little to no sense to you.

2. Stick to the schedule

Make sure to watch the videos the day they are uploaded. This is because Vaibhav engages with the course audience and holds a QnA session with everyone where you get a chance to raise your doubts and have them answered by him personally. If you miss your video lecture, you might miss out on this opportunity too.

3. No download scope

Unfortunately, this course is not like Coursera or NPTEL courses where the video lectures are downloadable; if you miss it, you miss it. They remain on the portal for a duration of 2 weeks and you have time only till then. Thus, stick to the chronological schedule diligently.

4. Dozens of follow-up emails

Since this is a course which strictly follows a schedule, you are often prompted by remainders via mail to watch the videos on time. Additionally, other follow-up emails are also sent. So to avoid clutter to your work email ID, make sure to register for the course using a different one.

Make sure you do not send an email to extend your course duration, the schedule is fixed to follow. This is exactly why I mentioned earlier in this article that you must register for this course when you have time and economic liberty.

5. You are just a beginner

Having expectations is fine, but you must know to not float away into dreamland. A 5-day workshop will not be enough to make you a complete master of LinkedIn from a beginner. It takes time, constant practice, and work as well as diligence to be where Vaibhav is. Please have patience and keep working.

So, this is all about Vaibhav Sisinty LinkedIn 5 day workshop course review. 

My Surprise Course! LinkedIn Off-Campus 7 Days Job Workshop

Getting a job off-campus is hard; when considering on-campus job opportunities, all you need to do is just give the interview post clearing the aptitude round. However, off-campus jobs are quite difficult since it is known via study that the success rate of getting a call for an interview is just 2%.

I have curated this workshop to make sure your name is in that list of 2% of the applications who get a call for the interview. Take a look at the scope of the said workshop:

1. Identify your talent & TG

Trying to achieve way too many goals can be problematic. Figure out one talent and make an optimized goal to achieve the same. Additionally, I would have a guest on my workshop, an HR personnel, who will explain the distinction between their expectation and the reality they see when getting applications for you to understand what you should be doing when applying.

2. 3-minute LinkedIn profile optimization

This video would be an easy and quick optimization guide for your profile to suit your TG which you identified in the previous video using 3 hacks that I’ll share.

Complete Course: LinkedIn Off-campus 7 Days Workshop Access Now For Free

3. Build a relevant network on LinkedIn

I will be sharing 5 ways to find authentic, fruitful, and future-focused connections on LinkedIn in this segment of the course.

4. Social selling on LinkedIn

The principle of 5Cs would be shared in this segment to boost your services by 10x (tune in to find out!).

5. 3 weapons to get 100% HR interview calls

This segment takes an even personal note where I’ll share my exact approach of getting a call back the very next day of submitting my application. It’ll contain: a cover letter, a company-specific presentation, and a video ATS enabled resume.

6. Top 4 hacks to get jobs on LinkedIn

Hacks make lives easy only if you are clear about your goals and strengths. Know what capabilities you hold and then these hacks will work your way definitely.

7. LinkedIn automation hacks

Everything on LinkedIn holds the capability to be automated; you will figure out how in this segment.

ROIs Promised From My Series:

These follow the same chronology as the videos. If you follow the lectures well and focus on implementation, you’ll definitely see results in this form:

1. Find your hidden talent.

2. Recruiters will start approaching you via the platform.

3. Knowledge expansion; earn employee referrals; guidance; updates.

4. Generate leads for your business.

5. The HR of your desired company will call you within a week.

6. Multiple hidden jobs on LinkedIn that you can find in 4 simple steps.

7. Focus on inbound leads.

If you think all this would be helpful to you, make sure to subscribe to our  YouTube channel because this is going to be a fun game of LinkedIn & Off-campus Jobs Workshop. 

I hope, you liked the Vaibhav Sisinty Linkedin Course Review explanation and value bomb via Free LinkedIn 7 Days Workshop



What courses are available on LinkedIn 5 Day Workshop?

Well, LinkedIn 5 Day workshop has the following courses for Students, Job Seekers, Entrepreneurs & Freelancers:
A. Career Guidance
B. LinkedIn Profile Optimization
C. Connection Building
D. Social Selling
E. 100% HR Interview Call
F. Applying for jobs online
G. Basic Automation Hacks.

Are courses on LinkedIn 5 day workshop free?

Earlier it was free now it is chargeable, and the same is available at just INR 199

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