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Intellectual Property (IP), the meaning as simple as the self-explanatory word itself. It is the transition of human creations into something profitable. It creates an incentive for people to create things they can take ownership of. A company declaring IP rights can protect their concepts, inventions and processes for products or services that they offer. The same create various job opportunities in patent research companies and law firms. 

The idea of intellectual property has been in the market since the 17th century Rome, and has traveled all over the world, unsuccessfully but traveled nevertheless. It was only in the 19th century we gave it the name “Intellectual Property” and only in the 20th century, Europe made it a legal practice.

So why was it so necessary? Only after this time were machines more in use to create marketplace goods. Hence, mass production needed to be accounted and given credit for and what better way than to patent a process. As times changed, this legal practice got more into use in IT services and product providing companies. 

Purpose of IP Rights 

Before digging into the technical concepts of IP rights, one should know exactly why they are getting into patent filing or trademarking their company.

1. Once we patent a product or service, it is easier to publicize it for use as no fear of piracy resides in the owner. The best use of creative and innovative products can thus be publicly available.

2. It stops piracy; licensing, patenting and trademarking helps in the stopping of duplication.

3. The financial incentive is acquired by people who work on the product or service. They expect some income out of the creative work they do, which increases productivity.

4. Economic growth takes place when licensed products are available more readily.

5. The patent research sector generates good amount of jobs for both tech and non-tech professionals. 

Different types of IP rights

These rights are giving people such as business holders and engineers the incentive to get creative for the world’s betterment and hold the power to license their product. The following are the four main rights along with followed by rights important but less used.

  • Patent

Patenting is the idea of isolating your concept of creation, be it a piece of machinery or process, and building rights over its usage. The owner can patent their new and innovative concept for others to not use the same for their commercial advantage in the respective region. Job opportunities in patent research companies are at a higher level especially for engineers and pharma. 

  • Copyright

Copyright is more commonly used for the artistic side of the industry. It protects the expression of an idea when copyrighted such as a painting, programming code, architectural blueprints, etc. They stop people from renewing their ideas.

  • Trademark

Trademarks are made for claiming ownership over everything not technical in any industry. From colors to smells, company logos to fonts; anything related to a company can be trademarked. It is important to create a marketing space for a company alone and not have multiple ones standing with it, looking exactly the same. Trademark sector generates opening for both tech and non-tech professionals. 

  • Trade secret

The name obviously suggests a trade secret is any specific machinery part, or a piece of code, a recipe, or a formula, anything that gives a company an advantage over the other companies. Example Nestle Maggie Masala. 

  • Industrial design right

This right is related to protect the visual design of objects. Industrial design in a company mostly consists of a shape, a pattern or color specifically designed for the company, or a pattern and color in three-dimensional form containing an aesthetic value that pertains to a meaning for the company holds. An industrial design can be a two- or three-dimensional pattern used to produce a product.

Jobs in Patent Research Sector: 500+ Openings

IPR is not a new industry, but still in its growing stages. It is quite an important industry and hence is gaining incredible traction with each passing year.

Compete video set, how to get a job in IP company: 

Much like every booming industry, the IP rights industry is also a community now that is giving a lot of people opportunities regardless of their degrees.

1. Law or LLB degree holders have a very special role in this industry. As already explained, the trademarking procedure requires you to hire an attorney. In addition to that, many patents require an attorney to hold their cases if there is a clash in the patent claim. This industry often requires lawyers since it deals with ownership and rights.

2. MBA graduates usually get exposure to the IP industry to be a talking or transactional medium between cross-continental rights; IP rights differ geographically.

jobs in patent research companies

3. Computer Science degree holders mostly work for IT firms that require their software patented or their company trademarked.

4. Bio-tech or pharmacy students often get into this industry as they are required for rights called Plant breeders’ rights, often called as plant variety rights. It is the right to use a commercially legal and available variety of plants in a particular company’s product. NO one better than them to be working on a firm related to biological sciences than them.

5. The same goes for Engineering coming from various backgrounds including Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical for technical work with these firms. 

This industry is cultivating multiple positions in the workplace of different industries that are all tied together by rights, after all, we are living in a co-working, cohesive society.

Top Companies Hiring for Engineers | MBA | Pharma:

  1. Sagacious IP
  2. Signicent
  3. TT Consultant
  4. Effectual Services
  5. CPA Global
  6. Lexorbis
  7. Evalueserve
  8. Patentwire

These are few of the companies that are providing job opportunities in the patent research sector to get complete list of companies and law firms working in this region browse our YouTube Video to gain more knowledge. 

Advantages of IP Rights

1. Attempting to get IP rights on is not very costly but gives a high return on investment.

2. The credibility of the company increases with the number of patents under it.

3. Credible companies get more able employees since they are the most coveted of the companies to gain experience in.

4. Easier to get clients in the marketplace. That also considerably decreases the requirement of advertising.

5. Patent search companies and freelancers earn a lot from this field.

6. It is easier to expand the business if the company’s working system is secure from piracy.

7. The IP industry also gives job opportunities to people from various degrees and branches alike, hence it increases exposure to different fields and productivity.

Disadvantages of IP Rights

1. If your company uses specific parts of machinery for different products, you might have to patent every part of every individual machine used in the processes. This might require numerous rounds of the same process; not only tedious but also costly.

2. A patent requires timely payment to stop the agency from revoking the patent issued.

3. If a company runs on patenting every part of their process, the productivity can significantly decrease when something is not in the position of getting patented. It would, most probably, not be given much attention, regardless of it is important.

With every industry growing at a massive scale with the advent of globalization, it is extremely important to make sure you have your idea out in the world while keeping it secure. The IP industry, a relatively new age industry in the market, might be able to help you with this.

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