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How to Get an Interview Call for all the jobs you apply!

Applying for a job? Your resume isn’t the only thing that will land you the position. You need to take some strategic steps and learn how to apply for jobs online/offline like a pro. 

Sure a resume and a cover letter are the initial instances into your character as a potential employee at the firm, however, it takes more than that to get a job. Today, we will discuss how to apply for a job to get an interview call.  

How to apply for jobs online to get interview call:

  1. Research

We cannot stress it enough, you must know the company and the job position inside out. You should know what you are applying for, as it defeats the purpose otherwise and it would not make any sense to apply for jobs online if you don’t know about them. 

  1. Understand the company’s vision

It is essential for all employers now to hire candidates who wish to take the company to a certain goal, not to just maintain the level at which the company resides. While applying for jobs online frame your cover how you can contribute towards companies’ success

  1. Create your network

Start early and build to gain traction. While applying for jobs online to get interview call you must network with companies employee to get a referral. 

  1. Create a resume and refine it

Prepare your resume according to the company you wish to apply to. Edit and refine it at every possible occasion. Get in touch with us if you need assistance to refine it before applying for a job online. 

  1. Prepare formal email

Communication is key to the application. One must have a clearly stated formal email and cover letter to send to the company.

How to frame the cover letter and email

  1. Apply

Finally, apply for the job through any medium of application that extends to the company; and more importantly, one must apply personally to the company via reference, if they get a chance.

If you prepare well and work on your skills hard enough, you can surely get an interview call for the job you applied online.

Backend Preparation is a must | How to Prepare for Interviews:

  1. Know the company in and out

One of the first questions in an interview is “What is your idea about this company?”

It is a basic question to understand the candidate’s ability to grasp the company’s vision and future goals, after all, he or she will be working towards it with them. Having a clear understanding of where you want to be working is an agenda one must fulfill even before they appear for an interview. If you have prepared for an interview using our guide you can easily crack it. 

  1. Know the position you are applying for

This is an understood requirement and very important while preparing for an interview. We advise no one to apply for any vacancy in a company without a basic understanding of what the job requires you to do. This not only wastes your time but also the interviewers’ time.

You should have a piece of thorough knowledge about the extent of the job requirement and apply only if your skill-set matches it.

  1. Map your resume over the job description while applying for an interview

The most known job interview question — “Why do you think you are good for this position in our company?” leaves many people a stuttering mess. The answer to this question lies in knowing your own strengths and matching abilities of your resume and the description. Hence your resume must do good marketing of your skills, but avoid bragging. 

Job applications come from: experienced employees, who apply for higher-level roles; and freshers, those who come fresh off of their graduation, looking for the basic level employment.

The few things that can help freshers to crack interviews are internships, and online aptitude tests. A lot of companies take into consideration these aptitude exam scores and shortlist for interviews based on those scores. These tests can include :

  1. Cocubes
  2. Elitmus

Getting A Job Is Just Like "A Piece of Cake"


Useful pointers when applying for a job

Preparation for a job application and interviews doesn’t merely end at the company and it’s understanding; you need to have a well-framed skillset while preparing for the interview.
  1. Importance of the LoR

If your documentation submitted to the company contains a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) by any previous internship that you’ve done or by your previous employer or both, look very appealing to the HR. This gravitates their attention to your work experience and the feedback you received for it.
  1. Clarity in concepts

You should be clear of all concepts relating to your field of interest. Everything you have ever studied should be at the tip of your tongue as a well-framed answer to all possible questions.
  1. Clarity in the vision of the company

One of the most common interview rounds during placements is the case study round. The HR provides the candidate with a possible hypothetical problem in the functioning of the company, and the candidate is supposed to come up with a solution. This can only benefit you if you understand the company’s work and your own field of interest for you to implement all that you have studied over the years. This tests your understanding of the company and creativity in the playfield.
  1. Aptitude

Although it is said that aptitude is not all that matters, it definitely is one thing that does. A good aptitude score on your resume will never hurt your eyes.
  1. Above-average formal English

English might not be our first language, but it is what the world of industry uses. Every candidate is supposed to be fluent enough to convey his or her thoughts and ideas in front of a group and should also be able to grasp fast the information flowing towards them in a dialogue.
  1. Formal email and cover letter

A resume, cover letter and the email sent is the most important aspect of application as they are the first glimpse of you as a candidate. The first impression is the last impression, they say, so you have to make sure it is the best possible version of yourself. How to apply for jobs
  1. Network

Application sites give the company a hundred applications per day. What makes your application stand out? If you attach your application with a reference by an already working and established employee, it could give you a better chance at the interview and a higher chance of getting selected. You must use corporate platforms like LinkedIn to build a good network with the people in the same profession as you wish to be in or in the company you wish to send a resume. Use the connections, get through faster.
  1. Ask for feedback

It brings immense insight as to you as an employee if you ask for feedback. We can do it after the interview if the company allows HRs to give feedback. Even if you apply and get a rejection mail as a reply, you can shoot your shot by asking for feedback as it would only help in making your profile stronger for future applications. Getting selected is totally into your hands, not on the network you build or the designs on your application letters. However, it certainly helps. This is about how to apply for jobs online next video will focus on how to frame email and cover letter.

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