A major part of our working industry hires employees via employee referrals. They do so as it is one of the sure-shot ways to get an employee who understands the company in and out and is why being referred for a post. That’s why 44% of employees use employee referral to get jobs. 

When an employee refers to a certain application from a potential employee that they find to be a good fit for a role in the company is called an Employee Referral. Hence, you must try your level best to add in an employee referral on job application that you submit for better chances of getting selected. There are a few steps to ensure how to get a job through a referral in a company that you are interested in:

How to earn employee referral for jobs:

1. Build relevant connections

LinkedIn is a platform with 630 million professional users. (Fun Fact: most employees at LinkedIn as well get through using their employee referral on job application!) You need to make use of the opportunity to connect with them. Find relevant people who have a connection in the company you wish to apply to. Building a connection would mean you have access to their profile. You can also use related data to curate your pitch.

2. Research Extensively

Look up their LinkedIn profile. You can list out relevant and important keywords on their profiles which you can use in your pitch. It will shape your pitch to be more suitable and professional.

3. Draft a pitch

Once you have the keywords and the basic understanding of the company, draft your pitch which explains your understanding of the company and the job description and how your experience makes you already ready for the job they are seeking talent for.

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4. Communicate & Engage

Quick trick to understand How to earn employee referral.

Here is the thing, the connection that you have made has to be put to use. Use the pitch you have drafted to outreach employees and share your relevant experience with them for a specific job description. Engage with their content and build professional relationships. Now is the time to request for employee referral for the shared job opening. 

By no means if use employee referral to get jobs it guarantees that you would get hired; it is evidently proven that 1 in every 16 candidates gets hired through these referrals. Although the odds are still not very high against you, the idea of getting an employee referral and then finally get selected is still slightly dependent on your luck. However, you can encompass your knowledge well with a pitch, win employee referrals for jobs & internships and increase your chances exponentially.

How do I get employee referrals?

Build trust & relationships before outreaching by showing your skills relevant to the job in the form of the content pieces, portfolio,s and related things.

Instead of jumping directly into their inbox and asking for a referral for the open positions share a cover letter with them comparing the listed responsibilities with your current skill set.

Is it easier to get a job with a referral?

As per the statistics, 55% of recruiters prefer candidates via employee referral to any other source.

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