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Can you name a few Indian businesswomen? Ever wondered why, even after eons, women are still struggling to break the glass ceiling in the business sector? The Sixth Economic Census released by the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation revealed that women make up only 14% of the total entrepreneurship; it is about 8.05 million out of the total of 58.5 million entrepreneurs. Are we still trying to withhold Indian women within the four walls? Or do you think things are changing?

Online Reselling App – Meesho

Meesho, a word from ‘meri shop’ which means ‘My shop’ is a social commerce startup based out of ‘the Silicon Valley of India’ — Bengaluru was founded by IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Banwal in 2015. This Online shopping app is a reselling platform that enables small as well as budding businesses and individuals to start their own online stores through social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to name a few. It is a perfect ‘shop’ for prospective entrepreneurs who usually face barriers to even start a business.

Women Empowerment with Meesho App

Meesho business model has been successful in bringing about a social change in its own way by taking the shop to the young entrepreneurs. It has empowered every aspiring entrepreneur to be a housewife from Bengaluru or a young mother from Kochi. It’s a dream come true for many.

Meesho Online Reselling App Services:

Meesho has its roots in a fairly unknown and now disappeared mobile app- FashNear. This app allowed the users to view all the ‘real’ fashion shop, choose what they think is good, get those chosen fashion products delivered at home for a trial, and then buy the one they liked and want- all with a click. Never has been the saying, “Failures are the stepping stone to the success’ been proven truer. Now, Meesho business model provides services not only in garments and fashion, but also in Footwear, Electronics, and few other home products.

  1. Garments:

This obviously includes different types of fashion merchandise like sarees, Kurtis, shirts, as well as local customized clothes.

  1. Footwear:

Whether it’s the casual shoes you are looking for or formal shoes or sports shoes, Meesho Online Reselling App offers varieties of shoes.

  1. Electronics:

Meesho online shopping app also deals with a few electronic products such as headphones, mobiles, and power banks.

  1. Others:

As Meesho working model is expanding its wings, it also provides special services related to kitchen, ornaments, and beauty.

Meesho working model
Credits: Meesho

Meesho Online Reselling App Enabling Factors

Meesho working model captured the essence of the Indian shoppers and gave them what they needed. Few enabling factors that actually made Meesho work are:

  1. E-commerce bloom:

All of a sudden people started scrolling through various sites to buy things. From physically going to at least three shops, looking through the varieties, and then deciding on which one to buy, people began exploring the option of e-commerce and eventually trusting and enjoying the products. With various discounts, offers, and the convenience of home delivery, e-commerce came knocking on the door and people seized it at once. The social commerce platform very intelligently bridges the physical world to the virtual world. Meesho business model effectively utilized the thoughts of its audience.

  1. Internet Explosion:

Whether smartphones have made us humans dumb or made our lives convenient is an altogether different debate. It, however, has changed the virtual map of India, for sure. As per the market research agency, Kantar IMRB report, there are around 293 million active internet users in urban India with rural India giving it a fierce competition with 200 million active users. The Internet has found a place in the heart of every individual, probably, due to the cheap data plans and active awareness by the different stakeholders. The internet is also giving hopes to millions of Indians to achieve what seemed a distant possibility. Meesho online shopping app benevolently made Indians think that they can, after all, earn using an app.

  1. Cashless India

A society heavily transacting in cash transformed altogether by moving towards becoming a cashless and digitized society. Meesho revenue model still has the option of cash on delivery along with the other options of online payment.

  1. GST:

Goods and Services Tax, famously known as GST, is an indirect tax imposed in India on the supply of both goods and services. GST had its own carving path since its introduction in the Budget Speech in 2006. However, now with the ‘one-nation-one-tax’, GST has made unified the nation in terms of tax.

How Meesho Online reselling app work for Merchants?

Step1: Visit the website of Meesho.

Step2: Click on ‘sign up as Merchant.’

Step3: Fill the form with details and verify your business.

Step4: Upload high-quality images of products.

Step5: Start receiving orders.

Step6: Delivery and Payment is handled by Meesho-Account Manager.

How Meesho online shopping app works for Resellers:

Dark Knight Fans may have heard,” If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” We all might have experienced that one time when one of our neighbors asked us to do them a favor by ordering a product that they liked at their home steps. Next time, if someone asks this type of favor, you can actually earn a bit of commission with just a click on Meesho.

Step1: Download the application.

Step2: Move to the collection and pick the appropriate category.

Step3: Share information on the Social Media platforms.

Step4: Set customized pricing for the order. Here is where you can add the ‘extra’ amount to earn your income.

Step5: Order the product. Fill address and hit done.

Step6: Review and make the payment or choose COD.

Positive aspects of Meesho Business Model:

Meesho business has garnered the interest of people from different cities and states of India. It has certain unique characteristics:

  1. Zero-investment:

Everyone can now become a business person without thinking about the initial investment. It means one can start the business with zero-investment. You don’t need to purchase a product before making a deal.

  1. Varieties:

Meesho has many categories as well as various collections. All your needs would be satisfied with this app.

  1. Logistics:

As Meesho takes care of the logistic, you could spend time thinking about expanding your business and not worry about delivery and payment.

  1. Easy Return:

If you did happen to receive a defective product or are unsatisfied with the product, Meesho has the option of ‘easy returns.’

Negative Aspects of Mesho Working Model:

Just as a coin has two sides, every idea and product has two sides, and Meesho business model is no different.

  1. Delivery charges:

Meesho revenue model has ‘easy returns’, but you also have to bear delivery charges which could be as high as Rs.100/-.

  1. Poor support:

Like with many e-commerce platforms, Meesho too, is often not responsive on phone or e-mail support.

  1. Trust:

Isn’t it a tad difficult at times to trust the local products that might not have any brand value? Well, one of the core strengths of Meesho is that it makes available the local products to its people; however, this itself can be a bit of hiccup for Meesho as people do give brands importance.

  1. Online Reviews:

Meesho does have mixed reviews on various online review platforms such as, ambitionBox, etc.

Youtube Video: Earn with Meesho

English Language: Click Here

Hindi Language: Click Here

Meesho Revenue Model | How does Meesho Makes Money:

Let us understand how meesho makes money by analyzing meesho’s revenue model: 

  1. Commission Based:

Meesho makes money via commission of up to 10–20% from the price of the product.

  1. Logistics:

For Meesho, higher income is also generated from logistics as it is its core responsibility. 

  1. Boost Ranking and local selling:

In-Apps boost of products and selling is another way of garnering revenue. Similarly, there are ample chances for Meesho, to earn through the data that it holds which can add to the meesho revenue model.

Possible Challenges for Meesho:

A story without difficulties is not interesting at all! Meesho still have a journey to complete and it might face certain hurdles:

  1. Trust:

Improving the support system that Meesho provides to its users and also working towards garnering more positive reviews are imperative tasks for Meesho to continue its winning streak.

  1. Delivery charges:

The words ‘Free Delivery’ is absolutely magical! People think twice before ordering a product which has the tag of delivery charges and Meesho does charge its users in terms of delivery.

  1. Competitors:

Meesho has its share of competitors like GlowRoad, Shopperts, and StoreHippo. Meesho has to be continuously on its toe to move forward.

  1. Cyber Attack:

Every e-commerce platform has a threat of the website or the application gets crashed or being down. Hacking attempts, too, can cause definitive damage to the platform.


Meesho has truly made the concept of work from home a reality for millions of Indians. It has repeatedly added a feather in its cap. Meesho was chosen by Y Combinator, a California-based seed accelerator. It was funded by VH Capital as well as Investopad and was also able to raise investment from SAIF Partners. No wonder it recently became the first Indian startup to have received investment from Facebook. Meesho is available in more than 7 local languages and almost 40% of its daily usage is from the non-English speaking participants. Another remarkable accomplishment of Meesho is the involvement of women. 90% of its customer base comprises of women. Meesho online reselling platform is making local products relevant, empowering women, and turning every dream into a reality.

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