A. HungerBox Revolutionizing Corporate Cafeteria

Canteen — the word that doesn’t bring a good image for almost any of us. Now imagine an office canteen, tired people having to get in line and anxious to get back to the work they left midway but have to choose something to eat from the small availability of options. There is no way people would be happy to work there. This is where HungerBox working model flies into the frame to save the day via its’ unique business model. 

Officially known as Eatgood Technologies Private Limited, HungerBox business model is a B2B model that specializes in the Food & Beverage industry. They provide a personalized platform for workers of companies.

B. Hungerbox Working Model | Services Offered: 

  • Better food as menu suits to the employees’ previous orders.
  • More variety for every meal.
  • No queues for lunch collection as it is brought to your desk.
  • Faster delivery service.
  • Less wastage of food overall.

C. Who laid Hungerbox business model?

The founders, Sandipan Mitra and Uttam Kumar came up with this seamless idea as a business strategy, but it was not all fun and games.

Sandipan Mitra, started from being a food joint worker to working for companies like HungryZone and FoodPanda, both of which were snatched by E-commerce giants in the food industry. Uttam Kumar joined JustEat and rose to the post of national sales head in just 4 years. The timeline of both of their work only makes sense for them to soar in the food tech industry.

D. Hungerbox Business Model | How it works:- 

The working model of HungerBox may seem fairly simple but don’t be fooled by the eye-pleasing UI. It executes a series of steps for the process to take place.

  1. Multiple vendors are checked for protocol set for estimating if the vendor is fit for food delivery or not.
  2. Then they are listed as an option for ordering from.
  3. They match the vendor with the kind of client — full-time client, contract client, guest, blue-collar based on the type of vendor he is. The curated list for the employee displays the vendor.
  4. Upon consumption of the food from a particular vendor, feedback from the employee is taken and used for future orders and vendor ratings.
  5. The clients’ organizations are given permission to track orders and give feedback in real-time.

Now, we have a fair idea about how hungerbox works, let’s jump how to use it?

E. How to use Hungerbox Application | Hungerbox Working Operation: 

So what can we, as an employee sitting on their desk and order, can see and use as a service from the app?

  1. Live menu
  2. Recommendations based on your previous orders and feedback.
  3. Ordering from anywhere much like a normal delivery service.
  4. Multiple payment options for ease of money transfers.
  5. Meal nutrition breakdown for the health-conscious brought to them by the partner BeFit. This gives an option for people to be mindful of what they are ordering and eating.

Hungerbox business model

F. How Hungerbox works for Vendors:

Much like a delivery service, the vendor also has an interface for interaction with the employee indirectly.

  1. Any editing of the order by the client is alerted.
  2. QR scanner
  3. Cash POS capacity
  4. Food is money here

G. Hungerbox Funding Rounds:

The funding for this company has been taking place much like the majority of the other companies in the tech market, which is by the method of VC funding.

The company hit the Series C funding with estimated funding earned of 16.5 million USD. The biggest investors at this stage of the funding are Paytm.

H. Hungerbox Revenue Model | How it earns:

The company has managed to create a revenue model emphasizing the features provided to the client which is a smart way to earn maximum revenue.

  • Commission from the vendor

Much like every delivery service, HungerBox takes about 10% of the monthly commission from the vendor’s earnings to pump its earning. 

  • Selling leads

This is something they can bring in the future to boost their revenue. Selling leads in terms of sharing contact details of company employees to the third party.

  • In-app boost

As previously mentioned, the app displays vendors on the clients’ screens based on their order history. However, if a vendor is willing to pay HungerBox to move up on the list, the transaction is made and that is accounted for part of the revenue. This model of earning via Hungerbox might be in pipeline. 

Browse the Hungerbox Business and Revenue model using this video link: Corporate HungerBox

I. Where there is tech, there are challenges | Hungerbox Possible Challenges 

The food-tech industry has been a booming industry for the past few years and as amazing as the news is, it only means more challenges for the new-coming companies as well as the established ones.

  • Cyber Attacks

Any work done in the cyberspace is prone to an attack. Hacking to compromise the data, or shutting down a website, etc are all parts of a cyber attack.

  • Data Privacy

A lot can be done with user data, especially in this age and era. Thus, preserving customer data from external access is necessary.

  • Competitors

It is obvious that other food delivery services would be HungeBox’s competitors. Even though HungerBox comes with significant advantages in some aspects, one cannot always overcome all problems. Top competitors include Eatfit, food@work, Gokhana, and others. 

With a country that lives for food, we’ll obviously be a better and more efficient working space if we get better food and better delivery at the workplace; HungerBox has been very efficient in delivering the solution nationwide and is continuing to do so.

J. Interview Preparation for HungerBox:

To prepare an interview for hungerbox one need to understand their business model and revenue model of Hungerbox to frame question regarding the companies’ vision.

Opportunities’ with HungerBox:

  1. Admin
  2. HR/Talent Acquisition
  3. Software Developer
  4. Business Development/Corporate Sales Manager

There could be other opportunities available with them we can check the same via the HungerBox website career section or the LinkedIn Page job section.

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