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Worried about not being fit enough? Your lifestyle is too fast for you to have you pay attention to your health? CureFit business model is here to solve all our problems bundled up in a single application. It is a website and application-based platform that gives you multiple health-oriented services to be able to live a healthy life, both mentally and physically.

We realized that fitness as an industry is completely fragmented right now and there is no established tech in fitness across the world”, says Ankit Nagori on being asked why he started this new startup called cure fit. Currently running in just four cities — Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Dubai, and other National-International places.

What is CureFit business model | Building fitness, layer by layer:

Much unlike any other application model ever seen, cure fit works on a cross-functional tier model. It contains multiple rungs to the successful model.

  • EatFit  Business Model— 

EatFit business model maintains your diet according to your exercise pattern and lifestyle. This collects user data and creates the most nutritional and the most perfect menu for the user.

  • Growth — 

Fitness is not just a physical workout or eating right. People suffering from eating disorders often stray off the path to being fit due to lack of control. They take care of this by which allows people to seek mental health care to be able to perform well in their diet plan.

  • —

 The platform which makes you work your way into the world of physical fitness is this one. From a personal workout plan to engaging video, they include all here for someone wanting to work out.

  • — 

As the name suggests, this tier allows users to seek medical attention at the time of need when related to any diet-related or generic problems.

  • — 

All of the facilities wrapped up in a bundle sounds like an appealing idea when one is trying to get healthy in this fast-paced lifestyle. Hence, packs a punch to fitness by helping you fix your workout to meals, all in one go.

What’s new?

The digital market is forever expanding and growing and so is!!! Since the advent of its launch, they have not stopped grinding to produce the best experience that they can offer to the users.

1. Insights on CultFit Business Model

DIY home workouts are a new addition to the physical fitness aspect of the company in The videos are freely available and help people stay in their houses and get fit, which suits well for the majority of the working people in this generation.

2. Whole.Fit Business Model

Wearable technology to track multiple vitals and heart rate during workouts and after workouts is necessary. Often tracking data may help raise alarm bells for the otherwise sidelined issue that would’ve led to a tragic problem.

3. Care.Fit Business Model

Medical diagnostics at home; medicine delivery and consultation services over a phone call for house-bound people is a new service that rolls out in the timeline of this company. also recently established gyms in their working cities for an effective working out experience. They conduct multiple programs to create a lively atmosphere for people to enjoy working out. business model
Credits: Cure.Fit

What’s a company without its tech | CureFit Working

In an interview with Mukesh Bansal, the co-founder of, explained the niche technology used in the application and the zeal with which the engineering team works behind the scenes for it to all happen on our phone screens.

House built prediction modeling allows the company to formulate an optimal number of orders for dispatch for efficient delivery.

The scrutinizing amount of data from all users to track for building a more efficient system needs to be constantly tended to weed out anomalies. This requires a lot of engineering power.

Menu programming is purely algorithmic, much like everything else in the working. This approach helps with having a variety on the menu as it tends to make sure the recipes don’t repeat themselves. It also takes into account the feedback for every order and the preference of the user to create the most personalized menu possible.

YouTube Videos, CureFit business model Explained:

English Language: Click Here

Hindi Language: Click Here

CureFit Revenue model

Much like every growing company, CureFit business model is on the right path and it is possible for multiple reasons. Some stand out as the frontier of their revenue model.

  • Cross-Selling:

The company is beautifully designed to sustain itself via cross-selling its platforms to the user as, indeed, fitness is not just about one aspect but multiple, which are all covered by each tier of the company. For example, it would also advise a user seeking the service from EatFit business model to seek mental health service as staying on a diet can often be demanding and requires focus.

  • Subscription Model

Another advantage of the company is its subscription model. It works in offering multiple permutation and combination to the user. They give the user choices of different service packs, for example, and pack for a certain amount or an and pack and many more, and the user is allowed to choose any given service to help customize their experience in the journey to health care.

In addition to this, pay by order, membership plans and other sources contributes to their revenue. 

Success reasons behind CureFit Growth

This company brings together everything required to help a working, busy individual have a fitter lifestyle as it is difficult to source all the necessary aspects of the same. This gives them an added advantage over every other singularly available entity out there. This also increases its customer base drastically which contributes towards CureFit growth. 

Trainers have a separate app of theirs’ to track information better and provide better workouts to people seeking the service of CultFit business model.

Cross-selling, as mentioned earlier, is a very efficient ecosystem for any platform. They help promote and sell services of other tires when the user is trying to seek some other service. This works as a two-way street, helping both the user and the company.

Possible Challenges for CureFit Business Model:

Much like every other start-up in the market, there emerge certain gigantic challenges that this company would have to overcome for a long period.

  • Competitors:

Apps like Swiggy and Zomato who run as food delivery service are better laid out and have the public more used to their usage. Often someone could reach out to order from them leaving is a problem in the longer run.

  • Human Mentality towards a healthy lifestyle 

Changing the mentality of a country is a slow and tedious process. Being Indians, we are used to eating heavier meals and not changing our diets often. This rigidness in the state of mind can lead to difficulty in the gain of users as fast as the founders would map.

Fitness is not just physical but also requires a lot more than that. It needs to be built into a homogeneous ecosystem that functions well together and CureFit working model is doing just that.

I hope you enjoyed our work if so let’s proceed with the next article.

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