What Can I Use LinkedIn For?

LinkedIn has developed over the years to accommodate an increasing number of features for its increasing number of use cases. It has an extensive resource of jobs and can also be used for networking with professionals to either acquire new roles or to learn new skills directly from them. Besides all this, you can use your LinkedIn profile as a professional mode of communication and connectivity by linking it to all their other platforms. Using LinkedIn is really in your hands.

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Opportunities Galore!

If you find yourself asking yourself: How to get jobs using LinkedIn? The answer is, it really depends on how you use the platform!

There are virtually no boundaries in this era of technology, especially in the corporate and business world. With employers from 200+ countries, potential employees are now free to grasp at opportunities from anywhere in the world and build upon their skillset with a diverse range of work experience.

Job alerts are the most useful feature on LinkedIn for freshers or people seeking opportunities. Being able to communicate with an employer right when they put out the opportunity can make or break your chance of getting that job. Make sure you keep your notifications for LinkedIn on at all times to make the best of this feature.

Career Advice

LinkedIn has made it extremely easy for you to get career advice through the Career Advice Hub. It requires you to set your preferences of the skill set they are looking for guidance for and that paired with the professional information they have about you, LinkedIn recommends you some professional profiles that you can message and either ask for advice or reference. One can also do this task manually but it is too tedious and not fruitful at all. You can use the insight to guide you on how to improve LinkedIn profile professionally.

Climb The Hierarchy Of LinkedIn

The basic sign up process of LinkedIn gets you to be a normal member of the LinkedIn fraternity, however, you can then become a premium member which can get you added benefits on the platform. The information is conveniently available on LinkedIn and you should check it out at least once to see if it holds some value to your needs.

People are getting Jobs, Leads, Guidance Via LinkedIn


Bagging Opportunities

So you are on LinkedIn, now what? How to use LinkedIn for jobs is probably your first question and rightfully so. Being clueless on a platform isn’t what one aspires for. Here are some steps that you should take to ensure to make the best of what LinkedIn offers — job opportunities and exposure.

  1. Set up your profile well

Putting in a half-gunned effort into making your profile will only drive the employers away when they look at your profile; it is the first impression you leave on someone.

Make sure you have a professional profile picture, tag description, and resume put up before you apply.

  • Be true to yourself when putting out your skills

The ‘+’ symbol when putting in the skills on your profile can be tempting to click on, but make sure you only add skills that you truly are aware of and decent at. False advertising can lead to the employer having a bad impression of you.

  • Write an appropriate description

Descriptions and resumes are what an employer’s eye catch. A well-written, five to six lines of description, filled with points to your personality and your zest to learn skills that hold your interest the most, can make an employer realize how serious you truly are.

  • Network extensively but relevant

There wouldn’t be any point in you being on LinkedIn and trying to explore your options if you aren’t actively interacting and connecting to professionals who can help you learn more or guide you in doing better at your work.

  • Respond and Reciprocate

Respond on time and reciprocate their efforts into reaching out to you when they do. Dry replying and an unenthusiastic approach to a possible employer or advisor can only drive them away.

  • Try new things out

Who said you only need to stick to your professional interests. Professionals from every field are so available and approachable to you, waiting for you to try a new skill out and be better at it.

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LinkedIn is the pandora’s box of insights and opportunities for someone willing to plunge into it head-first. Be sure to make good use of this commodity at the easy access of your fingertips.

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Do recruiters look at LinkedIn?

As per the recent statistics 30Mn+ companies are active on LinkedIn & 90% of recruiters prefer LinkedIn for hiring than any other platform.

Has anyone got a job through LinkedIn?

As per the statistics 500+ applications are submitted via the LinkedIn job section every minute. People often mark “LinkedIn helps me to get this job” in the professional experience post getting a job via LinkedIn.

What should I say when looking for a job on LinkedIn?

Initiate the conversation by talking about the person to whom you are interacting in terms of their professional experience and their company's business model.

Then share your resume with them along with a job opening link highlighting your skills and asking for a job referral or introducing them to HR or if you are in contact with HR, then ask them for an Interview.

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