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Challenging all the fresher’s & Students, crack the interview and win INR 3000. 


Rock Grow has come up with a unique way to teach Fresher’s & Students how to crack HR Interview and win subsequent job offer. We will take mock interviews for various roles available with us and if you clear the interview with a 5/5 score, then you will win INR 3000 as a bonus to clear the interview. 

What is Crack The Interview Challenge Means?

Well, while working with 50+ Colleges/Universities & assisting over 5,000+ fresher’s in getting successfully placed in various organizations. 

We realized the majority of the youth doesn’t even know how to prepare a Resume, Cover Letter, Formal Emails, Company Specific PPT. They lack communication skills, strategy to answer HR Interview Questions, and a lot more. 

Idea behind this challenge is to conduct mock interviews and make you realize:

  1. How to appear for Interview
  2. Prepare Resumes, Cover Letter, Formal Emails
  3. Presenting company-specific PPT’s
  4. Answer HR-related interview questions
  5. Clearing Technical round’s like a pro  


  1. Must be a Fresher/Student
  2. Completed LinkedIn Basic Jobs Workshop by Rock Grow after paying INR 299. 
  3. Must work with us for next two months

How to apply:

  1. Send us an email if interested and we will send the Payment link to pay INR 299 ( & CC:
  2. Provide any job description of your preference, sample openings here [We will prepare HR Interview Questions accordingly]
  3. Apply for the job formally and submit your details: & CC:
  4. Once we have the details, we will schedule a mock interview with you.

What sort of Interview Questions can I expect?

We will split the interview in two parts:

  1. Check your knowledge about the LinkedIn Basic jobs workshop by Rock Grow
  2. Interview questions around the shared job description and generic HR Interview rounds

When will I get the money?

Clear the Interview round, work with us for the next two months and get INR 3000 in your bank.

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All the best! 🙂 

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