What you will learn:

At the end of the course you will be able to:


✔ Preparing company-specific Presentation

✔ Building customize cover letter

✔ Compiling ATS Resume

✔ Writing the first formal email

✔ How to apply via Job Referrals

✔ Follow-up email format

Tab Generate leads for business

How to Get 100% interview call from recruiters?

This webinar series, I will share my experience of getting selected by a Software company within 12 hours of submitting my Job application.

Requirements: Webinar on how to get jobs online

Ready to put some effort while applying for the job.

Let’s decode Why I am not getting an HR interview call

Are you struggling to understand How to get an HR Interview call post applying for the open position? Then this course will surely boost the chances of getting an interview call up to 100%.

Applying via traditional way with only resume no longer works. A single job opening receives over 200 applicants making it difficult for the recruiter to analyze every job application.

In this course, I will share the exact formula I used to get selected with an MNC in just 12 hours of applying with the power of Company-specific presentation (key differentiator), Best Cover Letter For Job, ATS resume for jobs & internship, and Employee referrals

As a bonus point, I will help you in writing a Formal Email for a Job Application to boost the response rate by up to 90%.

With me, you’ll learn everything you need to know from how to make an ATS friendly resume to how to build a robust Linkedin profile to how to write an application letter for a job, and much more!

As a next step let’s book an online/physical webinar on how to get jobs online for your campus to help students in leveraging the power of LinkedIn.

Evaluate ROI

Off-campus jobs 500+ candidates usually apply for a single vacancy, what's your strategy to get Interview Call?

What is ATS friendly resume?

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software system used by employers to monitor all their applicant’s resumes. All the applications are collected, scanned, and ranked by this method. ATS friendly resumes are keyword optimized, based on facts & figures and does not include any graphics.

How do you write an ATS friendly resume?

ATS-friendly resume are keyword optimized, based on facts & figures, and do not include any graphics.

How do I know if my resume is ATS friendly?

Use software like jobscan.co to run ATS tests to check the friendliness.

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