What you will learn:

At the end of the course you will be able to:


✔ Real life applications of IPR

✔ Formal Definition & Scope in Job market

✔ IPR in depth

✔ IP benefits for Innovators

✔ IP benefits for Job Seekers

✔ Business overview of IPR Firms & Companies

✔ Job Roles & Salary Insights

✔ Jobs in Patent & Trademark Industry

Tab Generate leads for business

Intellectual Property Rights Jobs For Freshers

IPR stands for Intellectual Property Research enables innovators to protect their inventions from counterfeiters. In this session, we will explore the IPR market for employment opportunities.


Passion to learn about new job markets, jobs patent and trademark industry for better future


IPR stands for Intellectual Property Research which not only secures inventions of innovators but also creates ample tech & non-tech job opportunities both for freshers & experienced folks. 

It is a very smart option to try for the IPR industry for employment opportunities as this industry is not very common among all the job seekers. It would be easier to grab a job/internship in this field.

Typical salary ranges between 4L – 5L for Intellectual Property Rights Jobs For Freshers and keeps on increasing as one gains the experience.

In this course, I will share everything about IPR from basic definitions to IPR jobs to practical application of the same. Once we have the domain knowledge, we will understand the scope of the IPR industry for jobs and various roles for which companies usually do the hiring.

As a bonus point, I will guide a few of the students in providing job referrals in the IPR industry.

So, what are you waiting for let’s book a webinar for your college to help students leverage the IPR industry for jobs & internships!

Evaluate ROI

IPR Industry has immense employment opportunity for Engineers, Pharma & Life-Science candidates

What is IPR and its types?

IPR stands for Intellectual Property Research. IPR is a broad term that includes Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Geographical Indication, and Trade Secret.

What are the three main types of intellectual property?

Three main types of IP include Patent, Trademark & Copyright.

What are some examples of intellectual property?

There are a lot of practical examples of IP including:
• Registered name of a business often categorized as Trademark
• Writer’s name/mark on the book/article categorized as Copyright
• Design of an invention categorized as Design Patent

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