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Different Writing Styles: Simple, Creative, Copyrighting 

Listening skills, reading skills, speaking and writing skills are the four communication skills that have the key to enhance the quality of interaction and communication as they help to promote the content or the message effectively to the target audience. But among these communication skills, writing skills holds the tag of being the strongest mediums of establishing human connections today. Contents are all that the audience is hungry! Content writers are expert in persuading a targeted audience through their eloquent and SEO friendly online content which they post on social media pages and at their website/blog. These content on the internet helps to drive a part of the audience towards your products or service.

In this article, we will describe three Different Writing Styles–content writing, creative writing and copywriting. A content writer may not be good in copywriting or vice versa, thus both the writers and the clients have to sort out first the difference between different categories of writing for taking projects or jobs as a writer. Some may think content writing is the main form of writing and other forms are a part of it, but honestly, it is not true! Here’s why!

Styles of content writing

Different Writing Styles: What is Creative Writing

Creative writing is any writing that comes out of the box that goes beyond the barriers of professional, academic and other technical forms of literature. If you are a beginner in the field of writing, and you Google the term “creative writing”, the plenty of definitions may leave you disappointed and puzzled. Wikipedia says that creative writing is considered any writing which expresses the ideas and thoughts imaginatively. We can say that creative writing is both an art and a craft because lean outside of reality and into a new domain to attract and educate audiences. We consider creative writing to be more self-expressive where the writer is trying to express feelings and thoughts with his/her imagination. For example, a news article can’t be considered as creative writing as its focus is to deliver the real incident and facts and not the writer’s feelings though it’s entertaining and informative.

Different Creative Writings Styles:

  • Poems and songs
  • Screenplays
  • Movie scripts
  • Nonfictions like personal essays, and speeches.
  • Fictions like a novel, short stories, and epics.

As we can see that at its core, creative writing is a form of entertainment but it is meant to educate and inform the audience in most cases. Also, nonfiction type of writing can be included in creative writing as the writer uses own creativity to inform people about his message expressively.

Different Writing Styles: What is Content Writing:

The field of content writing speeding up and it is a growing matter of interest among many students and working-class people. The sole motive is to produce quality content that gives information or experience of the product directly to the audience! But what we actually mean by content? Here’s the answer:

Good content is the king of the world of the internet. A well-researched SEO based good content sets your website apart from the rest. Content writing includes writing articles for the blog post, new trends, social media marketing and many more. In today’s world, for a growing business one has to advertise his/her company on the internet. Content writers do that needful with their power of words to attract visitors or customers on their webpage. Content writing is, therefore, the most appropriate, real and reliable content related to the topic of research. In this era of digital marketing, content writing is the core of this sector. Content is the king of the online world as content is in front of the customer, the only thing that describes what product or idea is being promoted. The whole process of writing good content has to go through a series of works which is briefed below.

Secret Tips to write effective content:

  • Research-

A content writer has to do a detailed study of the product and the market research before publishing any content.

  • SEO friendly article-

The article not only has to be informative but a content writer has to frame the article to make it SEO friendly to get more traffic on search engines.

  • Attractive writing-

Here is the part where you have to put pressure on your vocabulary. Not only words but inserting related pictures and visuals will add to the impression on the customers.

  • Social media marketing-

The last but not the least stage is to make your content accessible among people.

Different Writing Styles: What is Copywriting

Copywriting is any type of writing that intends to promote marketing and advertising materials. Writing billboards, brochures, advertisements, emails and catalogs that offer a product or service for sale is considered as a copywriting. This form of writing is all about getting the reader to take action after reading the content but not out of pressure, but because they enjoy and rely on your content. Here taking action means getting your readers purchase, opt-in or engaging with the product you are promoting.

3 types of copywriting:

  • Creative copywriting:

An advertising-based copywriting which includes writing catchy slogans and the unique storyline for commercial video ads. As the name suggests, most of the creative copywriters are very inclined towards writing a promotional creative story to the viewers.

  • Marketing copywriting:

We do marketing copywriting based on new trends in the marketplace. The main motive is to influence the public with advertisements that correspond to people’s current needs or interest. They prepare the messages needed to be put up on billboards, online ads, and emails.

  • SEO copywriting:

In this, we research to gather information on top searches using SEO tools. The focus remains to make content that would rank high on search engines. For more visibility, keyword density is placed tactfully within online ads and articles.

Tricks of writing

Difference Between Creative Writing and Content Writing


                         Creative writing

                       Content writing

  • The purpose is to inform and entertain imaginatively.
  • The sole motive is to educate and inform about a product or service through hard facts, figures, and marketing strategy.
  • Creative writing is a subjective style of writing where the author can unleash his/her imagination. Here the author expresses his/her point of views and feelings.
  • Content writing is a strategic and logical way of writing bound on a specific topic(s). This style incorporates a persuasive style of writing which directly specifies clarification and explanation of the product or service
  • Usually, this writing is lengthy and enigmatic. It uses artistic literature languages.
  • The tone of writing is concise and persuasive. The tone should be as if you have tested the product and sharing your experience. It should not be lengthy and imaginative.
  • Gets more attention in the field of arts, imagination and self- expression. Basically used to entertain and share the experience.
  • SEO and marketplace needs this type of writing to entice the target audience through marketing
  • Interestingly, creative writing may or may not have content elements in them. But they also include facts which is admired by the readers.
  • But content writing definitely has to be creative to attract public attention.
  • Unlike content writing, creative writing has a well-formed style of writing. It uses a narrative writing style- which is basically narrating a story to the readers.
  • Content writing always has to deal with pros, cons, and benefits about the product or service it promotes.
  • Poetry, stories, scriptwriting, Playwriting and many other forms of self-expressive writing come under creative writing.
  • Online Newspaper articles, official website blogs, magazines, and advertisements are forms of content writing. It resolves around with SEO and SERPs

Difference Between Copywriting and Creative Writing


                    Creative writing

Copywriting is basically writing a task-focused content as instructed to a copywriter.

Creative writing is reader-focused writing by an author. Creative writing has nothing to do with completing a task or fulfilling a purpose for the content.

Involves content writing procedure but in a more attractive style to grab attention.

Involves the author’s ability to write whatever he/she wants without rules.

Copywriters frame their content which should sell a product or web contents that are based on SEO to increase traffic and search engine rankings.

Creative writers frame their content in a way that serves the purpose of giving an entertainment in a way which is enjoyable to read.


Concluding Remarks Different Writing Styles:

Hence, in the battle between Different Writing Styles i.e. content writing, copywriting and creative writing it is hard to find a clear winner! But, as a writer one should introspect and find the real skills of writing inside them and then move on to set an environment around them to work accordingly. One needs hardcore practice in this field for getting a perfect writer tag.

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