Today’s article, “SEO Content Writing Tips” we will list 4 important SEO content writing tips you must follow to improve search engine ranking of your website. 

SEO Tactics for Content Writing

Search Engine Optimization or SEO plays an important role in increasing the organic traffic of your website as even today most of the traffic that will come to your website is through Search Engines.

Therefore, search engine optimization is a vital expect of content writing that benefits your website in the long term. Now the question arises, how to implement SEO tactics when writing content? Well, this article here will show you just that. If you have read our earlier article about beginner tips for content writing, then you already know how to write good content.

Now to focus on the task at hand, let’s find out about some SEO tactics you can implement while content writing.

4 Top SEO Content Writing Tips:

1. Understand your audience:

The first step for writing an SEO optimized article is understanding your audience. Before writing, find out who are you going to write the article for. Find out about your audience, age groups, gender, occupation, etc. For example, let’s say you are writing about something like “Best beard style trends of 2019” then your audience can be narrowed down to 16+ age-group; Men.

2. Think as a reader, not as a writer:

Now you have narrowed down the audience, you can switch your role to a reader. Get in their shoes, think about what they would search to get to your article, think of some relevant keywords. This may seem like a tedious task at the start, but it’s not very difficult when you get the hang.

SEO Content Writing Tips
Top 4 Content Writing Tips for SEO

3. Research the competition:

The Internet is huge, there are bound to be several articles who have written on the same topic as you. Search the keywords you have thought about in the previous step. Browse the popular websites that have articles on the same topic as yours. Research the article, you will find out more relevant keywords on the topic and also learn how well they have placed their keywords in their article. This will also enable you to learn more and have your own take on the topic. The readers really hate plagiarism and duplicate articles, it’s even worse if you just copy from a popular website. Therefore, just perform some research and always write your own content.

4. Watch your analytics:

So you have followed the above steps and written a good SEO friendly article for your website. But the most important step comes just after that which is analyzing your analytics. Site stats or analytics shows you, where, when and how visitors came to your site. They may have come through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. or by direct linking to your site or through search engines. The column we need to analyze is what traffic is coming from search engines and what keywords are more popular. Note the popular keywords and use them as much as possible while writing your next articles.

So, these were some tips which will help you improve your SEO while content writing. Stick around for more SEO tips and tricks.

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