How to Increase LinkedIn Organic Reach?

In this fast-paced professional world, establishing meaningful and authentic connections with people and organizations is valuable for growth and networking. Whether you are seeking a job, or a recruiter looking for the right candidates or looking to establish your personal or company’s brand, you will always need the appropriate connections to fuel you forward.

How LinkedIn Helps!

LinkedIn provides a professional platform in the present environment. It is a social network for professionals where people connect with colleagues and business professionals. It helps in connecting with higher-level authorities easily and you can show your presence to them via LinkedIn posts, Videos, Articles, etc. LinkedIn, thus, provides an excellent platform to strengthen your personal and professional brand. Creating a LinkedIn profile becomes highly valuable when used correctly. Let us explore the various benefits of using LinkedIn.

Increase LinkedIn Organic Reach

1. Key Benefits of Boosting LinkedIn Organic Reach

All LinkedIn users create comprehensive professional profiles based on their resumes, professional experience, and expertise. They can join various groups and networks available online in the business community to increase their business connections thus Increases LinkedIn Organic Reach

Key Advantages of LinkedIn Natural Reach:

  • Stay Connected-

This is the primary feature that this platform provides. The online community on LinkedIn has thousands of professionals in a myriad of streams connected on the network and part of various groups and services. Staying in a connection allows users to gather and share valuable information.

  • Seeking Professional Help-

LinkedIn is not just a job-seeking or a business networking site. We can use it as a great tool for knowledge and research. There are blogs and posts by many successful entrepreneurs from companies all across the globe, and you can follow them and use their experience for your growth. There are news and business posts that can be informative and provide answers to your professional concerns.

  • Job Search-

A very important and useful feature of the LinkedIn platform is its ability to perform a comprehensive job search. A LinkedIn user can search from thousands of employer listings. They can choose the desired profile and category of jobs and can directly fill the application. LinkedIn will post their application and resume directly to the employer.

Increase LinkedIn natural Reach

  • Employee Recruitment-

LinkedIn also provides a useful platform for recruiters and employers to search for the right employees for their companies. Since thousands of employees have detailed listings with their skill sets and professional experience, it becomes easy to filter the right people.

Boost LinkedIn Reach

2. How to Boost LinkedIn Post Reach (Organically): 

A skillfully designed and fully optimized LinkedIn profile is necessary for timely success. Most people do not use their LinkedIn profiles properly and do not utilize all the networking features available to them on this huge professional network. The platform has to be used patiently and intelligently to establish long-lasting, secure and profitable business connections.

 You can increase your reach factor on LinkedIn by blogging on LinkedIn Pulse. You can post as many articles as you want, and connect, share and build your connections. A LinkedIn user should be mindful of how to use the platform. Just spending hours daily there will not generate the desired results.

Setting Up Perfect LinkedIn Profile to increase LinkedIn organic reach:

  • Keeping your profile up-to-date and scheduling updates at regular intervals so that your prospects do not miss out any information about you
  • Use your profile to display your skills or showcase your work
  • Make use of your skillset in keywords of your profile so it can lead to prospects
  • Make sure that your profile photo on LinkedIn looks professional, trustworthy
  • Ask your clients for recommendations or word-of-mouth testimonies to enhance your visibility
  • Keep your posts frequent- you can choose a daily, weekly or bi-weekly post strategy, based on whatever is convenient for you.

3. LinkedIn Marketing Success

LinkedIn serves as a useful marketing tool as well because of its vast network of professionals and companies. It has over 160 million members in 200 countries, which makes it a bright and apt place for generating the right leads and building business partnerships. The same can be easily achieved by enhancing LinkedIn Organic Reach

We can use it as the right place to promote our home business. If you are relatively new in the corporate world and looking to establish a business network, LinkedIn is the right place to be.

LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool:

  • Vast global network
  • Fast and easy access to the network
  • 50% of LinkedIn users are recruiters or Hiring Managers
  • Availability of the right contacts, mentors, and referrals
  • Setting up a profile is free

4. Types of LinkedIn Marketing

To get started with LinkedIn, you have to first create a login and a LinkedIn profile. You can then create a company page and then identify and define your goals. You can start publishing engaging posts and even sponsor your LinkedIn posts or create LinkedIn ads.

Your marketing strategy or method on LinkedIn can be of these two types:

  1. Passive
  2. Proactive
  • i) Passive LinkedIn Marketing-

As the name suggests, the Passive approach uses marketing and promotion of your product to potential clients through explanation and display. It uses the following steps:

  1. Create a LinkedIn profile
  2. Build business connections
  3. Keeping your account up-to-date
  • ii) Pro-active LinkedIn Marketing

Pro-active Marketing calls for an active and enthusiastic marketing strategy. The more actively involved you will be, the more quick and successful will be your results. You can use the following steps.

  • Participate in various listed business groups, related to your business field
  • Post regular status updates, defining your work and product
  • Send messages or updates to your group members and network
  • Use LinkedIn advertisements to promote your business in a cost-effective way

These steps can provide you with the necessary connections for business clients, partners, customers and/or influencers. It has the following advantages:

5. Advantages of Pro-Active LinkedIn Marketing:

  • Exposure-

Once you are listed on LinkedIn, its search feature will provide all the necessary exposure and visibility for your personal or professional brand.

  • Potential Clients-

With its vast listing of people and products, LinkedIn can protect your business amidst thousands of potential clients and customers required for your business.

  • Recommendations-

With an enhanced network, your clients can provide you with the necessary recommendations or referrals that establish your creditability and trustworthiness.

6. How to use LinkedIn for Sales

We can also use the LinkedIn network for promoting sales of our product or service. A distinct growth in sales of any product can be witnessed through an increase in the number of users or customers using that product. A LinkedIn user can find many potential clients and sales prospects on the network. The easiest way to achieve the same is by improving your LinkedIn organic presence.

LinkedIn as a Sales Solution:

  • Keep your LinkedIn profile updated and keep a check on who viewed your profile
  • Monitor your prospects and connections through the Notification tab. Use any update or event here as an opportunity to reach out to your prospect
  • Keep investigating the customers of your competitors and other salespeople.
  • Search for prospects in comments on your posts, alumni searches, and skill endorsements.
  • If you cannot reach a particular person or prospect, you can create a Search Alert for their hiring.
  • Try to create and build a rapport with marketing managers by following their posts or commenting skillfully on their tweets.

7. Conclusion LinkedIn Organic Reach:

LinkedIn:  Engaging a Community of Professionals

Your LinkedIn profile is your gateway to the professional world. Keep it updated, secure and useful. You may not achieve over-night results, but a careful and patient, steady approach can work wonders for you on this vast business network.

You will begin to see the benefits with every post you share or every connection that you build on this network. Make sure you share experiences and follow insights. Spending your time wisely on LinkedIn and utilizing its many features aptly can secure several clients and customers for you over a period of time.

Problem in boosting organic reach: Google Penalizing Issue

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