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Content writing is a buzzword among youth nowadays. Every school and college students are gradually inclining towards this job that barely requires any high degree or qualifications but, it definitely requires right skill set and proficiency in language depending on the target audience who will read that content. But before applying for a position as a content writer, you must keep in mind some tools that might be useful in making quality content. Assuming that you are a beginner and have a tenacity for a good start, I’m preparing this article to make you well-equipped with the steps and content writing tools required as a beginner.

A. Content research tools

Spend some hours or days to conduct content research because the real challenge starts even before we type the first sentence. As a newbie, it’s a common feeling to have ‘no idea’ on what to write. Even I’ve faced the same difficulty when I started my job in this field where I had to produce several articles under different niches per week. There are lots of tools available for content research but picking up one that suits your requirements is a bit tricky.

Beginner Content Writing

->Tools for Content and Keyword Research
  • Ubersuggest

‘Keyword’ might not be a new term for you but, here in content writing, ‘keyword/keyphrase’ is a specific word or phrase included in the content that describes the entire content of the webpage.

Keyword research is necessary before starting with the topic and this tool is intended as a tool for keyword research. This tool uses Google AdWords keyword planner and Google suggests for giving results on keyword ideas that can create titles for grabbing the audience’s attention.

  • Google Alerts

Google Alerts is another creative tool that would keep you updated about recent trends in your area of interest. This works in a way that when you type a keyword related to your topic and clicked “Click alert”, then click on “show options” and set “how often” to “as it happens”, then it shows real-time search trends under your niche.

Grab the complete article: Google Alerts and RSS Feed

  • BuzzSumo

This tool will give you keyword searches based on their reaches in social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and telegram. This tool will give you a brief idea about the audience’s current interest as it shows you some popular posts based on your search filters.

  • Quora

Quora is one of the best online community where content writers can find dual benefits. First, we can use it to get ideas about what your target audience is asking. For this, you simply need to use the search bar to get useful questions and suggestions people are asking for. Secondly, content writers use this platform to promote their content by offering it as an answer to target audiences.

Example: Hit a Google Search “Content Writing Tips Quora” and get all the sub-topics revolving around content writing

  • Organize your ideas

When done with your research, you need to capture and organize your list of ideas for the blog post title, SEO keywords, etc. Things become easier when a writer has a list of ideas to work on. Fortunately, we have some tools to help writers organize their ideas.

  • Evernote

This tool helps in making an unlimited amount of “online notes” and also has a special feature to search through them. This way you can keep a track of everything useful you can collect. The best part is its availability as both desktop app (both Mac and Windows) and mobile app and you have to pay a certain amount to unlock paid features, otherwise is free.

  • Pocket

Pocket is used when you want to save some interesting articles for reading in your leisure time. All you need to do is click on the icon in the browser for saving that page in archive. It is very common for a writer to spend some time reading on other’s blogs, and it might happen that you find some blog very interesting and want to save and read that blog later, here’s where Pocket can help you to save articles and format it for the easy reading experience. Another cool feature about Pocket is that you can use it to read saved articles even you are offline.

Content Research accomplished suing various content writing tools, let’s start the writing journey!

Content Writing tools and tricks:

Ever wondered that there can be something more writer-friendly app other than MS word? Well…. Yes! There are some tools which provide unique blogger friendly features. Here, I’ve enlisted some writing tools that support all platforms within budget and give the best experience for complete beginners.

Alternates to MS Word:
  • Google Docs:

Many blogging teams nowadays prefer Google docs to create most impactful documents because it allows the multi-user system to work smoothly at a single space in real-time. Google docs have all those salient features offered by word processors like customizing fonts, inserting tables, adding images, etc. Google Docs allows quick sharing of content with other users by just one click on the “share” option. Other notable features are pre-created templates, automatic saving mode, speech recognition and so on.

  • Bear writer:

Sorry if you are an android and windows user! Because this freemium tool only supports on iOS and Mac. All basic features required for writing and formatting are available here. Writer friendly features include marking option, quick text formatting and ability to convert the document into alternative formats like pdf.

Another exclusive feature that helps in organizing the content is that you can use hashtags before any word in a paragraph, so when you search that word using the hashtag (“#”), the whole paragraph will pop up.

  • WordPerfect

WordPerfect is one of the oldest word processors in the world, even before MS word came into existence. This tool has almost all the features of MS word but comparatively friendly and cleaner interface. There is a wide variety of templates available which allows faster and cleaner work. This only works on desktop PCs.

  • Blank page

As a writer, you would prefer a cleaner and distraction-free working interface, BlankPage provides you all of these! Its unique feature is its goal tracking tool that will make you work faster and focused. All you need to do is set a goal for several words you want to write in a single day, it will then track your progress in terms of word count and time taken. You can keep track of your progress and stay motivated.

Research & Writing Done: Mission Accomplished 

Wait, 40% work still pending i.e. Editing & Proofreading

Editing/Proofreading content writing tools:

It’s very embarrassing if a reader finds your content full of grammatical errors or wrong sentences. So, to avoid a bad impression on your content, we recommend, kindly spend a certain time to proofread or edit your content before hitting publish button. To make your work easier, there are certain tools that will proofread the whole content for you.

Newbie Content Writing

AI Tools + Human Brain = Success

Another major aspect of editing is the title name selection for your content responsible for generating more traffic. For this purpose, I use headline analyzers to get the impact of my headline on viewers.

  • CoSchedule headline analyzer:

This freemium tool measures the impact of your title, sub-headings, email subject lines, etc. you need to enter your title name and then the tool will provide a score based on your usage of powerful keywords, uncommon words and emotional words used. Use this tool to estimate the impact of a rightful title before posting the article.

  • Grammarly app

The most trending and probably the best among all editing apps found online. This app is far more than a spell checker because it weeds out common grammatical errors, awkward phrasing and wrong word usage. 

When you shoot the Grammarly app, this will automatically scan your document and will suggest a list of corrections. For more advanced checking of errors, you need to pay for the premium version otherwise it’s free.

  • Hemingway app:

Hemingway app scans your content and points out mistakes in color-coded form. The best part is that the Hemingway app provides you alternatives to complex phrases. It can detect long sentences and excessive use of adverbs. This tool is available both on Mac and Windows desktop PCs.

Another loved part of this tool is unlike Grammarly, it can be accessed and used offline. You can also have some sharing privileges.

Now get writing!! 

These brilliant content writing tools, most of which work on AI (artificial intelligence) will help you from start to end part of your writing that is finalizing. These tools are reliable assistants for any content writer who wish to start from scratch. Different tools will help you with new topic ideas, designing graphics, and most importantly, keeping the content fresh and readable.

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