Before starting today’s article, “Content Writing Tips”  let me explain what is content writing. 

In simple words, content writing refers to writing content, in this article let us refer to content writing as writing anything for a blog or a website to drive internet traffic to your site. The better the content, the better will be the response of your audience.

But, what good will a good article do, if it doesn’t have enough reach. Therefore, to market your article to a wide audience you will need to write good quality content while also using SEO tactics. Therefore, today in this article we shall learn how to write quality content while also increasing your SEO ranking and ultimately drive more traffic to your website. 

7 Pro Content Writing Tips

1. Research before you write:

Research plays a very important part of content writing. If you don’t know about a particular topic, then how will you write about it effectively? It’s just that simple, do proper research before writing, people really dislike lackluster articles.

2. Choose a catchy headline:

This is the first thing people look at when your article pops up in their feed and mind it, people are very impatient on the internet. You won’t believe how fast people judge the article by just looking at the headline and scroll past it. It won’t matter if you have poured your heart and soul for writing the article, if your headline isn’t catchy enough, nobody will read it.

7 Best Content Writing Tips
Top 7 Tips for Content Writers

3. Keep it simple and focused:

People are investing their time in your article, not everyone is Shakespeare, therefore, keep it simple for the masses and avoid using complicated words. Use their synonym (see, this is what I meant). Let me rectify, synonym means different words who have the same meaning. Also, do not branch out while writing, choose a single topic and tackle it effectively.

4. Perform keyword research:

Keywords are in simple terms, important words which most users on the internet are searching about. Suppose an important event is happening or has happened recently, let’s say, a cricket match has happened between India vs Australia, then some important keywords will be India vs Australia cricket 2019, T-20 2019, etc. Perform extensive keyword research and feed them in your article to improve your SEO rankings.

5. Use proper subheading:

Subheadings are important because not every person will read your whole article. Maybe they already know about the topic and want to know some other important points. This is where subheadings come in, they act as bullet points to know the important points without reading the complete article. Also, it may also help those viewers who want to read specific parts of your article, subheadings make it easier to find what you want to read. Thus use proper subheadings to differentiate stuff.

6. ‘Short’, ‘Sweet’ & ‘Simple’ Content Writing Tips:

These are the three S’s of content writing on the internet. You need to understand that you are not writing an essay or assignment. You are writing content for your online readers, people online want to get information served to them with as less reading as possible. Therefore, be short, use fewer words to express yourself, shorten your sentences and make paragraphs smaller.

7. Edit before you post:

You won’t believe how a simple task of reading and making edits to your article before posting has a huge impact on the quality of the article. When you read your article, you perform two major operations, proofread the article and find out grammatical errors and other mistakes. This will help you polish your article even more and will make it easier to read. You can also find out more places to supplement more SEO keywords in your article

Concluding Remarks Content Writing Tips:

So now you have found out about the secret ingredients required for writing good quality content, go wild and write. Let me quickly add a conclusion (this too is very important as you must finish what you started and your audience needs a closure). High-quality Content always gives great SEO ranking with minimal efforts.

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